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Russell Howard, Liza Tarbuck, Asim Chaudhry, Alice Levine and Tim Vine must do the manliest thing with a cardboard box in this full task from series 6 of Taskmaster.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.


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26 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 93   
Brendan Berthelon
Brendan Berthelon 3 timmar sedan
I saw two people get disqualified on the same task. That's an actual tie in my book
Zeus Gaming
Zeus Gaming Dag sedan
Ah yes the fake pay gap.
Alex Graham
Alex Graham 3 dagar sedan
Oh wow sexism. Wasn't expecting that
Xenophacilus 2 dagar sedan
This is sexist?
Hamish Mclaggan
Hamish Mclaggan 6 dagar sedan
he shouldve given all the ladies 3 and the guys 5 to bring home alice's point
Mecurian 7 dagar sedan
It's telling that not one person on that stage knows, what manly means.
Mecurian 7 dagar sedan
The gender pay gap? Toxic masculinity? Woke morons.
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis 9 dagar sedan
Ah, I see where they lost the comedy
Francis Sims
Francis Sims 10 dagar sedan
Oh yeah, the gender pay gap, I remember when that was not illegal back in the 1900s...
illessi 6 dagar sedan
Oh right, because something becoming illegal means it will never happen again.
J Fast
J Fast 7 dagar sedan
She better have gotten last place. Time to finish watching this. Ohh no. She did get last place, but it was still second place too :'(
B B 11 dagar sedan
Least funny taskmaster clip I've seen so far
Palm Tv
Palm Tv 11 dagar sedan
Puhhhh I would make a cardboard gun. Say something more manly then a gun
Oh NO! I said my Opinion!?!
It's just Russell looks so much like Freddie Prinze Jr. that I just love him. Which is weird cause I don't really care for FPj.
kabeer munjal
kabeer munjal 13 dagar sedan
We need that song tim used !!!!!!
Taylor Barnes
Taylor Barnes 13 dagar sedan
Now hear me out. Most manly thing? Obviously, advantage is given to the men in this challenge. Nothing is more manly than one man taking it in the ass from another man. How does the cardboard box come into play? Ez. Glory hole. Gg ez should’ve been a wrap. No homo ofc
iafozzac 14 dagar sedan
No one thought about filling the box with heavy stuff, have someone move it, and offer to do move it for them?
Arnout de Bruin
Arnout de Bruin Dag sedan
That's gentlemanly!
Braden Allred
Braden Allred 15 dagar sedan
What song is playing during Mr. Vine's turn?
Yoav Ravid
Yoav Ravid 15 dagar sedan
How did none of them stand and pee in the box?
janne bastiaansen
janne bastiaansen 2 dagar sedan
Thats whqt i thought. My first thought was 'i would pee in the box'
Jaded Old Joe
Jaded Old Joe 24 dagar sedan
A bunch of “comedians” and none of them thought to go all Brad Pitt and say “whaaaat’s in the box?”
Micaela Leong
Micaela Leong 28 dagar sedan
A surprisingly poignant task, which is something I never thought I'd say about the show
Brian Mathews
Brian Mathews Månad sedan
I wanted to see them do more with the actual box instead of just making it a soapbox. But a wise man was Greg Davies in awarding his points so not to tempt the angry mob of cancellation.
SuouEtsumi Månad sedan
Kirishima entered the chat
Michael Crellin
Michael Crellin Månad sedan
Lisa Tarbuck with some of the best social commentary of the whole show.
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
Stella Karlsson
Stella Karlsson Månad sedan
What does he mean by “in a time that men are under a lot of fire ” in the intro after introducing the task
Ahren Starr
Ahren Starr Månad sedan
I can't find the song from Tim Vine clip
Simon Barton
Simon Barton Månad sedan
"Okay, I'll get you a woman."
