Finding a New Home Is Hard - Key & Peele 

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A landlord’s tour of his listing leaves quite the impression.
About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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25 jan 2021



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GloRioUsKIng 6 timmar sedan
Is this new content?
Lezbnlvr36 13 timmar sedan
Wait a minute....wtf?!?! Lmfao that was one hell of a plot twist. It cracked me up
A Z Z E L Dag sedan
Mistook his 9mm thats a pistol honey .
The Potato
The Potato Dag sedan
that landlord is fighting drug abuse and his tenants are contributing. Poor guy.
Round boi Productions
Round boi Productions 3 dagar sedan
The prequel we didn’t know we needed
Jon Walsh
Jon Walsh 3 dagar sedan
This prolly one of the funnier ones they did
Jake Despa
Jake Despa 3 dagar sedan
Well honestly this apartment is the safest place in this place with that land lord around
King Mini
King Mini 4 dagar sedan
0:55 makes sense now why he so crazy. *His nephew Craig and his brother Willie*
Megan Mattson
Megan Mattson 4 dagar sedan
The undesirable boat greely contain because south korea identically avoid following a shocking scallion. nutritious, drab path
WillFam 6 dagar sedan
they in big smokes crack palace lmao
Chris Fuentes
Chris Fuentes 6 dagar sedan
So they were crackheads as well?
zeze rubio
zeze rubio 6 dagar sedan
The vast step-aunt thermodynamically stuff because forest pharmacokinetically blot minus a cooperative slave. spiteful, nimble suggestion
J Girl
J Girl 8 dagar sedan
I like the casual touch of misogyny thrown in their for good measure to show how deluded the landlord is about what's normal lol
TNC 8 dagar sedan
This is why you never rent an apartment on Grand Avenue. 🤦‍♂️
paul Rampersaud
paul Rampersaud 9 dagar sedan
He is a good kid but he smoke 💨 crack tho 🤣
Ruth C
Ruth C 9 dagar sedan
OMG, it's my neighborhood.
Kristen Scott
Kristen Scott 12 dagar sedan
Ain't nobody gonna evuh...see him...again. The severity in his voice lol
The Beast
The Beast 13 dagar sedan
Ngl I'm feelin that lavender getup he got on
xocomaox 13 dagar sedan
I lost it when he said 'hat rack' with that high tone 😂
Squaid Ink Arts
Squaid Ink Arts 13 dagar sedan
finally i get to see how they ended up there!
Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez 13 dagar sedan
yall the best
Son Hegdeog
Son Hegdeog 14 dagar sedan
Pterra Dacto
Pterra Dacto 14 dagar sedan
Rebel Soul
Rebel Soul 14 dagar sedan
Wasnt that funny actually
Peter Washburn
Peter Washburn 15 dagar sedan
This is Austin from Lacy Street Studios!!!!
Faisal GH
Faisal GH 15 dagar sedan
Someone needs to make this into a prank.
bbb sss
bbb sss 16 dagar sedan
this landlord was a COACH before hahaha
Amalgamation Prime
Amalgamation Prime 16 dagar sedan
Same couple, same landlord. Where's Gerald though? That 3 feet 4 inch tall midget with purple beard.
epSos.de 16 dagar sedan
Unexpected ending.
Matthew Pagenhardt
Matthew Pagenhardt 17 dagar sedan
My first appartment in the city🤣🤣
junior fio
junior fio 17 dagar sedan
So nobody going to mention how long the hallway is? This is supposed to be an apartment unit. How long does a hallway need to be?
MYL-CREATE 17 dagar sedan
"People say the neighborhood is turning itself around" takes on a whole new meaning after watching the whole thing.
Hot San
Hot San 17 dagar sedan
That’s a pretty nice apartment, not gonna lie.
Syahmin 18 dagar sedan
What is the name of the girl in this video?
Black Metal Majesty97
Black Metal Majesty97 18 dagar sedan
the ending xD
Rachel S
Rachel S 19 dagar sedan
Casually adds "sword cane" to grocery list...
Matt Z
Matt Z 19 dagar sedan
When life gives you bullet holes, hang hat racks. Because we all know, home is where you hang your hat.
kevdude 19 dagar sedan
Man those cabinets are nicer than anywhere I've lived in my life.
Cool Cucumber
Cool Cucumber 19 dagar sedan
Legend has it that Thanos died smoking crack in this landlord's apartment
India R
India R 19 dagar sedan
Best landlord ever he keeps it 💯 ‼️🤣🤣🤣🤣
scbluesman13 20 dagar sedan
I'd definitely risk living a high crime neighborhood for some hardwood floors like that!
Twimbo 21 dag sedan
watching the clip : This mixed-race gentrifying-ass couple better run out of there real quick! Mixed-race gentrifying-ass couple: "Okay baby let's hit this rock real quick" Me: "Oh-h, okay, understandable, have a good day."
Grady Canty
Grady Canty 21 dag sedan
perfect! hilarious
Cultivate Kindness Abodah
LOL ! I luv America . G-d bless America
dawn vfx
dawn vfx 21 dag sedan
Bobby and Whitney buying houses.
Di Wi
Di Wi 22 dagar sedan
2:25 you could see Key’s bald head through the wig 😌
Quentin Ludwig
Quentin Ludwig 22 dagar sedan
Who is the girl in this video? She's absolutely gorgeous!
Silas Cochran
Silas Cochran 22 dagar sedan
Just too funny I think I overdosed 2 of the funniest guys out there you got something better😁
Vincent Van Go
Vincent Van Go 22 dagar sedan
"Im-a cut you with my sa-word cane" XD
Leah Smith
Leah Smith 22 dagar sedan
....and the rent is probably considered cheap at 2,000 a month! 😂
Ivan 22 dagar sedan
I had similar situation in real life...
