Film Theory: Where is Rick Grimes? The Walking Dead's Final Mysteries SOLVED! 

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The Walking Dead is ending and I think I've figured out what is going to happen! Today Theorists, I'm going to get into EVERYTHING. From where is Rick Grimes, to who are the Three Rings, to how The Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to PROVE once and for all that there is a CURE to this zombie virus! Yes, I said a cure! Theorists, this may be my biggest prediction theory yet!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editor: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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17 sep 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Sude Bozkurt
Sude Bozkurt Månad sedan
Sometimes, even if I havent watched what MatPat is talking about, I still like it because somehow he makes it feel like Ive watched it forever.
Kemal 16 dagar sedan
The CRM could be bigger than the commonwealth
AshG 1
AshG 1 22 dagar sedan
MatPat you have a commercial!!!!!!!!!!
The Royal dude
The Royal dude 22 dagar sedan
Evergreen Wings of Fire
I agree!
ChillEzzE,R, 23 dagar sedan
My dad tried getting into it years ago, but he just couldn’t idk.
Quantum Nerd
Quantum Nerd 3 timmar sedan
RICH gaming
RICH gaming 5 timmar sedan
Wheres morgan
INSANITY 14 timmar sedan
That’d be so funny if Rick ended dying from something dumb like a splinter or food poisoning
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry Dag sedan
I don’t get the opening
EDGE Dag sedan
Maybe he will return in season 11
Dues Vult Yt
Dues Vult Yt Dag sedan
I remember when Rick and walking dead was the second coming of Christ but now is like burger king everyone remembers it but no one likes to go to it
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer Dag sedan
Hey MatPat! Now I want to write a tv show, just so you can theory the heck out of it, then at the last minute change the ending...now do I change it to make you correct, or so far off that you couldn't be any more wrong?
i laugh to the intro i'm i the only one hahah😂 coral
Artiimo Dag sedan
C. R. M. China Russia 'Murica
Aurora Villalobos
I used to have a fear of zombies because I watched an episode of the walking dead when I was very young
talkingisfun Dag sedan
my 8 year old daughter is wondering were you can find the movie
badrul islam
badrul islam 2 dagar sedan
JOSEPH JOESTAR but a police guy
Jamescraft2008 2 dagar sedan
Pa's chesse stakes are to die for
Kay Lew
Kay Lew 2 dagar sedan
Beyond is incredibly cheesy
ColtraneAndRain 2 dagar sedan
Children like Judith and RJ?
オミさん 2 dagar sedan
bravo dude
James Lipscomb
James Lipscomb 2 dagar sedan
I wonder if the virus spread to Europe or even places like Australia it would maybe be interesting to see a perspective of people from another country to see their story’s from when the outbreak happened
Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends 2 dagar sedan
Rick is gonna come back in world beyond
Tony N
Tony N 2 dagar sedan
I'm glad I walked off this show when the writing started to die... As and Bs nonsense. Why wouldn't you just grab them and infect them at your leisure? Wow, this is some stupid writing.
Arlene Virtudazo
Arlene Virtudazo 3 dagar sedan
Maybe morgan is the cure to all of this because his immune to the walkers right?
Euna Javison
Euna Javison 3 dagar sedan
this is getting big alot is happening something is going to happen in the twd world i love it ily walking dead
Jonn Doe
Jonn Doe 3 dagar sedan
Yeah..gave up a few episodes short of season7 wasn't Interested In seeing "the governor 2.0" the show just went to far sideways for me. I did catch the episode where Carl "FINALLY" dies what a disappointment that was..would have been way better If It had been Carl Instead of Glen on the receiveing end of that bat, might have kept me watching for another season.
zParil 3 dagar sedan
Crm is my initials
AlexAJ4922 3 dagar sedan
To be fair u got a lot right
Robert Adner
Robert Adner 3 dagar sedan
Season 2 ....the guys at the bar talking about nebraskab
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor 3 dagar sedan
why did the walking dead pay you to spoil their new series
Richard manberp0g
Richard manberp0g 3 dagar sedan
Dudeee your blowing my mind
Fisherman's Life
Fisherman's Life 3 dagar sedan
Damian N
Damian N 4 dagar sedan
CRM = change request management.
Jocsur Manigbas
Jocsur Manigbas 4 dagar sedan
Lol he guessed correctly about the CRM name and how it the the circles doesn’t represent just that
Cin 4 dagar sedan
Did not even watch walking dead guy in the thumbnail looks like a live action joseph joestar
CodemanCZ 4 dagar sedan
Is this "saving the world" stuff and cures really necessary? They seemed to have restored civilization just fine enough in the comics without a cure.