Sabina Zabarte
Sabina Zabarte Månad sedan
Asim got absolutely robbed, I'll die on this hill
MEEP Månad sedan
Gender paygap.. toxic masculinity. What a bunch of morons
Seán O' Dwyer
Seán O' Dwyer Månad sedan
Gender pay gap is a myth.
Nancy Palumbo
Nancy Palumbo Månad sedan
Unlike Asims robot, facts don't care about your feelings
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
Is that the gender gap or toxic masculinity that doesn't exist, except in the mind of snowflake clowns?
Broccolihighkicks Månad sedan
I think gender pay gap is only seen in some industries...I have never experienced it tbf. I’ve always earned the same or more than my male counterparts...I know it’s a huge issue in Hollywood...but otherwise where else?
TheW89 21 dag sedan
@Broccolihighkicks You must have troubles in reading comprehension. Me telling you what creates the so much talked wage gap between men and women, and that not being the same as men and women doing the exact same things, doesn't mean it's not correlated. That wage gap is mixed all the time with earning same wage from same job. Comparing all of those, there's no wage gap, when everything is identical, apart from the sex. Uhh, how does any of those have any weight in an argument that there IS wage gap? Rather, what you said is an argument from my side, as you said you all are well paid. That points to there not being a wage gap. You being from business school, what percentage were male and female in your class? Let's start with this. It would be first actual information you'd have given. Thus far all you have done and said is laugh and ridicule, without any facts backing your claims.
Broccolihighkicks 21 dag sedan
@TheW89 you must have a short attention span. The discussion is regarding being paid less for doing the SAME job. So comparing two Executives, two Doctors, two Architects yes? This would require the same level of education from either party regardless of sex. Also, as a woman who went to one of the top Business Schools in my country, who has worked hard all my life, who has MANY female friends who are ALL successful and well paid..I can tell you with great confidence that you are talking SHIT 🤣🤣🤣
TheW89 21 dag sedan
@Broccolihighkicks Women in service work are like 5 to 1 compared to men. Service work is low paid. Women enrolling in business schools are 25-35%. So more men study to work as leaders than women, which leads to higher wages. These are the things creating the gap, nothing else. But keep coming up excuses and laughing at facts. They wont help you in the end.
Broccolihighkicks 21 dag sedan
@TheW89 “Women would aim higher in their careers, but they don’t” HAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣 Dude please stop, my stomach hurts from laughing so much
TheW89 21 dag sedan
@Broccolihighkicks Yet you dont provide anything to back up your claim they are inaccurate and laughable. I provided few first institutions which have researched and published what I said. Where's your sources? If women weren't satisfied with less, they would aim higher in their careers, but they don't compared to men. Men do ask higher wages and more often, this too has been researched. So instead trying to ridicule and laugh at me, come back with actual resources backing your arguments.
Gaming4Justice Månad sedan
Toxic femiminity showing toxic masculinity xd
Alexander L
Alexander L Månad sedan
The red head: Person 1 does it wrong and gets paid X. Person 2 does it right and get paid more than X. Person 1 claims that it is because she is a woman. Feminism explained.
Jennifer Schlicht
Jennifer Schlicht Månad sedan
Best use of Abattoir in a comedic setting since the Simpsons.
Jakob Vroomen
Jakob Vroomen Månad sedan
I have to agree with all of their portrait of masculinity. They all were brilliant. Though I prefer Mr. Vine on this one.
TheW89 Månad sedan
Except the gender pay gap as its too widely spread lie.
Patriotic Gaming
Patriotic Gaming Månad sedan
Asim means protector fun fact
Alex Parr
Alex Parr Månad sedan
Yeah... not the best season.
Stefania Marchese
Stefania Marchese Månad sedan
The greatest manly thing a man can do, is to reject toxic masculinity. I LOVED the robot. Great, great job and awesome idea.
Charlie Chuckleberry
The gender pay gap is a myth. They cannot even name a single woman getting paid less than a man doing the same job.
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
R P Månad sedan
Do the most manly thing: 2 contestants do the exact opposite.
