Freezing Bernie Sanders Is In the House! 

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James Corden kicks off the show surrounded by cutouts of the freezing Bernie Sanders meme, and they may have gone too far with the joke. with a room full of cutouts of cold Bernie Sanders cutouts inspired by the Senator's presence at the inauguration that went viral. And James recaps President Joe Biden's first full day in office, including getting the country back in the World Health Organization and removing the Diet Coke button.
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21 jan 2021



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Joseph King
Joseph King 2 dagar sedan
Can you open up with Trump Towers have been taken over by the homeless and less privileged. The list goes on.
DAVID LEAMAN 21 dag sedan
If you are a Progressive, you need to know the story of Tommy Douglas. Here's a mini series about him. "Canada's Greatest Canadian of the 20th Century". selosk.info/class/video/pm6EsIClnKCDp3U.html If you are not a Progressive, then you REALLY need to watch it.
Mainiac Archery
Mainiac Archery 25 dagar sedan
selosk.info/class/video/q2hho31ovGFmkYE.html selosk.info/class/video/Zp6ntm6hspd9xoE.html selosk.info/class/video/rI-hu3-A1GGXw6c.html selosk.info/class/video/gWeVlXx-qWqi3Zc.html
HuckleBora 26 dagar sedan
This guy isn’t that funny :(
Ezajur Rahman
Ezajur Rahman Månad sedan
Back home in England he would have fought as best as he could to elect Bernie. With his US dollars though.... not so much.
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson Månad sedan
OMG IT'S LIKE BOTS FROM SAM & CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sharon Barton
Sharon Barton Månad sedan
Love BERNIE he gives me great hope for America.
didderjade Månad sedan
"The name is Board. Card Board."
igor de wit
igor de wit Månad sedan
Card bored...... 🙄........🤨........😔😖🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 waw... thats just 😲😣🥳🤡🥴🍩👈🦄💚☝️💁‍♂️🍊🥜!!!!!
Kaitlyn Cramp
Kaitlyn Cramp Månad sedan
"Online tutorial" you mean SkillShare?
Manar Almousawi
Manar Almousawi Månad sedan
Bernie would have made an incredible president
Mal Lopez
Mal Lopez Månad sedan
Lol my dude rolling in a Porsche. Nice
Mairea Dulhana
Mairea Dulhana Månad sedan
The gainful grape especially bury because laundry frustratingly knit sans a spotty taiwan. faded, small man
MN Irwin
MN Irwin Månad sedan
He knows about them, and he's amused but otherwise unfazed.
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen Månad sedan
The robot looks like eve from walle lol James is so funny
#BernieSanders One & only
C. Taylor Morgan
C. Taylor Morgan Månad sedan
Bernie is awesome! And I dislike it intensely when people in the media condescend. He’s honestly a better person than all of us. He has enjoyed the memes and is turning it into an opportunity to raise money for charities. What other politician does that?
Katharine Morris
Katharine Morris Månad sedan
Bernie not only knows, he has put it on a sweatshirt and all the proceeds go to charity! Kudos to him! www.cnn.com/2021/01/23/politics/bernie-sanders-sweatshirt-meme/index.html
Philip Thompson
Philip Thompson Månad sedan
In WWE the best characters are characters that are exaggerations of the person that plays them or an aspect of their personality. James is very self-aware and plays up his bitchy streak to make it funny - same goes for in the crosswalk musicals where he wants to be the centre of attention - the way he plays Smithy or any other role is the same. He’s always taking a negative aspect of himself and exaggerating it in a way that turns it into a positive. It lets him behave in a way that his natural decency would mean he’d filter out - I do the same when I feel really grumpy. Rather than acting a bit grumpy and the mood being awkward I just go so full on grumpy that everyone around me finds it funny.
