Food Theory: What's SAFE To Eat After Nuclear Fallout? 

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Loyal Theorists, nowadays I seem to be thinking a lot about the future of the world. Over on my other channel, Game Theory, I've talked a lot about the franchise of Fallout. Now that we've launched Food Theory, I think it's time to cover a topic I've always wondered about - what CAN you eat after a nuclear apocalypse? What food out there is safe from the radiation that would permeate pretty much everything? Today, we're going to find out what's on the menu after nuclear fallout!
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#Fallout #NuclearFood #NuclearFallout #FoodSafety #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
Sources: www.cdc.gov/nceh/radiation/images/Electromagnetic_Spectrum.jpg

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17 sep 2020



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Robin The God
Robin The God 12 timmar sedan
Those crunching sounds are stupid.
TinyTitanGhost Dag sedan
Wouldn't you need to find non-radioactive water to for your crops?
The gamer Pro
The gamer Pro Dag sedan
60 seconds
Supermax 2206
Supermax 2206 Dag sedan
What about water?
anthony hallam
anthony hallam Dag sedan
micro waves go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beep beep beep
robina david
robina david Dag sedan
Radioisotopes: Mimics nutrients Nutrients: Crewmate There is 1 impostor among us
Depressed Boiii
Depressed Boiii Dag sedan
GUYS I JUST FOUND OUT SOMETHING Matpat is the funnest teacher ever he teaches us about stuff to past our tests disguised as fun videos
Rieze Lin
Rieze Lin Dag sedan
Is this game theory or food theory?!!?!!??
Gabriel Eleftheriadis
In space
Jack Porter
Jack Porter Dag sedan
Really dope video. Kinda going back to the more sciency roots that I used to love from Matt
Dark_Amethyst Dag sedan
how do you tell how much of the soil is contaminated tho?
i cant think of a name
I imagine you probably can't, so it would be better to overestimate how much should be removed and remove large layers then to just scrap off a little bit and call it a day.
Menos Problemos
Menos Problemos 2 dagar sedan
Can't we activate the fallout so that all radiation goes out at once? Leaving a harmless graveyard of shattered atom parts?
Minecrafter 3929
Minecrafter 3929 2 dagar sedan
I guess “scraping off the top soil” depends on how long after the fallout you do it.....
Trysten Lundy
Trysten Lundy 2 dagar sedan
#bald pat
Vyktor Maze
Vyktor Maze 2 dagar sedan
So whole foods is based on nothing🤣
Twood 2 dagar sedan
Two solutions Rad-Away and Rad-X
Amir Baaset
Amir Baaset 2 dagar sedan
You should do toy theory, first video? Legos living in houses out of their own flesh
Redirk 2
Redirk 2 2 dagar sedan
I’ve never eaten Kale, because I AM Kael, and I consider that cannibalism
Shadowedghost 2 dagar sedan
you can grow sunflowers, they neutralize the soil of any harmful radiation and not become radioactive themselves...you can also eat sunflower seeds for nutrition
Radioactive speggeti
Owen Vacek
Owen Vacek 2 dagar sedan
Teddy Six
Teddy Six 2 dagar sedan
Arcitek GD
Arcitek GD 2 dagar sedan
Or even SIMPLER, danger wave and safe wave
Quad Squad04
Quad Squad04 2 dagar sedan
Sitd Black
Sitd Black 2 dagar sedan
Just face it, if you are starvin...you will eat anything. No matter if it is radiated, cannibalised or even still alive für that matter...
McDuckthe#1Duckster 3 dagar sedan
2:08 nuclier french flag
masked bunny 212
masked bunny 212 3 dagar sedan
i rather have 3 hands than 2 heads
Holly Gailey
Holly Gailey 3 dagar sedan
so he has covered of what people should do to find food during a nuclear fallout, but what are people going to do to find water during this time? The body needs water and not just any other beverage, but maybe its an option to drink fruit and vegetable juices because some carry water but it may be awhile before getting them. The body can go three to four days without water and it takes a long while for crops to grow. I don't think rain water is safe because of the radioactive dust falling in our water sources, and then the water cycle picks up the contaminated water. I know the channel is called Food Theory but water is part of keeping us alive. I wish he can do a part two on this topic, but I don't think that will happen. ( if this sounds stupid its only because I'm still in school and I don't know much)
Diana Charlotte
Diana Charlotte 3 dagar sedan
Where are the subtitles? I can't read dutch
thepikgamer 3 dagar sedan
Simple solution Before it all happens start a farm underground with a water source that can continuously make water
mr random 245
mr random 245 3 dagar sedan
My first reaction on that intro: Ooooh dam
jeremy cook
jeremy cook 3 dagar sedan
The GannonatorMan
The GannonatorMan 3 dagar sedan
You can also plant sunflowers with your crops as they soak up radiation.