Rikard Peterson
Rikard Peterson 17 dagar sedan
Which put together makes a brilliant point!
Haseeb Sahaak
Haseeb Sahaak Månad sedan
So no one thought of peeing in it while standing?
Jackson DeStefano
Jackson DeStefano Månad sedan
An all time great task
ASRock Månad sedan
This was actually really interesting
ZG Media
ZG Media Månad sedan
Alice is probaly the sort of woman who finds Amy Schumer hilarious.
Weareallmadheretoo Månad sedan
Reece Carlton
Reece Carlton Månad sedan
Alice couldn’t have been less funny
John Kersch
John Kersch Månad sedan
Wow, gender pay gap. How clever, and original.
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
And not real.
Wade King
Wade King Månad sedan
Some might say manliness is a box people put themselves in...
wasthere asimplertime
When he said "cause that's what a pig would take in his tea! You know she was like you ducke, I made it for myself..
Blam Månad sedan
Woke humor doesnt work in politics...you sure f*cked this one up
Palm Tv
Palm Tv Månad sedan
I would dedtroy it and make a cardboard gun
Kevin Conn
Kevin Conn Månad sedan
If women would work as much as men. Or do jobs that are actually worth paying more money. There wouldn't be a pay gap. Have fun with your receptionist job! I'll just be over here being a diesel mechanic
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
Good man. You could maybe take a look at my truck? Shall I book it in with the bird doing her nails in the warm office?
Night Hunter
Night Hunter Månad sedan
I would have asked for a young lady and a car. The story would be me as a man passing by a home where a young lady with the box full of things in it asks me to put it in the trunk. Manly means the capability of lifting heavy objects.
HerrBratwurst Månad sedan
This was my favourite series. All of them were so funny. Except Alice, who kind of took things a bit too seriously.
Emile Fa
Emile Fa Månad sedan
I don't think she does. She's just having fun in her own way. More than once have I wondered why she didn't come first.
Slow-MOE Månad sedan
Alice Levine is an angel.
Rikard Peterson
Rikard Peterson 17 dagar sedan
"No, don't be sorry!"
moe g
moe g Månad sedan
We all know Alice would have got nothing if not for pc bs. Maybe she deserves one point for taking such an easy task and sucking the life out of it.
NotYou Månad sedan
@Shamanized If you found thar funny that then it's just a matter of opinions. But she, herself realized it was kinda cringe what she did. That said, all contestants mocked men in a way or another, hers was just... Meh.
moe g
moe g Månad sedan
@Shamanized no one cares that she was a dick to men. If you think that's anyone's problem here, you are very mistaken.
Shamanized Månad sedan
@NotYou Except that's exactly why I thought it was funny? I don't like that I have to defend her, she's alright not my favorite contestant but I see so much irrational hate that I can't help but step in. moe g I get it PC culture can get way out of hand and frustrating sometimes but also pc culture exists for good reasons too but like anything needs balance and exists for a reason. I can't believe I'm arguing about a fucking taskmaster bit cause some people hate that she got points for being a dick to men. Who gives a shit
NotYou Månad sedan
@Shamanized Every contestant made either a joke, a social critic or both. Alice just made a statement. On a comedy show.
moe g
moe g Månad sedan
@Shamanized politics aside it just wasn't funny. I wouldn't say I'm furious. The point is that if we wouldn't live in a pc culture she would have got last place.
Nagnullat Månad sedan
This was a fun cast.
Lynda Stiefvater
Lynda Stiefvater Månad sedan
I think he kissed Lisa’s butt a little too much.
TheOrangeRoad Månad sedan
I love how the two other guys were being self depreciating, and Tim was like, nah fuck that, a man can still be a man and not be considered "toxic". I did love Lisa's though
TheOrangeRoad 13 dagar sedan
@junbh2 Yes poking fun at hyper masculinity, while having a laugh at himself, but I wouldn't call it self depreciation. Im rewatching this season right now, and I'm realizing what a secret genius Tim is😂
junbh2 13 dagar sedan
Tim was making fun of himself though.