Kartikdutt Sharma
Kartikdutt Sharma Månad sedan
Reese Doreen
Reese Doreen Månad sedan
0:11 xx
Ad Rock
Ad Rock Månad sedan
Admittedly, my memory is shot, but didn't Conan already do the casual bit about the stage photographer taking pointless pics of the host sitting at the desk? Still, love ya, James ;)
Yuvika Dhawan
Yuvika Dhawan Månad sedan
*Carpool Karaoke with Louis Tomlinson*
Cliff Gerardo
Cliff Gerardo Månad sedan
I just came to see freezy bernie lol. Also I'm curious what color Porsche Reggie's got
Basya Leider
Basya Leider Månad sedan
The bulletssssssss are safer 😂
Mohammed Ali Bah
Mohammed Ali Bah Månad sedan
Beautiful picture
Gagan Sagar
Gagan Sagar Månad sedan
Bernie in any other country would have been President , it's so sad that america is so fucked up
Random Name
Random Name Månad sedan
Lol pull the other one James.... Reggie has a net worth of $2million, you have a SALARY of $9million and a net worth of $30million! You could buy a Porsche for every person in that room if you wanted.
amf Månad sedan
a politician criticized Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for offering voters “free everything and impossible promises.” Remarkably, the critique came, not from a Republican fiscal conservative, but from a fellow Democrat during a primary debate. John Delaney, a former congressman from Maryland, said such policies were based on “fairy-tale economics.” As economist Thomas Sowell wrote, “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.” So it was surprising to see a presidential candidate give a nod to the first lesson of economics and lay off the first lesson of politics for a moment. The word “free” slips freely from the lips of Sanders and Warren: free health care (“Medicare for All”) and free college are two of their most popular promises. But in a sense, something is only “free” when it is not scarce: when there is so much of it to go around that Group A can use it as much as they want without diminishing Group B’s ability to do the same. Economists call that “superabundance.” In most cases, air is “free.” My intake of oxygen doesn’t meaningfully deprive anyone else of anything. Health care and education are not “free” in that sense. Pills and pencils, surgeries and lectures, are scarce. The same pill can’t be swallowed by two people. And the material and labor that go into producing those things are also scarce. Resources cannot be endlessly lavished on one area without making other uses of those resources impossible. To think otherwise would indeed be “fairy-tale economics.”
Chingy Lee
Chingy Lee Månad sedan
Bernie looks cute with the mittens, like don’t fuck with me i’m just sitting there bitches
the taker of knowledge
Eden Alcantara
Eden Alcantara Månad sedan
Great guy, not ashame of what he wears.
LDXlator Månad sedan
Nonplussed: not a word you hear often, but when you do it's almost always used to mean the opposite. If it ever is in vogue, it will have the same status as "literally".🙄Also, Bernie is a BAMF. I low-key want one of those cutouts. The wrong soon-to-be octogenarian won! Not that I disagree with the people saying Biden is the only person who can unite the country. I quite like the guy too. But that's how dangerously right wing the US is, that even suggesting things that we in the civilised world take for granted is tantamount to making the country into Venezuela. Mind blown, as they say. And we're moving that way at an alarming pace; we've had to fight tooth and nail to hang on to our healthcare - the quality of which is rapidly declining. But I think even someone as relatively conservative as Biden has taken the disastrous consequences of the last four years as a wakeup call and become even more progressive and reformative than his erstwhile boss. Appointing the Bern as head of the budget committee should be proof of that, if any were needed.
eSchoolLibrarian Månad sedan
I like Bernie much more than Ian!!
1acle Månad sedan
Still don’t get how this is supposed to be funny
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Månad sedan
Wouldn't be an issue in Europe.. But in the US it is... The same people glorifying the Kardashians....
Neo Dong
Neo Dong Månad sedan
lol i just found out that james corden plays Planchet in the Three Musketeers. pooog. also, bernie is a cool boomer.
Miles Law
Miles Law Månad sedan
James calling out the photographer lol
sour candy
sour candy Månad sedan
James I know I've asked this a lot of times but *we need a carpool karaoke with Louis Tomlinson*
Joanne Faraker
Joanne Faraker Månad sedan
James, u bring the chuckles into my life, my son's jokes suck
Jacqueline Ainsworth
We hadn’t moved on from Fleabag...we were quietly imagining the Priest vaccinating us.