Joey Gustafson
Joey Gustafson 4 dagar sedan
Or we can just not have bombs that could cause the apocalypse
B Sm
B Sm 4 dagar sedan
6:08 - Are you the Fallout boy? 11:12 selosk.info/class/video/oYKorXByz5d_q3U.html
Carmen Rugg
Carmen Rugg 4 dagar sedan
I like broccoli when I was a kid
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 4 dagar sedan
I'd like to live on a island. Think about it, a zombie apocalypse can't happen without people to turn into zombies. So in theory, an island without people would be perfect
bean_bandit420 4 dagar sedan
Is that why cows are now two headed because of the top soil having contaminates
Girm v
Girm v 4 dagar sedan
What if the contamination is in the water inside of said food? Then cooking it releases water and reduces its contamination no?
James Quisenberry
James Quisenberry 4 dagar sedan
this is what we need when in 2073 the yellowstone caldera erupts again, or you know when in more like 5 years walee will be reality
McKaylee Pugmire
McKaylee Pugmire 4 dagar sedan
Post-appocalypse communes make more sense now, much easier to defend the farmland (and presumably scrape it off) with friends you trust.
Toaster Van
Toaster Van 4 dagar sedan
That Norwegian radioactive animal fact was actually not something I knew. And I’m Norwegian
CommanderLVJ1 4 dagar sedan
+The Food Theorists “here in 2020 where it feels like we’re edging closer and closer to the end of days” W.T.F.!? Firstly: no it doesn’t so just stop!..and secondly: in regards to that statement or any other sort of statement related to it made by anyone “I’m not even going to tell you to shut up“;)..!common!..
Mini Lime Crewmate
Mini Lime Crewmate 4 dagar sedan
Just put in alcohol lol
professional amateur
professional amateur 4 dagar sedan
Niko Cutie
Niko Cutie 5 dagar sedan
Wheres the theory on why MatPat loves diet coke so much?
W.D. Gaster
W.D. Gaster 5 dagar sedan
Wait, couldn’t you grow crops inside the shelter with grow lights? Like if you didn’t have soil, you could scrape off the radioactive soil layer then grab your good soil then grow crops inside the bunker leading to an infinite food supply as long as it’s taken care of? That’s at least what I’m gonna do if anything like fallout happens.
CrayCray Wolf
CrayCray Wolf 5 dagar sedan
IndoDINO Youtube
IndoDINO Youtube 5 dagar sedan
Or just have a garden with UV light in your bunker.
Ferran Bedolla Perez
Ferran Bedolla Perez 5 dagar sedan
Does anyone else tought the strawberry was a combination of strawberry and watermelon or just me?
Dumpster The Fire
Dumpster The Fire 5 dagar sedan
What about fishing?
Shawn Randall
Shawn Randall 5 dagar sedan
can a banana be sentient
Imrlly 100
Imrlly 100 5 dagar sedan
Umm, if I use that radioacrive beam,
Imrlly 100
Imrlly 100 5 dagar sedan
Ice Frozt
Ice Frozt 5 dagar sedan
Makes me feel.wanna play fallout again xd
Casey Hauck
Casey Hauck 5 dagar sedan
What about water? Could you filter it? Or should you play it safe, stock up on bottled water, and then recycle urine?
Nicktendo360 6 dagar sedan
I'll say it I love Food Theory
James James
James James 6 dagar sedan
Also something useful wpuld probably be a green house since it would grow the plants more efficiently and also probably keep them safe from more radiation dust falling on it or random animals eating it.
Daisy Page
Daisy Page 6 dagar sedan
I’m from Maine we’re pretty much all woods so yea I have plenty of places to hide, also other than taxes we don’t matter much to the us so we wouldn’t be the first to be nuked
Crazyvilla22 6 dagar sedan
0:10 eh dont worry about it *pop* *pop* *pop*
karma akabane
karma akabane 6 dagar sedan
#blamebraccica s
Nora Hadley
Nora Hadley 6 dagar sedan
me too I LOVE your intro
Desmond the epic
Desmond the epic 6 dagar sedan
allecia82 6 dagar sedan
I just love your intro 😍
Autumn_ The_Nerd
Autumn_ The_Nerd 7 dagar sedan
New theory idea: Why the heck does it take half an hour for your in N' out order.. no matter what it is
Daniel kyle Tarroza
Daniel kyle Tarroza 7 dagar sedan
Fashion theory
Draco Dragon
Draco Dragon 7 dagar sedan
I found a game kinda like Fallout but different. It has a zombie apocalypse feel with no zombies? It’s called Will To Live Online if your interested.
JonMcFluffy 7 dagar sedan
what about the babies of radioactive animals?
Karamjeet Kaur
Karamjeet Kaur 7 dagar sedan
austens forcing dadpat to do this theory
Raizen Clark Osman
Raizen Clark Osman 7 dagar sedan
This is how many times matpat said radiation | | \/
Buff doge such wow
Buff doge such wow 7 dagar sedan
1:29 I love how both pf the children seem calm behind a nuclear explosion
thejekky_br 7 dagar sedan
7:23 stopped here
Mr Fawkes ZSB gaming
Mr Fawkes ZSB gaming 7 dagar sedan
Meme theory
Dregern Bern
Dregern Bern 7 dagar sedan
How would weather effect this? Would they have to be indoor farms essentially?