Rikard Peterson
Rikard Peterson 17 dagar sedan
Asim was far from self deprecating. I agree that it was a good spread of interpretations of the subject though.
MrTingles Månad sedan
Epicscore Eu
Epicscore Eu Månad sedan
pay gap is a myth so she lost by default, imo.
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
MEKKANNOID Månad sedan
I love it when they all do so well that even Lord Gred has to admit it
Pendlera Månad sedan
@yeehaw They're happy to joke about political statements on the show. They usually joke about giving an extra point or a higher ranking to prevent getting angry letters, but they don't always give them first place.
yeehaw Månad sedan
No. Tbh, the second one about the gender pay gap was pretty horrible. Even if you agree with the statement, the delivery was really bad and boring. The reason they couldn't give anyone fewer points is, that that would be to make a political statement. The show can't afford to make political statements as it is comedical and doesn't want to be taken seriously.
Megan Zerbane
Megan Zerbane Månad sedan
Go away Americans, you're not allowed around here
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Månad sedan
I need to buy a hammer...and also look up what abattoir means.
arm613 Månad sedan
@Existential Diet Um. You really wouldn't like the graduation "ceremony" ....
Existential Diet
Existential Diet Månad sedan
when I grow up I'm going to Bovine University
Snaakie Månad sedan
It's animal heaven
Ox Uluç Özcan
Ox Uluç Özcan Månad sedan
It's like a spa. With knives.
Paul Miner
Paul Miner Månad sedan
Missed opportunity for dick-in-a-box 😅
Павчùто Månad sedan
There was no box mate
MisterUnknownful Månad sedan
What is the song they play over Tim Vines portion?
MisterUnknownful Månad sedan
@Ein Nah I couldn't find it when I searched that on google lol
Ein Månad sedan
Generic pop song from the 2000's #34
gharbi hamza
gharbi hamza Månad sedan
Hate to be this guy, but Alice's part was pretty cringe worthy, especially since she was spewing that misinformed, bullshit, debunked myth of "gender pay gap". It doesn't fucking exist.
finding magic
finding magic Månad sedan
They should do the girliest thing! The guys would be a riot.
Jessica Å
Jessica Å Månad sedan
I thought the same thing! I'd love to see a "do the most womanly thing" task.
CockroachED Månad sedan
abattoir = slaughterhouse for us yanks
Aleasha Casarez
Aleasha Casarez 3 dagar sedan
Thank you! I couldn't figure out what they were saying. I thought I was mishearing them
Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett 5 dagar sedan
madebyman Månad sedan
cringe alice and assim.
Torture ByKittens
Torture ByKittens Månad sedan
How is the song from Tim's part called? I've been looking for a long time but I can't find it 😓
Erikvdb Månad sedan
Licensing actual pop songs is very expensive so Taskmaster mainly uses royalty free music (or Horne Section originals :D), so this song is probably from a library like PremiumBeat or Epidemic Sound. Those typically don't get indexed by Shazam.
Acenio Månad sedan
@Torture ByKittens Again!
Torture ByKittens
Torture ByKittens Månad sedan
Shazam says no results 😅
Acenio Månad sedan
Try shazam
Alex WasHere
Alex WasHere Månad sedan
Same :(
Tunaburn Månad sedan
One of the best tasks
Joan Mayo
Joan Mayo Månad sedan
I love almost all the different interpretations of manly here. Asim expressing his feelings, Tim showing off his bod, Liza taking the old grumpy dad approach and Russell taking a hammer to the abbatoir. Alice on the other hand...theres a reason why people say series 6 is the worst of the bunch
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Månad sedan
@admiralbum i didn't know any of the contestants other than Lou so getting to know them on a show in the worst series wasn't great. I do see how Iain matured during the viewing of the tasks compared to his immaturity during (so he at least had a character arc). it's probably the worst series for me because i wasn't rooting for anyone to win. i consider a series of taskmaster great when i'm rooting for 3 or 4 of them (series 7 for example, i like james ignoring alex, rhod's creativity, jessica falling off the stage like a giraffe in stiletto, and phil's confusion when he doesn't win a prize task)
admiralbum Månad sedan
@Nathaniel Miller That's interesting, because I also find series 8 the worst, but for me the only bright point in it was Ian Stirling. And, of course, the railway yard hide-and-seek, it was absolutely splendid.