Dark Dk
Dark Dk 4 dagar sedan
I mean at the end of last weeks season finale we see the group surrounded by people wearing that armour suit thing which must be crm soooooooo
TEAM T.I.O 5 dagar sedan
I remember those guys earlier in this series the first couple of guys rock killed were talking about going to Nebraska
Craig 5 dagar sedan
Haha people in Portland starting their own community
Jan Aldrian Gamatan
Jan Aldrian Gamatan 6 dagar sedan
Really cool, thank you
Josh Minton
Josh Minton 6 dagar sedan
Michael Tison
Michael Tison 6 dagar sedan
Wait. Rick is a B? Are B’s people who aren’t leaders? Are they people who haven’t just been bitten? Are they just anyone who isn’t an A?
Lamar Stafford
Lamar Stafford 6 dagar sedan
I think it’s safe to say his channels are the best channels when it comes to theories+science+Easter eggs. He is my top five favorite you tubers
yada's garbage friend.
Spoiler alert: He dies.
Cassie Rose
Cassie Rose 6 dagar sedan
Every time I watch walking dead I laugh bc my initials are crm
Aehlin Faye
Aehlin Faye 7 dagar sedan
Sooo they're the SCP Foundation of this au?
Julia Carter
Julia Carter 7 dagar sedan
I just wish they bring Rick back to TWD ORGINAL SERIES, since it all began with him, there is only 1 and 1/2 seasons left, ....and Andrew Lincoln wouldn't have to be away from his wife and kids to long....walking dead needs Rick Grimes back,...not in just a movie....gesh
Addison Always
Addison Always 7 dagar sedan
That intro was just sad 😓
De la cupcake
De la cupcake 7 dagar sedan
The Gen Z seem like escaped fallout vault dwellers.
Black Circle
Black Circle 7 dagar sedan
Nothing new.
Caanan 8 dagar sedan
I like it a lot, it's a solid theory. I will say that I did notice in the movie trailer that the skyline might be Philadelphia but I wasnt 100% sure, Im a little more confident in my assumption now though. Can't wait to see how the theories pan out.
bill maggie
bill maggie 8 dagar sedan
Rick a protagonist ,lmao.. only a left wing Democratic snowflake would make such a comment
Eyescario 8 dagar sedan
A or B?
Dale Power
Dale Power 8 dagar sedan
Little does he know: They hired you to come up with the plot, having written themselves into a corner...
zachary klincko
zachary klincko 8 dagar sedan
at least they played space junk by wang Chung for his last episode
Nathan Strickland
Nathan Strickland 8 dagar sedan
Here I am 4 weeks later wishing the original wasn’t headed to its final season lol
mixar vasquez
mixar vasquez 8 dagar sedan
Thanks for te info i sub
FATBOY 2447 8 dagar sedan
Matpat: I haven’t seen anything like this can you tell what it is ? Rick: CORAL!!!
Datboi 0072
Datboi 0072 9 dagar sedan
C O R A L ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Dylan Sorrick
Dylan Sorrick 9 dagar sedan
SEASON 10 SPOILERS: This is closer to be true because when the military- looking people in the stormtrooper suits close in on Eugene, Ezekiel, princess, and what’s her face when they are looking for Stephanie. They were traveling for a while, mentioning 100 miles in each direction, probably crosses a state. I’m too lazy trying to figure out where princess’s hideout was, THE POINT IS... the CRM is definitely real, took Rick, and could lead Eugenes group to Stephanie, and possibly Rick.
CodemanCZ 4 dagar sedan
Stephanie is with the Commonwealth, not the CRM. walkingdead.fandom.com/wiki/The_Commonwealth_(TV_Series)
ConstantDesolation1 9 dagar sedan
At home with his real wife and kids
Ignas Ramanauskas
Ignas Ramanauskas 9 dagar sedan
Weird how a TV show would wanna sponsor an episode that may end up spoiling their show.
hannah 9 dagar sedan
i thought it was joseph joestar in the thumbnail
Hamish Gibbon
Hamish Gibbon 9 dagar sedan
The reason he is alive is because he has plot armour
youngchap 9 dagar sedan
man its been along time since i have watched walking dead it would be nice to catch up but i feel like i would need to go back and watch everything i dont know what to do lol
gavin stamper
gavin stamper 9 dagar sedan
Or it’s Atlanta not Philadelphia
Crazy Person
Crazy Person 9 dagar sedan
Ngl, that ring logo looks like the telltale games logo.
