Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change? 

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Do we need nuclear energy to stop climate change? More and more voices from science, environmental activists and the press have been saying so in recent years - but this comes as a shock to those who are fighting against nuclear energy and the problems that come with it. So who is right? Well - it is complicated.
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13 apr 2021



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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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nadamuchu 4 dagar sedan
please add english captions.... please caption your videos more consistently, i really love your content, but i am deaf.
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm 6 dagar sedan
Stupid science Science doesn't know Virus sperm are extremely sophisticated, the function of viral sperms is create enzymes, the virus sperm enters the egg to produce enzymes, enzymes are extremely sophisticated
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm 6 dagar sedan
Stupid science Science doesn't know Nuclear decay creates fire ...
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm 6 dagar sedan
Urine NH3, is a carcinogen
ADAM KRUS 6 dagar sedan
god vidios!
dazzlingshadowkaid 1
Good video Kurzgesagt yet again! I was wondering if you could make a video on fungi or something, maybe how fungal infections work?
DaRedWunsGoFasta 2 timmar sedan
The real problem with nuclear isn't the tech, but the people pushing for it, and the way it's extracted. For one, nuclear fuels are mined and processed by giant corporate players, who would stand to benefit from a swap to nuclear. They can monopolize the fuel source and charge for it whatever they want, with little regard for any economic or moral principle beyond short term gain. You can easily see this in how Rio Tinto leaves the areas in which it mines ecologically devastated and rife with civil conflict. Nuclear fuels are extracted at the price of human lives. As for who ends up using these fuels? You're gonna love this one: Critters like the Koch Brother(s)! They've been shilling and lobbying for nuclear, which, again, can be monopolized, for decades, the same way they've been shilling and lobbying for fossil fuels. Does anyone in their right mind really thing that new nuclear reactors will be well-regulated when the self-same corporate parasites that gave us the climate crisis are in charge?! Which brings us to, storage, intermittency and grid stability. These are talking points routinely flung around by corporate lobbyists as to why renewables are very, very bad. Thing is, those selfsame points apply to fossil fuel and nuclear plants. Those have malfunctions. Or supply chain shortages. Or other countless problems that cause them to shut down. And just about every time it's renewable sources that pick up the slack when nuclear and fossil fuels kick the bucket. Remember Texas? Which is run on both nuclear and fossil fuel, with only a barely-double-digit energy contribution from renewables? Well, when the recent blizzard hit, Texas' renewables outperformed all other sources in terms of reliability and proportional output, exceeding the power grid operators' own projections.
Qwerty Qwerty
Qwerty Qwerty 4 timmar sedan
I liked the gaming aspect of this video. I wish there was such game for the youth, to gradually form their perception of renewables and nuclear. It is clear that the current generation which makes the decisions is lost already and that only the new generation can make the more impactful changes.
Building Mangement
Building Mangement 4 timmar sedan
The only crypto that fights climate change!! $PNGN 🐧🌏 Help fight climate change with crypto!!
Jeffery Gregory
Jeffery Gregory 5 timmar sedan
my CCs want to be ittalian and finish AND german... at the same time help
Zayar Naing
Zayar Naing 6 timmar sedan
2020: Covid-19 2021: Global political conflicts 2022: Doomsday?
قناة الموسوعات
What will happen if the earth becomes the size of the moon and the moon becomes the size of the earth
Spacks Quest
Spacks Quest 13 timmar sedan
The world's largest solar panel is blue and takes up 75% of the world Unlimited power if we dig enough lakes
Hermerson 13 timmar sedan
wanted subtitles in portuguese brazil ☹💔
CJ Yi 21 timme sedan
Someone was playing Sekiro in their downtime lol
Danielle LaTooof
Danielle LaTooof 21 timme sedan
I like the Pokemon
Unkown 22 timmar sedan
Once we find a safe way to dispose of the nuclear waste nuclear power plants will be the new future
Brohamerer 23 timmar sedan
1:44 sekiro
Parker Crowell
Parker Crowell Dag sedan
Renewables will NEVER be the future of electricity because the components in Wind turbines and Solar panels only last several years before they become TOXIC WAIST. The biggest solar power plant in the world will become a WASTELAND soon. Not to mention the destruction of countless environments caused by building wind/solar plants.
A Dw
A Dw Dag sedan
"Stop climate change" is a fallacy in itself. Cap all volcanoes, destroy the grass eating quadruped animals, stop exhaling and sacrifice yourself to trees and plankton. Oh, and tell the sun to stop.
Pikmin 20 timmar sedan
@A Dw So it was the second one huh
A Dw
A Dw 20 timmar sedan
@Pikmin the human part hasnt been quantified. AT ALL.