Drew Miles
Drew Miles Månad sedan
Terence defense: Im capturing the repainted desk.
Sharon Mullins
Sharon Mullins Månad sedan
He knows, and he finds them funny.
lisse lynne
lisse lynne Månad sedan
Or you walk? Who are you Mitch McConnell?
Alexander Hagen
Alexander Hagen Månad sedan
Officially, the meme is now dead.
Jeremi Anderson
Jeremi Anderson Månad sedan
Bernie is the Mister Rogers of politicians
Tommy2shoe811 Månad sedan
You are a silly sausage James Corden, a silly silly sausage 😂
EASYTIGER10 Månad sedan
Why do Brits call him Bernie 'Sahnders'? No one in the States says it like that. You don't use an electric 'sahnder' to smooth your timber
Versailles Månad sedan
Can we please make that a bernmoji
Kaly Arthurs
Kaly Arthurs Månad sedan
😢 we really love Bernie- what a great man! That’s why we want him everywhere.we just can’t get enough of Bernie
Times Up 2U
Times Up 2U Månad sedan
I came for Bernie and ended up staying for the whole thing. 1st time watching and immediately subscribed. Excellent commentary! U had me ROTFL throughout. 😂
Javier Garcon
Javier Garcon Månad sedan
Bernie is looking kinda Bored..... (James so quick he realized it is cardboard lol) Drum Roll.
Bo H
Bo H Månad sedan
My AAR. A prayer for us all. With all the craziness today with the knuckleheads in DC Our Country is in more distress then ever before. I will be flying my flag upside down which is a sign of distress. I really do not think the sheep that follow the media instead of looking things up for themselves to fact check the media to see how bad you've have been lied to until you do so will ever see the truth. My family will be praying for all that are lost in the lies and the veterans and their families who feel they sacrificed in many ways for this country and our freedoms to have it taken away by criminals paid by China. //////// Combat Veterans are those who fought and or died to protect the peoples rights to remain a jackass. //////// Dear God give the sheep the strength to open their eyes and see what we are losing because of the left power hungry fools. This is America not Venezuela yet we are headed there fast now with the election stolen. God bless Trump for exposing this to the masses so may the smarter ones have figured out what the hell is happening to our country. I have been around the world for my country. I have watched my brothers perish for this country and to see it being thrown away breaks my heart. If you have never held a dying young man who gave all for you regardless if you agree politically then you would not understand the pain many families are facing with the loss of respect for the people by the self entitled so called leaders. May God bless us all. SSG.Bo.Retired. ...............
Angie Mon
Angie Mon Månad sedan
Talk shows these days are just sooo boring and not as funny anymore without the live audience. I just couldn't watch it til the end. Seriously boooring
An Smith
An Smith Månad sedan
They have made a fundraiser = sold out on Bernie Crewnecks - all profits going to meals on wheels and other nonprofits. Bernie's loving it and having a laugh at himself
Le J
Le J Månad sedan
Wow! He is in rare form tonight 😆😳😂😮
Tom Sdralis
Tom Sdralis Månad sedan
The meaty flood suddenly drag because russian clinicopathologically wash over a grateful gratis number. amused, defeated forecast
terryq5150 Månad sedan
He looks a bit board. "LMAO!
SUGAkookie Månad sedan
Wtf these memes have me WHEEZING
Archie Hermes
Archie Hermes Månad sedan
You're foolish dumbs! Have you got better things to do? No? I'm sorry!
Celia ltb
Celia ltb Månad sedan
After covid and the end of their world tour, kidnap 1D
troy mathews
troy mathews Månad sedan
should have some audio clips of Bernie ahahahah so funny
oliver Månad sedan
Was i the only one who felt like i was part of the crew watching this? One of the best videos on SElosk just for pure laughs!
Dreemurr Delm
Dreemurr Delm Månad sedan
Imma be honest, gonna punch that robot if it comes within 3 feet of me.
Alee Ali
Alee Ali Månad sedan
Bernie is such a wonderful and real human being..he is more than a politician!