S Michael Collinsfortress
All key and peele stuff post covid just isn't the same . Do you need someone to write for you
Aerus Ph.D.
Aerus Ph.D. 23 dagar sedan
_" Ain't nobody...gon' eva....see him again...."_
Martin Sun
Martin Sun 23 dagar sedan
So, what's that at the end coke, crack or what? I do not know
St Krod
St Krod 23 dagar sedan
This is some funny shit
Sean Davis
Sean Davis 24 dagar sedan
*drops down onto floor* "Anyways, while we're down here, check out this floor" The level of salesmanship is unparalleled
T Δ T I' Mu'sic
T Δ T I' Mu'sic 24 dagar sedan
"My nephew Craig. He a good kid...... He smoke crack though"
Christopher Tubbs
Christopher Tubbs 24 dagar sedan
If Gerald popped up with his purple beard I honestly would have passed out from laughter. 😂😂😂😭😭 Devon himself is the best landlord 💯
Dylan Wills
Dylan Wills 24 dagar sedan
The ending was magic.
Rice Davone
Rice Davone 24 dagar sedan
Thats a hell of an apartment
simpsonfan13 24 dagar sedan
Is this a prequel to the purple bearded leprechaun.
Lt. Dayman1000
Lt. Dayman1000 21 dag sedan
yes, yes it is
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander 24 dagar sedan
It was a nice-looking apartment. That ending, though!
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 24 dagar sedan
now i want that suuword cane
Nanto The Enigma
Nanto The Enigma 24 dagar sedan
How much is the rent?
Vin DiGregorio
Vin DiGregorio 24 dagar sedan
ROLL ON, LITTLE &÷÷#×÷&.. ROLL ON!! Words to live by!! 😂
Jumpy killlerQx
Jumpy killlerQx 25 dagar sedan
What a Decent landlord gave them a slick stainless lil .38.
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke 25 dagar sedan
I mean, dude is alert as hell, takes no guff, keeps the property looking fantastic, he may be a little extra, but I've lived in places with worse management.
ramon alvarez
ramon alvarez 26 dagar sedan
FUCK I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A KAY AND PEELE FAN! BUT, IS peele suppose to be me? Cause I'm going to be getting glasses like that soon!!!
Jalel Khlaifat
Jalel Khlaifat 25 dagar sedan
They’re legit either way
Demir Uluocak
Demir Uluocak 26 dagar sedan
he a good kid, HE SMOKE CRACK THO
T Q 26 dagar sedan
FANYFANXXY 27 dagar sedan
i will m3rd6r them 💀💀💀
Dank Jankings
Dank Jankings 27 dagar sedan
Thats funny how they dont really know how crack is smoked
oK but the end was weak.
Scott Lee
Scott Lee 27 dagar sedan
Did this landlord get his sklounst draxxed?
Waco Moyenga
Waco Moyenga 27 dagar sedan
Cinematic Goodness
Cinematic Goodness 27 dagar sedan
infamouspixie 70
infamouspixie 70 27 dagar sedan
I would love a landlord with a cane-sword
Meet The McCoys
Meet The McCoys 27 dagar sedan
Thanks for making 2021 worthwhile. Your videos make my soul smile 🤍
guerillin 28 dagar sedan
Best plot twist ever! Lol
Black Warlord
Black Warlord 28 dagar sedan
But they live upstairs 😭😭😂
brandon carolus
brandon carolus 28 dagar sedan
Obligatory “finding a key and peele sketch you haven’t seen before is like finding money in your pocket
Mark Reina
Mark Reina 28 dagar sedan
that asian chick reaction to rock is so stpid
Michael Bradford
Michael Bradford 28 dagar sedan
The life of an RN
The life of an RN 29 dagar sedan
Ally Ryuka
Ally Ryuka 29 dagar sedan
Shameless situation lol
Travis Noftle
Travis Noftle 29 dagar sedan
Key plays this character so well
The Blender's Miracle
The Blender's Miracle 29 dagar sedan
All jokes aside, he a good landlord.
Benjamin Selig
Benjamin Selig 29 dagar sedan
Anyone know where I can find Key's outfit?
Javier Estrada
Javier Estrada 29 dagar sedan
The ending was dope, i didnt expect it either
Ang Jo
Ang Jo 29 dagar sedan
Craig’s a good kid. Ffs 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Joshua Berzow
Joshua Berzow Månad sedan
Nobody realizes this is a sequel to “Shady Landlord”
irvandy Månad sedan
this looks like a prequel to the unannounced landlord skit
My Name
My Name 19 dagar sedan
It's actually a different house, but everytime this couple decides to move, it's always the same damn landlord. They're haunted by him.
Rebekah Jackson
Rebekah Jackson Månad sedan
Why do the cabinets need contact paper if they're new?
Sammy Corporan
Sammy Corporan Månad sedan
That's a nice apartment tho
New one ☝️ just keep coming.. I haven’t seen these!!!
Don God
Don God Månad sedan
To be honest though, he is a good landlord. Solid apartment, and he was very protective of his tenants.
KEK Freedom Heritage
Wow good to see that crazy Land Lord is back trying to keep things real. What is his name again? Is it Devione? He really seems to have nice places. But I heard he likes to smoke rocks.
andrew hager
andrew hager Månad sedan
After all that hyype, you still wanna do a blast? Dayum
Alexus Anderson-Fortson
The dot on the wall was moving can we talk about
Gershon Bass
Gershon Bass Månad sedan
Insanely funny 😆
Don't Kidnap JoJo Siwa
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