Pikmin 20 timmar sedan
I have a feeling you don't understand what that phrase means. Anyways, most people when they refer to "stop climate" change they most certainly talking for the humans part of it. Or maybe you decided it would be nice to take it literally and possibly out off context to write this comment and appear smart.
-Cubo- Dag sedan
smart bird
FutureLaugh Dag sedan
after my parents almost froze to death in texas this year, i dont really want to hear a word about wind and solar power. I want nuclear, ample amounts of energy- like the modern world uses. Its green, its renewable- and if regulations make it too expensive than stfu and change it if you care about the earth or energy.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl 3 timmar sedan
The reason those turbines and panels failed, was because of incompetent politicians who don't realize you need to winterize your electricity production. Wind turbines and panels work fine everywhere else. Hell turbines work on Antarctica, and solar panels work on satellites in freaking space.
Devantejah Dag sedan
3:42 Yeah, that sounds all well and good but since Ringhals 1 and 2 was shut down in December 2020 and 2019 respectively we had to import electricity generated by fossil fuel and fire up the auxiliary generators that run on diesel to you know, meet demand due to it being winter. So that power plant runs at most at half the capacity now.
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl 3 timmar sedan
Jag skyller på sossarna...
Kraken:) Dag sedan
To combat climate change, the worldmust rapidly reduce its dependency on fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear energy is low-carbon and can be deployed on a large scale in the time frame required, supplying the world with clean and affordable electricity.
Carl Ryan Jay Masocol
If we can't really stop using Fossil Fuels then why not plant Trees? Greenify the Metropolitan Cities with trees that Absorb much Carbon Dioxide?
Sig_Necro Dag sedan
The only reason why wolrd is not fullfied of nuclear reactor is because people dont think in the future lives.. they just care about themselves in the present and until the end of their life
Super Dag sedan
7:56 It reminds me of SimCity
Me hello lm me
Me hello lm me Dag sedan
20:05 hehe magnemites in the background
Potato Dag sedan
(Me silently wanting this so in 2077 in October I can make a joke about nuclear war and watch everyone stare at me in horror)
Яна Якименко
Sam s
Sam s Dag sedan
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 15 timmar sedan
Coby Reimer
Coby Reimer Dag sedan
Coby Reimer
Coby Reimer Dag sedan
Don't worry I'll do it.
EnderMarty 191
EnderMarty 191 Dag sedan
"238U SHALL NOT PASS" *I love this channel*
Joshua Malcolm
Joshua Malcolm 2 dagar sedan
Please explain how net zero will stop climate change as C02 is only a small driver of climate in comparison to things like cosmic forces and magnetic pole orientation.
Emilio Novoa Arias
Emilio Novoa Arias 2 dagar sedan
subtitles in spanishhh por el amor del yisussssss. lo amo :)
enviromad 2 dagar sedan
nuclear doesnt work in a warming climate, they need to be kept cool, the powers always off in france due to overheating
enviromad 3 timmar sedan
@Lucky Izzac coolant is a substance you put in a cooling system young lad
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 9 timmar sedan
@enviromad its coolant mr.sherlock...
enviromad 10 timmar sedan
@Lucky Izzac i think you mean a cooling system, the whole plant is a cooling system lol
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 14 timmar sedan
There is this thing called coolant systems..
DeathlikeSilence 2 dagar sedan
Fossil fuels are like drugs. We rely too much on that shit, and need to kick the habit before we harm ourselves even more than we already have.
damonstr 2 dagar sedan
It's vital to invest in nuclear power. It works and it is extremely safe with modern reactors. Remember, RBMK was cheap, big and old; and it had almost nothing in common with modern PWRs. I repeat, nuclear is SAFE.
ellena jang
ellena jang 2 dagar sedan
Thank you for the video! I just think a fact check is required to see if building a nuclear plant in South Korea is actually quicker and competitively priced. As far as I know, the country is one of the countries which civil complaints are so harsh that it has been quite hard to build the nuclear plant these days.
Ortavus 2 dagar sedan
Cant you just use magnets to create energy
Ortavus 8 timmar sedan
@Lucky Izzac oh
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 14 timmar sedan
You need to spin the magnets in the turbine To do that we need energy
albert mooney
albert mooney 2 dagar sedan
nuclear energy is the safest energy source, until it suddenly isnt.
Shalami 2 dagar sedan
5:16 I heard it lmao
Cpt. Papandreu
Cpt. Papandreu 2 dagar sedan
We need to choose an option. Humanity is currently like "yeah we need renewables lets do stuff, oh wait its not enough energy lets make fossil stuff, oh wait thats not good for our climate, lets test some nuclear, oh wait thats radioactive, lets to renewables...." Focus on something.