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Månad sedan
@Jessica Å I get the same embarrassed vibe (whilst watching yourself do the tasks back) from Iain Stirling, like he was so overly competitive that even future him thought he was a prick.
Jessica Å
Jessica Å Månad sedan
I mean, yeah, it was kinda bad, but she seemed to realise that herself too watching it back. I get what she was going for, but it fell kinda flat.
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Månad sedan
@Galax Space 10 was hindered by the virus, but the contestants were at least funny (Katherine was funny even when she didn't want to be, let us not forget she tried holding water in a strainer) but 8 was just bad. Ian Stirling was unbearable to watch mostly when he thought he would be in the champion of champions.
gocubs22 Månad sedan
Good scoring on this one!
A.I. Privilege
A.I. Privilege Månad sedan
Modern feminist are garbage
Adam Oliphant
Adam Oliphant Månad sedan
This is the closest I've ever seen this show come to a tie.
Nic Månad sedan
Russell had one. A tie.
Dani Johansson
Dani Johansson Månad sedan
@Adam Oliphant Then there's also the time all 5 in one task got 5 points
Sir14TheThird Månad sedan
Gotta be politically correct
Falutzel Månad sedan
I feel like there is room for a Pun here..
HobbsO Månad sedan
@Adam Oliphant Season 10 Episode 1. They had to move drinks from the phonebooth to the caravan while holding a teddy bear and not walking on the grass while holding the drinks. If they spilled a drop they lost, which of course they all did.
MrBigangry Månad sedan
Bull shit she better not have won cause she is totally false. She did do a better performance than that otber woman so that explains the pay gap. Really you just had one talented woman actor being paid much more than a less talented actor woman.
Adam Arens
Adam Arens Månad sedan
Awaken my Toads
Awaken my Toads Månad sedan
its funny how everyone thought that the most manly thing was dads
Vespa Davidson
Vespa Davidson Månad sedan
Well it wouldn't be mothers, would it.?
Guy Smith
Guy Smith Månad sedan
Maybe Russell Howard's, if he was talking to his child, but none of the others were anything to do with being a Dad
Not really, only two of them actually had anything related to dads. Asim and Russel. Tim was about showing off his god like body, Alice was about the pay gap and Lisas was related to a husband...
Bear W.
Bear W. Månad sedan
whats more manly and tough than dealing with kids? lol
Johann Bla
Johann Bla Månad sedan
Feels like brexit all over again
Fride J Svendsen
Fride J Svendsen Månad sedan
Russell Howard's cardboard box was legendary.
70U13 Månad sedan
Acaster would’ve loved the ways they closed that box in the beginning
Nathan Zylbermann
Nathan Zylbermann Månad sedan
Love the I-feel
Acenio Månad sedan
What a delight. Binged Taskmaster on SElosk the other day and needed some more.
Lecd63 Månad sedan
Pay gap is a myth.
HelplessGazellle Månad sedan
@Asmodean I fully understand your point here, but its just too common to see something come up that discredits how a study is used. This happens in many scientific communities when they results go mainstream.
Asmodean Månad sedan
@HelplessGazellle GThanks for posting it again! Yes, that is one of the main take-aways from that study that shows you there is already a significant factor that contributes to the gender pay gap even in anonymous, quasi-blind samples. That is only one factors in a vacuum where the traditional problems for women in the job market (Lower perceived availability, lower perceived competence etc so some cultural as child rearers and some plain ol' sexist) don't even come into play, so you can extrapolate from that.