Anne Drury
Anne Drury Månad sedan
Bernie made a sweater with the meme and the proceeds (all) will go to feeding hungry families in Vermont, unfortunately they sold out fast the back order is about two months. I’m still getting one it’s a great cause.?
greg taylor
greg taylor Månad sedan
This guy isn't funny. He just isn't. I hope he came cheap.
Avijit Kabiraj
Avijit Kabiraj Månad sedan
Read comedy of coffin on kindle..................
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez Månad sedan
Feel the bern
FredPatrick Gaines
FredPatrick Gaines Månad sedan
James , the metamucil bit has me angry at you , and bent over too .
Oliver Mitro
Oliver Mitro Månad sedan
James Gordon called it “mean” so i m not sure if he even knows..
Linda Collings
Linda Collings Månad sedan
I think Burnie is a cool dude!
Stennis 30
Stennis 30 Månad sedan
shane marshall
shane marshall Månad sedan
Bernie is cool 😎
Praneeth Kannegolla
Praneeth Kannegolla Månad sedan
Seth Meyers already asked berni about it
Van Hughes
Van Hughes Månad sedan
I need this one.
Xelsancho3 fuku
Xelsancho3 fuku Månad sedan
Do you think I can have one of those Bernie cardboard cut outs
Anthony Mervin
Anthony Mervin Månad sedan
I love Bernie Sanders!!! For those of you who want to make me feel whatever about it, I don't fucking care.
You know What
You know What Månad sedan
This guy is not funny at all.. get a new cast. BOONG!
Lars Saint Morning Glory
God bless Bernie Sanders
Ambika Lokesh
Ambika Lokesh Månad sedan
bookish girl
bookish girl Månad sedan
Bernie knows and sells jumpers with the meme on it. The money is donated to a good cause
_CarlosBerry _
_CarlosBerry _ Månad sedan
"speaking of brake out start" Stream walls by louis Tomlinson
Allen Freeman
Allen Freeman Månad sedan
Bernie does know and mildly chuckles. (a recent interview)
Masha Spikego
Masha Spikego Månad sedan
Isn’t it a nice change to have this type of political drama to discuss.
Destinee M
Destinee M Månad sedan
Idk lol that's adorable! XD
K MR Månad sedan
Nice mittens
Adam Mountain
Adam Mountain Månad sedan
Well me james bore-den Now that controversial Trump created ratings and money for you human puppets of propaganda I'm going to have my cable cancelled(which I know goes to your bloated salary) and save money being happy with what I eat and hear on retro places since things are going to be calm and boring in society and you will have nothing new to entertain us with. If you get put out of a job no worries you can afford longer term unemployment than us peasants of all race. Farewell
lilliomshi24 Månad sedan
Dam. I gotta go get me one of those cutouts! 😆 🤣 😂
Ruth Christianson
Ruth Christianson Månad sedan
Aw....love the cutouts!
deadSkrilla s•k•r•i•t••
The Card board bored joke kept me here
Kiamichi Ozarks
Kiamichi Ozarks Månad sedan
Bernie Sanders is still not impressed.
Bradley Donley
Bradley Donley Månad sedan
Grow the e'ff up Smiffy!!!! When exactly can we expect for Ruth to save you yet again?
Susanne T.
Susanne T. Månad sedan
Turns out Bernie does know about the meme.. 😉 his campaign is selling a sweatshirt of it for charity
Biggienerdz Månad sedan
Oh Bernie knows he's got Sweaters of his meme for sale for charity
It Me
It Me Månad sedan
I had to google "fleabag" and a real video *from* Amazon Prime was "fleabag's hot priest being hot" and i-
vara white
vara white Månad sedan
bernie sanders meme does not change the fact that in Australia there are 48 million kangaroos and in Uruguay there are 3,457,380 inhabitants. So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay, each Uruguayan will have to fight 14 kangaroos.
divainloveforever Månad sedan
Hahahahaha!!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💖LOOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!
Darla R.
Darla R. Månad sedan
He was interviewed on the James Corden and they talked and laughed about it.
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