Jax Tran
Jax Tran 2 dagar sedan
5:16 How do I recognize wilhelm screams now
Ranell Cameron
Ranell Cameron 2 dagar sedan
why can't we just work together as a species for once to do things? sheesh
indeepj 2 dagar sedan
Nuclear Fission Is Just A Complicated Steam Energy In My Opinion
Shelley McConaughy
Shelley McConaughy 2 dagar sedan
❗️ How to save the planet (2 words) Use electricity!
Give me fingernails
Give me fingernails 2 dagar sedan
I cant belive im spending my free time learning , but this is just so interesting for some reason
William Song
William Song 2 dagar sedan
How he said electricity
Michael Coffee
Michael Coffee 3 dagar sedan
Do we need to try to control the climate at all? The only fission power we should allow is LFTR.
MiNeCrAfT ThE PeOpLe
MiNeCrAfT ThE PeOpLe 3 dagar sedan
what about nuclear fusion wouldn't that be one of the best ideas?
Metao241 3 dagar sedan
Solar and wind are really bad for the environment in the sense that wind kills tons of bats and birds just by doing what they do. If you didnt know, bats are incredibly important for fruiting plants to pollinate (and other plants). Solar (depending where you get them but most use the cheap solar bc cheap) have very toxic chemicals that can seriously damage things like the water table and general soil health if they are damaged and leak those chemicals. I dont even need to explain why that is bad. Nuclear is becoming and has been the best and we should be using it. Its just better. But yeah its very hard to transition and it needs to be slow.
arzu agayewa
arzu agayewa 3 dagar sedan
Solar and wind is the need of our environment
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 3 dagar sedan
The colossal power suggestively rot because cafe pathophysiologically ban among a kind mind. grandiose, dear hourglass
Owl the Reviewer
Owl the Reviewer 3 dagar sedan
I honestly think people just want to keep the debate going perpetually until it’s too late
Cleetus I
Cleetus I 3 dagar sedan
controllable load
Reuven Daich
Reuven Daich 3 dagar sedan
2:14 am I the only one noticed Magnemites in the background?
Vedeesh Bhraguwar
Vedeesh Bhraguwar 3 dagar sedan
Can you pls pls make a video on nuclear waste and parallel universe
Coop Shanks
Coop Shanks 3 dagar sedan
Nuclear is the future, but certain companies both on renewable and non renewable side view it as a threat to their wallets. So they’ve made it impossible to go forward with nuclear
white sky
white sky 3 dagar sedan
jesus christ, why dont we change to hydrogen and invest in it hardcore, maybe we need a video explaining it
Muhammed Gundogan
Muhammed Gundogan 3 dagar sedan
Yup electricity is like magic :D it is the type of energy that humanity has the most capability to manipulate it . Everything should be electrified but profit making is a great hindrance for it ; many petroleum or coal companies would not like to transition into nuclear or renewable energy due to profit margins. By current trend either the fossil fuels run out or global warming becomes too dangerous ; then humanity will shift towards it. We humans are really the most intelligent+foolish species on earth.
Alexis Vladimir Ortega
Activist should just shut up and let expert move things forward.
Alexis Vladimir Ortega
Activist should just shut up and let expert move things forward.
Anon Surfer
Anon Surfer 3 dagar sedan
Why can't we dump a large chunk of our unrecyclable waste into active volcanoes? Presently we are just shipping it out to poor countries and that waste gets burned there anyways.
eZBoZz 3 dagar sedan
@Anon Surfer Ah okay, so Thermical recycling turns the heat produced by burning it into electricity, its not very effiecient way to produce energy, but its better than just burning it. There are even methods to fully recycle plastics so that they are reusable today, but they are too expensive so they dont get used
Anon Surfer
Anon Surfer 3 dagar sedan
@eZBoZz Not talking about nuclear waste, but regular plastic waste. It's going to get into the atmosphere anyways when we burn it.
eZBoZz 3 dagar sedan
because it gets in the amtosphere and no nuclear waste doest get burned
Amanda 3 dagar sedan
The bird at 2:38 Me: me too buddy, me too
BoxedIn or Muhammad Nafis
I want to see more adventures of Nuclear-Man, Windy-Boy, Hydro-Gal, and Solar-Bot
Shea Weightman
Shea Weightman 3 dagar sedan
is there some way we can start using something like salt water for power? i mean I've seen water powered clocks?
frostyguy1989 3 dagar sedan
The great tragedy of nuclear energy is that instead of showing the world how it can be saved, humanity instead used it to show how the world may die.