Maria Dominguez
Maria Dominguez 8 dagar sedan
darkmage07070777 8 dagar sedan
Now Matt's Radioactive! That can't be good!
Gabriel Hightower
Gabriel Hightower 8 dagar sedan
Ahhhhh the pinnacle of my vibes 😌
Ariel Gladwell
Ariel Gladwell 8 dagar sedan
I have never done this but you have missed a big thing... Rain. Saturation into the ground. The rain saturating the earth would automatically spread those radioactive isotopes deeper into the soil. Some areas of the earth with more clay, not as much.. But some areas would absorb deep enough to penetrate well water and such. There would be no farming possibilities. The cloud formed by the explosion would cause massive weather anomalies making rain fall even in places like the desert. Soooo matpat... Reconfigure your numbers. :)
SomeGuy 8 dagar sedan
You could keep supplies to farm and have a consistent food supply in your bunker
Demon Child
Demon Child 8 dagar sedan
omg through out this video i was thinking Chernobyl and here you are using it as an example
Demon Child
Demon Child 8 dagar sedan
yeah I'm surprised I'm still watching this when it said vomiting and I'm home sick from high school after vomiting in a bin in front of everyone in the hall way
CastleRogers 9 dagar sedan
How unlucky would it be if it rained.
D1PLAYZ 9 dagar sedan
Me looking at my popcorn like 😐
TallDark Kalliati
TallDark Kalliati 9 dagar sedan
This entire video can be shortened to 45 seconds. 11:00
_L_TheLoopedRoad 9 dagar sedan
*......Wait...this video gave me da-ja-vu......*
Gary The Hippopotamus
Gary The Hippopotamus 9 dagar sedan
Does anyone else, y’know, watch these just in case?
Campepsi 9 dagar sedan
Would a single rainfal absulutely ruin your plan? If it rains before you get the chance to scrape the top soil, water would bring radioactive stuff deeper down the soil.
SUPER GAMER 9 dagar sedan
i got a nuklear powerplant safety ad in this video im laughing
your friendly street potato boi
CthulhuianBunny 10 dagar sedan
Kinda funny that both of the recent Fallout-related videos in the Theorist network had solutions that were so simple that a neurotic person such as myself would overlook them: Water has radioactive dust in it? Just us a solar still. The heavy metals won't stick to the water vapor. Radioactive material in my soil preventing safe farming? It's only in the topsoil, so just gently scrape that off to get to safer ground.
Karlten Friedrich
Karlten Friedrich 10 dagar sedan
I know that this episode was shown three weeks ago. But if you read this, is it true that if you use a sunflower to rid the radiation because it is a hyperaccumulator.
Destero the king
Destero the king 10 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who noticed that Matpat made a mistake? Because, here's the thing. We are not dealing with a world that just went thru nuclear fallout, it happened 200 years ago, the plants, soil, animals, and even the weather have become warped by the radiation. Thus I must ask, do the rules he just laid put still apply?
Type Zander
Type Zander 10 dagar sedan
Film Theory: The 100, great show and there are so many options! From a new language to time dilation to memory cards to space portals to survival on a nuclear earth and way more! Please check it out!
JustKaylaa 10 dagar sedan
Matpat is basically saying if radioactive ash and dust gets into your hair throw it away throw it all away what if you hair doesn't grow back
Zane Whiting
Zane Whiting 10 dagar sedan
watching this while literally playing fallout 4 on the other screen
Orena Wong
Orena Wong 10 dagar sedan
The first video I watched was the grocery store scam because it came up as a recommended video. Then I watched the fries video, coffee video, grill video, PSL, spicy food, Gordon Ramsay, Burger King, KFC, McDonald's Monopoly, Chuck E Cheese Pizza, Sandwich video, cake video, KoolAid Man, Tootsie Pops, then radioactive food. I watched all the videos in one day after the first video. I love it!!! Keep up the good work!
Danblox _2
Danblox _2 11 dagar sedan
what was Zipper T Bunny doing on the conveyor
tb urso
tb urso 11 dagar sedan
It feels weird growing up on ur channel and now im in a sophomore chem class I actually understand wut ur saying now
isaiah ledford
isaiah ledford 11 dagar sedan
I love the food 😋 theorys you should do life theorys
isaiah ledford
isaiah ledford 11 dagar sedan
If a zombie 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ opopilixs hapend i would live in a grosser store
isaiah ledford
isaiah ledford 11 dagar sedan
Bro you 💀 should do a minecraft 😤 theory
Smøl Wølf
Smøl Wølf 11 dagar sedan
Susana Quiroz
Susana Quiroz 11 dagar sedan
Do you know something about the Conasupo milk and how they killed and gave cancer to Mexican children for more than thirty years? I love my country I'm sorry my English is bad
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