Federico Chiesa's brace STUNS league-leaders Milan | Milan 1-3 Juventus | Top Moments | Serie A TIM 

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Federico Chiesa scored two goals against league leaders AC Milan to stun the San Siro and claim all 3 points in a crucial match between title contenders during the 2020/21 season | Serie A TIM
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7 jan 2021



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Michael 10 dagar sedan
we don't need 10,000 replays for each goal
Dicky Mardian
Dicky Mardian 10 dagar sedan
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya 10 dagar sedan
When 1 man cost almost 2x than Milan whole transfer market :)
The best of the best👍
Max Karun
Max Karun 11 dagar sedan
Крутая игра! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!-selosk.info/name/ZKJO8XM8l_-U7ZXH4kR7oQ
indra lemana
indra lemana 11 dagar sedan
Chiesa+kulusevski is the next juve rising stars.. Mamma mia... #Forzajuve..
FuadAbdulshkur yasin
FuadAbdulshkur yasin 12 dagar sedan
I heard his father's history that he was skill full player nowadays his son became a great player what kind of performance is that wow?
Luca Mantesso
Luca Mantesso 12 dagar sedan
Chiesa giocatore sporco
DR.SISY MICHAEL 12 dagar sedan
Chiesa goal's was superbbb But dybalas' assist was marvellous
assistente sociale
assistente sociale 12 dagar sedan
Due assist di dybala, tra cui un capolavoro di tacco.. Direi che meriterebbe più considerazione
bagus dwi prasetyo
bagus dwi prasetyo 12 dagar sedan
hey Juventus... buy van den beek...
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 12 dagar sedan
Serie A trying to Make it seem like Juventus beating Milan was A massive deal... Between the absences of Milan and the two club budgets.... This wasn't"Shocking" or "Stunning".Juve is best team in Italy by far(on paper at least)... Even in 4th place.
ajaykumar chauhan
ajaykumar chauhan 12 dagar sedan
One of the goal was scored becoz of dybala stunning assist ..... though dybala is back!!with new winger
Jhk Jk
Jhk Jk 12 dagar sedan
Dybala is back 🙏👍
Filippo 10
Filippo 10 12 dagar sedan
0:30 Chiesa :”Thanks Paulo you’re great “ Dybala: “Next time come to hug me”
Nushin Malek
Nushin Malek 12 dagar sedan
no one talk about the mastermind behind the 2 goals from Chiesa , Dybala deserve the same praise .
Christian Prete
Christian Prete 12 dagar sedan
Vi veniamo a prendere milanisti
A M 12 dagar sedan
bidone tuffatore da 60 milioni!
Dalight 12 dagar sedan
Next Ronaldo (CR7)
Marco Venticinque
Marco Venticinque 12 dagar sedan
What a player
Stavos Butron
Stavos Butron 12 dagar sedan
To me the Italian league looks pants, all the best players should join serie a, other teams must hate playing juva just because of the all class in the team.... can you buy the league
Mr. PHEA 12 dagar sedan
Amazing skill👍👍👍 he can shoot both legs💪💪💪
Massimiliano Frascone
Massimiliano Frascone 12 dagar sedan
Ha segnato....attenti a terremoti e devastazioni
Salvatore 13 dagar sedan
avete mai sentito rappare in 6 lingue differenti? selosk.info/tv/PLI8pyo9POByN7GqFBhxBJmBs1ZWuJqq_2 BIG UP :)
Fast Gamer
Fast Gamer 13 dagar sedan
Chiesa:"NON SENTOO!" Io:... Ma mi ca lo stadio era vuoto
Emrys 13 dagar sedan
Theo Hernandez è andato a farfalle 90 minuti dal suo lato
Azeem Nayeem
Azeem Nayeem 13 dagar sedan
Some were saying, they are doing fine without Ibra, now what???
Sashaa 13 dagar sedan
Juve Is The best
Luigi S.
Luigi S. 13 dagar sedan
Ed Marcross
Ed Marcross 13 dagar sedan
Forza 🔥🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🔥
Safouate Mohamed
Safouate Mohamed 13 dagar sedan
la debollessa del Milan e un grande Rolando dal mio visto
Lucian Daniel
Lucian Daniel 13 dagar sedan
Romagnoli is worse and worse with every game...so far away from the opponent,so slow,so easy to pass of him...wake up dude,Maldini and Baresi had that badge
lillo porrello
lillo porrello 13 dagar sedan
Questo è un vero fuoriclasse!!!!!!!!!!!
lillo porrello
lillo porrello 13 dagar sedan
Grande chiesa!!!!!!
Simone Ranieri
Simone Ranieri 13 dagar sedan
1:23 Pioli: *Vai Samu accorcia è 3 contro 2* 1:31 *1-2*
DELIYA OFFICIAL 13 dagar sedan
where is ronaldo? I didn't see it, only the number 7 I saw..