Knownas0 3 dagar sedan
That's was such a seamless transaction to a sponsor I've seen
D n R Kamps
D n R Kamps 3 dagar sedan
The solution is just space solar farms which spit lasers at collection farms on earth.
HB Gaming
HB Gaming 3 dagar sedan
Dude why did they not agree with Nicole tesla!?
Da Real Wigga
Da Real Wigga 3 dagar sedan
Only opinion I have is this. JUST DO IT! Renewable energy and nuclear energy cannot do the jobs alone. And while it's true nuclear energy is responsible for nightmares from the past, that's only because the nuclear energy was weaponized. If it was instead used to push fossil fuels out of the picture we'd already see a vast change in our climates. The truth is this, we best take action, and we best do it soon. Because climate change is not a good thing, and can lead to global extinction. Our governments and our society need to be persuaded that nuclear and renewable energy sources are the future, and it does not matter if they like it or not. Fossil fuels are doing nothing but harming the planet. And we risk the wrath of mother nature the longer we use it.
Mikey 3 dagar sedan
0:28 surely you mean 3/4 of global HUMAN emissions, right?
Lavínia Sousa
Lavínia Sousa 3 dagar sedan
* God's grace * Did you know that God loves you so much that he sent Jesus to save us? Jesus is the son of God! And he loves you very much! To have proof of this, we can say that he emptied himself of all his glory and stepped on the earth! Isn't that wonderful? And there's more! He assured us of salvation! He fulfilled the mission that God gave him! Which is to have a death on the cross for all people in the world! * How do I get to heaven? * It's very simple! -Accept Jesus as your Lord and only Savior! - Repent of your sins daily even those you don't know because you sinned out of ignorance! -Recognize that you do not deserve God's salvation but even with your faults He wanted to save you with his great love and grace! Now about keeping your faith -Read the Bible daily -Pray and fast -Go to a church that follows the word of God May God bless you greatly! 👋
CT 8543
CT 8543 2 dagar sedan
You should pray to allah
Alexandre Etienne
Alexandre Etienne 4 dagar sedan
Why didn't you talk about nuclear fusion.
Baddestquil 584
Baddestquil 584 4 dagar sedan
I dont care if we need to build nuclear power I just don’t want a new iceage
Turb0Jew 4 dagar sedan
What a about the geothermal power plants? Is it not worth it or something? I hardly ever hear it mentioned in the discussion of green energy sources
eZBoZz 3 dagar sedan
@Turb0Jew Okay then good idea
Turb0Jew 3 dagar sedan
@eZBoZz geothermal power and heating are different things, so the question stands
eZBoZz 3 dagar sedan
I think you can only use it for heating up but not turn it into electricity
Adam Teeple
Adam Teeple 4 dagar sedan
I live in South Carolina and a nuclear power plant construction project failed a few years ago
Simon Dahl
Simon Dahl 3 timmar sedan
Yes. And.
Gameboy D
Gameboy D 4 dagar sedan
Lol climate change good one this channels got jokes
Roombainator 4 dagar sedan
The biggest obstacle is oil tycoon fearing they will lose the business to renewables
LemonBoy 4 dagar sedan
5:16 - Ahhhh 😂
enigma 3097
enigma 3097 4 dagar sedan
Wont we have to burn fossil fuels to make these renewable energies?
R1ain .?
R1ain .? 4 dagar sedan
2:10 magenemite be like: Hello
Boris Gershman
Boris Gershman 4 dagar sedan
Sekiro at 1:45! Good choice green birb!
TheAdvertisement 4 dagar sedan
7:54 This video games co-op section is adorable!
rafael xky
rafael xky 4 dagar sedan
though that the thing that comes out of the chimney was CO2
OGlettuceWEED 4 dagar sedan
I don’t even need to watch the video, yes.
Natalia Pavlovicova
Natalia Pavlovicova 4 dagar sedan
10:22 Shouldn't the bird go backwards? .__________________________________. You didn't think that through, did you..? xd
samaksh verma
samaksh verma 4 dagar sedan
1:44 was that guy playing sekiro shadows die twice ?