Miles 9 dagar sedan
I think it’s the common wealth as possibly shown as a villain
DiscoMoose 9 dagar sedan
Having a marketing background, it pains me to hear CRM repeated and it not mean Customer Relationship Manager.
Abombpatron425 9 dagar sedan
My weapon of choice is pickaxe
Akihiro 9 dagar sedan
But where is that asian kid
Dr. Flavius
Dr. Flavius 9 dagar sedan
But what's the purpose of the NY map?
Insung Park
Insung Park 9 dagar sedan
Dude it's the sub-division of the people who hold the Olympics Games
Nicholas NULL
Nicholas NULL 10 dagar sedan
Unity of all humans to fight the walkers
Nicholas NULL
Nicholas NULL 10 dagar sedan
Smokey420Greenleaf 10 dagar sedan
doesnt matter where rick is. series ends next year, already been officially announced.
Mason FitzGerald
Mason FitzGerald 10 dagar sedan
All this time I thought it was A for Alpha and B for Beta lol
ThePatchelist 11 dagar sedan
The only problem I see with this theory is that it's based in logic while none of the Walking Dead series are. Soooo many illogical things spread throughout.. In the end it's some complete and utter nonsense.
allecia82 11 dagar sedan
That beautiful intro is perfect
Matt Vivian
Matt Vivian 11 dagar sedan
World Beyond is the most boring show I've ever seen in my life
darkslayr1 10 dagar sedan
i fell asleep watchin it the first night.. i was like ok ill try to give it a second chance and the second night i just didnt even pay attention to it.. it was just so dull.. and this whole "were doing something new and exciting with the perspective on teens " thing.. please if you watched TWD you watched Carl and a few other kids deal with walkers .. in Fear we watched a bunch of teens go through it as well so this isnt "new and exciting" its just another way to keep the franchise going until its dead
Peter Spoto
Peter Spoto 11 dagar sedan
Didn't you say that walkers would decay like after 2 years
Righteous Evil
Righteous Evil 11 dagar sedan
G.. chr.. you are annoying.
Charlie O'Steen
Charlie O'Steen 11 dagar sedan
I hope this is what the story will end up being. Its really cool. I’m down for World Beyond. Whenever it hits streaming
fearanarchy 12 dagar sedan
*Walking Dead Sponsorship* "Do not mention Maze Runner books"
Mega Bryant
Mega Bryant 12 dagar sedan
What's the song at the end of the video
stevaughn williams
stevaughn williams 12 dagar sedan
A facility i feel has to be on an island because that is where Michone found the phone that was from him and boots.
Alexplayz 12 dagar sedan
Where’s michone ?
i-thal hawkins
i-thal hawkins 12 dagar sedan
interesting : dose Darrell know this ?
Silas Krummen
Silas Krummen 12 dagar sedan
The Crm is exploring the plot armor gene present in all A characters.
Rubén Reyes
Rubén Reyes 12 dagar sedan
I heard nebraska's nice
R A K 12 dagar sedan
All I hear is the narrator from the game “You don’t know Jack” voice sounds eerily familiar.
Santiago Persona
Santiago Persona 12 dagar sedan
CRM stands for Chinese Reptilian Military. Change my mind
Loui Throttler
Loui Throttler 12 dagar sedan
Chinese Royal Mafia ... sounds legit
Shayla Vasquez-Valtierra
Jasmine Grimes
Jasmine Grimes 12 dagar sedan
O.P.P. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Skully 12 dagar sedan
Steven Blankenship
Steven Blankenship 13 dagar sedan
Quit watching after coral died.
MR Films
MR Films 7 dagar sedan
Only real fans finish the series
Dragonhunter45 13 dagar sedan
Let them all die. If it's a good enough ending for Papa Romero then it's a good enough ending for TWD.
Taylor 13 dagar sedan
The spin off shows are useless. They shouldn’t have made spin offs until the actual show was done
Spyqui 13 dagar sedan
Didnt watch walking dead but i need to see world beyond cuz junkyjanker is in it
Victor Berens
Victor Berens 13 dagar sedan
The last of us?
milan cat
milan cat 13 dagar sedan
VaccAnimations 13 dagar sedan
ngl in the thumbnail he looks like old man joseph
Emily Saunders
Emily Saunders 13 dagar sedan
Can you do a video on when the majority of the zombies would be gone? We know their population grew exponentially at the beginning but over time their population must be trending down. When could civilization return to something normal without fear of hoards ?