LabGorilla 13 dagar sedan
Romangnoli got done like a kipper. But Theo showed that he is far better going forwards.
Filippo Gambarota
Filippo Gambarota 13 dagar sedan
it's Amazing how serie A football sounds without supporters are the same of an average sunday league match ahaha
Gezalfde Des Heren,
Gezalfde Des Heren, 13 dagar sedan
Cristiano has a part in the gameplay aswell he just doesn’t get involved and still he’s defended by 2/3 guy they forget that there will be space for players to make there plays on the other side,
Giacomo Lo Grasso
Giacomo Lo Grasso 13 dagar sedan
Bel video alta qualità cercherò di utilizzarla anche io nei miei prossimi video
The Hooded Geordie
The Hooded Geordie 13 dagar sedan
Big win for juventus
Dylan Travaglini
Dylan Travaglini 13 dagar sedan
Nico Valentini
Nico Valentini 13 dagar sedan
Finalmente anche noi abbiamo un talento italiano
giulio sacchi
giulio sacchi 13 dagar sedan
Se scendiamo in campo concentrati e con la fame non ci batte nessuno.
A M 12 dagar sedan
ahahahahahahahha ma davvero vi siete esaltati per una vittoria contro un milan a cui mancavano 7 titolari?
bele92 13 dagar sedan
Dybala pazzesco!
Dmitry Logvinov
Dmitry Logvinov 13 dagar sedan
Dybala assist was excellent during 1st goal
Osman Arslan
Osman Arslan 13 dagar sedan
Merih Demiral ?!?!?!
Massimo Zappone
Massimo Zappone 13 dagar sedan
Assente, non sapeva di essere in campo.
Francesco Grasso
Francesco Grasso 13 dagar sedan
Dove sono quelli del partito "Questo qua è sopravvalutato"? Non li sento più da un po'..
Francesco Grasso
Francesco Grasso 12 dagar sedan
Sto vedendo...
A M 12 dagar sedan
è un bidone sopravvalutato da 60 milioni. Vedrai
Sebastián Campos
Sebastián Campos 13 dagar sedan
La doppietta di Chiesa
Teron official
Teron official 13 dagar sedan
Pessi 🤣 fan keep crying keep ignoring for king cr7
Luca Bruscato
Luca Bruscato 13 dagar sedan
Raga però nel primo goal che giocata di dybala
Umair Khan
Umair Khan 13 dagar sedan
Federico chiesa
PTSF9123 13 dagar sedan
Abdoulaye Coulibaly
Abdoulaye Coulibaly 13 dagar sedan
Forza Juve
Roberto Frega
Roberto Frega 13 dagar sedan
Stiamo arrivando.....🖤🤍🚄
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal 13 dagar sedan
Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Sohel Mondal
Sohel Mondal 13 dagar sedan
Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Степан Разин
Федерико это будущая супер звезда Юве и сборной Италии
Exciting Life
Exciting Life 13 dagar sedan
Chiesa топчик
Click Menu
Click Menu 13 dagar sedan
Bilan deserve this humiliation. RIP theo
Massimo Zappone
Massimo Zappone 13 dagar sedan
Il Milan ha perso vs la Juve, mica contro il Crotone o il Rio Ave Maria. Voi dell'Inter avete perso vs una squadra da metà classifica di nome Sampdoria al Ferraris.
Lam Pham
Lam Pham 13 dagar sedan
ch-ch-ch chiesa
h3yd4r kulusevky
h3yd4r kulusevky 13 dagar sedan
Juventini L.4🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
chakra 13 dagar sedan
io: milanista, donnarumma al fanta e chiesa contro🤡🤡
Sriram Pazzini
Sriram Pazzini 13 dagar sedan
Siete primi anche con la sconfitta
Andrei Arama
Andrei Arama 13 dagar sedan
Finalmente Chiesa comincia ad valere i soldi
Mister Gray
Mister Gray 13 dagar sedan
Poor showing by Hernandez on both those goals. Lazy, not getting goalside.
Dhanang Wibowo
Dhanang Wibowo 13 dagar sedan
The best thing happens in serie A this season is Pirlo. He makes the competition become competitive. 😂
Dhanang Wibowo
Dhanang Wibowo 12 dagar sedan
@Mach Incinerator - Exactly. 😂
Mach Incinerator
Mach Incinerator 12 dagar sedan
By drawing matches and then winning unexpectedly?? 😂😂
Prince 7
Prince 7 13 dagar sedan
Che bello sentire cosa si dicono sul goal ❤️
Stefano Colandrea
Stefano Colandrea 13 dagar sedan
Da tifoso del Napoli dico :ma che assist a fatto dybala😍
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz 13 dagar sedan
3fsad 666
3fsad 666 13 dagar sedan
This cant get any better seeing both milan and inter losing!