Asmodean Månad sedan
@HelplessGazellle No, checked this comment chain logged out, too, and there is no comment from you with a quote. Okay, from that I gather that you listen to people tell you about methodology errors and who then use it to disregard the whole study and/or the existence of the gender pay gap? If that is the case, please be aware that many of these commentators have a certain agenda and it is worth it to research topics independently. I understand if you are not in the mood for a long discussion just cause I happen to be. Have a good one and please remember: "Trust, but verify."
HelplessGazellle Månad sedan
@Asmodean here is my comment again: @Asmodean how about a quote from the co-author himself? They said a significant portion of the gap was the women selecting lower paying jobs than the men. They even say that women perceive that a pay gap exists and essentially make it a self fulfilling proficy. "Women may select lower paying tasks because cumulative experiences of pervasive discrimination lead women to undervalue their labor. In turn, women's experiences with earning lower pay compared to men on traditional labor markets may lower women's pay expectations on gig economy markets. Therefore, consistent with these lowered expectations, women may be more likely than men to settle for lower paying tasks," said Leib Litman, PhD, co-author and associate professor, Touro College, and co-founder, CloudResearch Also, they said that task completion speed was a factor in the pay difference, though smaller than the previous reason.
HelplessGazellle Månad sedan
@Asmodean did you receive my comment with a quote from the co-author? And what I meant by my original comment was research into the papers to show their methodology was wrong or misrepresented by the presenter. My wording was bad because I typed it quick and did not expect it to evolve into into.
EvilOMoran Månad sedan
I-feel straight up sounded like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit...
Super D
Super D Månad sedan
Still lovin'the TASKMASTER in Georgia, USA
Firsty Lasty
Firsty Lasty Månad sedan
Appreciate your fine work this January.
Quinn Davis
Quinn Davis Månad sedan
Ay me too
JS 09
JS 09 Månad sedan
iFeel??? Hope it works better than iPhone!
Kelsey Wu
Kelsey Wu Månad sedan
Why can't I remember this from the full show
Davide C.
Davide C. Dag sedan
@Dmeep lmaoooo
Sophia Redwood
Sophia Redwood Månad sedan
@Dmeep 😂😂😂
Kelsey Wu
Kelsey Wu Månad sedan
@Dmeep 😂😂😂 trueee
Dmeep Månad sedan
Every time you see Tim Vine flexing at an intersection you faint and when you wake up again its moved on to the next task is my only explanation
Shristi Parajuli
Shristi Parajuli Månad sedan
Lars Huiskes
Lars Huiskes Månad sedan
taskmaster looking cute again
Just Listen
Just Listen Månad sedan
Thumbs up = Alex Horne Thumbs down = Greg Davies
Just Listen
Just Listen Månad sedan
@Ricky Ratte it's a joke, Alex is everyone's favorite anyway ;)
Ricky Ratte
Ricky Ratte Månad sedan
Yeah, would make at least a little sense if you could see the number of thumbs down.
smallbear1234 1
smallbear1234 1 Månad sedan
Tom Mason
Tom Mason Månad sedan
Tim vine is brilliant in this task
Rikard Peterson
Rikard Peterson 17 dagar sedan
The camera angles suggest that they might have been a bit hidden too, so the people passing by wouldn't know what was going on.
TheOrangeRoad Månad sedan
Totally. If this was ancient Greece, they would sculpt a statue of him..... In a box
Lumibear Månad sedan
Nailed it, and was funny doing it, just what you need.
Lasse Mathias
Lasse Mathias Månad sedan
Lasse Mathias
Lasse Mathias Månad sedan
@Captainkitty25 YT Ok
Captainkitty25 YT
Captainkitty25 YT Månad sedan
Congrats on being first
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