DaFry shenanigans
DaFry shenanigans 4 dagar sedan
Me: * Sees 02:11* *_Gotta catch 'em all-_*
Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy 4 dagar sedan
9:04 the cute little bird is so smol
RayDanNor 4 dagar sedan
the sun doesnt always shine ?, come to the south of gran canaria and take a look
Freeman Pennington
Freeman Pennington 4 dagar sedan
Sorry but hate to tell you man made climate change as a fraud real climate change is actually caused by the sun which goes through periodic cycles of activity and inactivity every 11 years it's called solar maximum and solar minimum all of this man made climate change garbage is about implementing socialism so rich people can get richer and have more control and they gain that money and power and control by over taxation and over regulation also there are other factors that proves that man-made climate change is fraudulent
Freeman Pennington
Freeman Pennington 2 dagar sedan
@CT 8543 there's no proof of man-made climate change oh by the way every few centuries or so the sun gets hotter as it burns through its hydrogen but only about 1°
Freeman Pennington
Freeman Pennington 2 dagar sedan
@CT 8543 once again man made climate change doesn't exist real climate change is caused by the sun which goes through periodic cycles of activity called solar maximum and solar minimum every 11 years and it's proven
Freeman Pennington
Freeman Pennington 2 dagar sedan
@CT 8543 oh by the way you guys still haven't answered the question why haven't the polar ice caps melted all the way yet like Al Gore said oh wait a minute because it's a fraud it's a bunch of fear mongering that they've been pedaling since the 1980s sorry but you lose due to a lack of facts and evidence
Freeman Pennington
Freeman Pennington 2 dagar sedan
@CT 8543 by the way isn't it funny that it's been awful cool for the past few years oh wait a minute that's because we're in solar minimum which ends in 2024
Freeman Pennington
Freeman Pennington 2 dagar sedan
@CT 8543 actually I use something called science books Google and Facebook change information that's called revisionist science and it's not real science
Soren Kazaren
Soren Kazaren 4 dagar sedan
Nuclear has two advantages. One it could cut back on fossil fuel production by providing an alternate energy. Two if it catastrophically fails it can cut back on fossil fuel use by killing everyone nearby. Win-win. 🤦‍♂️ See here is my problem with nuclear energy. It COULD be amazing if we didn’t make mistakes. But the problem is that we are human, and I just can’t see a world in which I can trust that corners won’t be cut in the name of profit. Or any other number of human errors.
iKazed 4 dagar sedan
Nuclear is the way we could get there fastest and most efficiently at PRESENT understanding. Renewables may improve over the decades but if we want to make radical change fast we need to employ nuclear more. I definitely think the future of nuclear science is to tap into the spent energy until we've found a way to completely utilize every last "drop" of energy left in traditionally considered "spent" fuel.
Harriet Harlow
Harriet Harlow 4 dagar sedan
Given the urgency of climate change, we need to do everything in our power to make fossil fuels a thing of the past. Since renewable cannot, so far, provide all of the electricity that we need. Nuclear needs to be part of our electric-generation mix.
Massive arrays of solar panels outside Earth's atmosphere!!!!
Doug Lanier
Doug Lanier 4 dagar sedan
"considering the risks of climate change we should use nuclear"?? What about the risks of nuclear ? Nuclear NO thanks! It's not worth the risk!
eZBoZz 2 dagar sedan
@CT 8543 No It wont maybe a lot of Humans will die and some species will go extinct. But how will all species die if its 3°C hotter, makes no sense
CT 8543
CT 8543 2 dagar sedan
Well climate change will kill everything on earth
eZBoZz 3 dagar sedan
@Doug Lanier The most damage in Fukushima is because of the Tsunami and not because of the nuclear energy. And they planned on building a 30m wall to protect the nuclear powerplant from tsunamis but then only build it 10 or 15m to safe money, didnt work out too good
Slavo Majovský
Slavo Majovský 3 dagar sedan
@Doug Lanier but that’s still better than burning coal and releasing it right into atmosphere. Radioactive waste if stored correctly, doesn’t pose threat to nature.
Doug Lanier
Doug Lanier 3 dagar sedan
@Slavo Majovský Emissions are minimal but radioactive waste generated in the process is not.
John Roberts
John Roberts 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the kahoot music in the background😂
John Roberts
John Roberts 4 dagar sedan
U guys should do a video on fuel cell tech and hydrogen fuel
Avitus 4 dagar sedan
Man I really hope we develop alt fuels like hydrogen fast. Nothing will replace the sound of an engine.
Declynes 4 dagar sedan
The main reason nuclear has been demonised is because of slander campaigns by big oil companies, money is the problem as always
Fr̈ͭ̃e̾ͨ̑͑t̉̈́z̓͛e̾a͌͛͌̇lͬ̍ :D
Bruhhhhh this needs to be a game, the renewable energy heroes or something because the models you make look so cool lol
Hannan Javed
Hannan Javed 4 dagar sedan
Man, the animation is super great
visningar 141tn
Overpopulation & Africa
visningar 141tn