Mario Juano
Mario Juano 13 dagar sedan
I just noticed on the first goal Pioli tell Hauge to help Hernandez, but probably he didnt understand the instructions and got there late
AleOnWindows7 11 dagar sedan
Yes you're right
Arber Ajdini
Arber Ajdini 13 dagar sedan
He was the reason Juve won, great game from him. Coming from a Milan fan! Respect❤🖤
Zex-corpse -
Zex-corpse - 13 dagar sedan
This Guy🐙 is so respectful❄️ and I just wanna🍟 say that ac Milan🌭 played great⚽️
F 13 dagar sedan
As a juve fan, I'm very happy that we have our old rival back. Milan have always been champions. The rematch will be even tougher.
Italian Boy
Italian Boy 13 dagar sedan
Thx, Milan did a very impressive jurney, COMPLIMENTI!!!
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 13 dagar sedan
Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek Rathore 13 dagar sedan
The assist from dybala was top class
TheThreatenedSwan 13 dagar sedan
When it's not being sung, Italian sounds ridiculous
Isak C
Isak C 13 dagar sedan
Top, top winger
Shane Duffy
Shane Duffy 13 dagar sedan
Serie a getting better and better
Lorenzo Corbari
Lorenzo Corbari 13 dagar sedan
Il goal lo ha fatto più dybala che chiesa. A lui gli è bastato per due volte solo tirare in porta🤭🤮
zagor tenay
zagor tenay 13 dagar sedan
Un e' vero un ber niente!!!!!!!!!!!
Mario Piccione
Mario Piccione 13 dagar sedan
0:31 Chiesa: "Paulo, sei un grande!" Dybala: "Vieni ad abbracciarmi la prossima volta!" Secondo gol di Chiesa se ne frega e va ad abbracciare Pinsoglio XD
Barone Birra
Barone Birra 13 dagar sedan
Dybala friendzonato da Chiesa
ANDRJUS Official
ANDRJUS Official 13 dagar sedan
Grande Fede
Pado 13 dagar sedan
Giovanni Bertolino
Giovanni Bertolino 13 dagar sedan
Questa juve fortunata😕 Forza milan 😎👍
Rocco 13 dagar sedan
Aryan Negi
Aryan Negi 13 dagar sedan
Can someone translate in English at 0:30 what dybala n chiesa said plz?
andrea piz
andrea piz 13 dagar sedan
Chiesa (with a tone of esteem): Paulo you are great! Dybala:The next time go to hug me!
Mariarosaria Palermo
Mariarosaria Palermo 13 dagar sedan
Qst anno faccio il tifo per le milanesi
Antonio Bonomo
Antonio Bonomo 13 dagar sedan
Fabrizio C9r7
Fabrizio C9r7 13 dagar sedan
@Antonio Bonomo vedi un po' tu, stavamo giocando con Frabotta, poi di che ti lamenti? Calabria da centrocampista è più forte di quel bidone di Krunic
Antonio Bonomo
Antonio Bonomo 13 dagar sedan
@Saba Ibra, Salaemeker, Benacer, Rebic, 4 titolari... gabbia scarso? vale ilpagliaccio di bonucci... se nn sai evita.
Antonio Bonomo
Antonio Bonomo 13 dagar sedan
@Fabrizio C9r7 certo avevate anche voi un reparto senza giocatori vero? Avevate anche voi un terzino a fare il centrocampista vero?? ma stai zitto tu
Josin Thomas
Josin Thomas 13 dagar sedan
As if Milan was winning with them.
Fabrizio C9r7
Fabrizio C9r7 13 dagar sedan
Ma sta zitto, anche noi avevamo fuori 3 titolari Cuadrado A Sandro e Morata
Alessio Piccolo
Alessio Piccolo 13 dagar sedan
Forza juve 💥2021 - 2022 💥
BUNGA_ON OFFICIAL 13 dagar sedan
Loreno Mayer Not every game can be perfect, the most important is to give best on the pitch 🙏 Keep it up man!
Alessio Piccolo
Alessio Piccolo 13 dagar sedan
R9 vs DEL PIERO 13 dagar sedan
No matter how hard juve thinks ..AC MILAN will sink them this year
Josin Thomas
Josin Thomas 13 dagar sedan
What? We just saw Juve sink Milan no matter how hard they tried.
Owl 13 dagar sedan
They didn't even play half of 38 games and you say AC Milan will win already? first let them pass Roma,Inter and second match of Juve
gazmend gavazi
gazmend gavazi 13 dagar sedan
Robert Thokchom
Robert Thokchom 13 dagar sedan
AUSZP 13 dagar sedan
Dybala is world class🔥🔥🔥
ramadani garcia
ramadani garcia 13 dagar sedan
reyhan ozaslan
reyhan ozaslan 13 dagar sedan
Hackeronte 13 dagar sedan
1:34 Gol di Chiesa. Qualcuno: *vai bipedeeee*
Tobias Huber
Tobias Huber 13 dagar sedan
Ridhwaan Saharudin
Ridhwaan Saharudin 13 dagar sedan
Sad that milan didn't have their full squad that match.
1V1 Against Brawadis!
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