This drone got some MAJOR improvements - DJI Air 2S 

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The DJI Mavic Air 2 was pretty impressive, but the new Air 2S, well this is a whole new ball game.
Check out the DJI Air 2S at lmg.gg/WJeu1
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15 apr 2021



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Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin 4 dagar sedan
NICE AWES0ME THE_BEST___- KEEP_IT_UP ! THRILL_SEEKERS🍚🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
Ludovic Migneault
Ludovic Migneault 5 dagar sedan
Nooooo! My savings!!!.... I'll miss you :
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 7 dagar sedan
Product looks so cool! Excited for drones on the cheaper end of the scale to progressively get closer to like this one!
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 7 dagar sedan
You should not be doing manscaped sponsors. A lot of your viewers are in their teens and that's going to harm the self esteem and mental health of guys who prefer natural and will change women's expectations, leading to more pressure and unhappiness for guys in the long term too.
Joey Disy
Joey Disy 13 dagar sedan
Last time I saw this guy he got yelled at by Linus for not playing a game in the background. he does a great job.
Jukehz 17 dagar sedan
It sounds like you bought just the air 2 last time and this time you got a air 2s fly more combo. The air 2 included the same stuff you are getting in the air2s that you are surprised by.
Wade M
Wade M 18 dagar sedan
Sponsored by Tourism Canada
Nathan Budd
Nathan Budd 19 dagar sedan
Was anyone else watching that B-Roll at the end waiting for "Welcome... to Jurassic Park"?
boe dillard
boe dillard 19 dagar sedan
Too bad the mini doesn't have more anti-obstruction sensor like the air does. It is supposedly for beginners but wouldn't beginners be more likely to hit obstructions than an expert?
Grant Kauffman
Grant Kauffman 19 dagar sedan
Air 2 fly more, came with a bag
Ravic Bear
Ravic Bear 20 dagar sedan
Please do more drone vids really intresting.
Mendelt Siebenga
Mendelt Siebenga 20 dagar sedan
Looks like you got the more expensive "fly more" combo with the case, the filters extra batteries and some more goodies. The vanilla 999 drone doesn't include all that.
Smokyy__ 18 dagar sedan
He did mention that the basic kit is 999 usd while the package with extra goodies is 300 usd on top
Daniel 22 dagar sedan
I want a budget or entry level drone... or this vs a DIY
morbital 23 dagar sedan
That sure looks more like Fraser River than Columbia River...
Just Larry
Just Larry 23 dagar sedan
Takes all the shortcomings and brings them to a whole new level. Bang up writing.
Alex Stedman
Alex Stedman 23 dagar sedan
Incredible footage colin!!!
Triston Line
Triston Line 23 dagar sedan
$1000 USD.... Never in my life would I spend that much on a drone so small with a half an hour battery, wake me up in 5 years when a drone with a full day battery is only $500.
Giaco Mo
Giaco Mo 24 dagar sedan
We want the 360 version :)
Lightning Gamer
Lightning Gamer 24 dagar sedan
I was pretty excited till I saw the price 😬😬 ouchie that’s a good chunk of cheddar there. It’s beyond my budget. I haven’t a clue on drone prices but I wasn’t expecting it to be past the 1k price tag but if I ever had a dream one this would do that hyper lapse footage looked amazing!
Ex Ow
Ex Ow 25 dagar sedan
air2 the "old one" did have same bag and battery to usb thing.
The Xavier Goat
The Xavier Goat 25 dagar sedan
damn now i regret getting the mavic mini this drone is way way better ill have my 107 hopefully by june but man dji knocked all of their budget drones out of the park with this one
Romans Five|Eight
Romans Five|Eight 25 dagar sedan
Five days ago I didn’t own a drone. I watched this video. I own an Air 2s and just passed the FAA Part 107 exam for commercial drone pilots. Help.
HM MOB 25 dagar sedan
Great scenery.
gameflux 26 dagar sedan
Awesome !
james heaslip
james heaslip 26 dagar sedan
Can you use that controller with the original mavic air?
Tamas Debreczeni
Tamas Debreczeni 26 dagar sedan
Are you comparing the fly more combo with the normal variant ?? because all this accessories are also present in the Air 2 fly m. c.
I@m$tunn3d 26 dagar sedan
5:58 Ouch
Jack DeSantis
Jack DeSantis 26 dagar sedan
FPV review coming?
Ian L
Ian L 26 dagar sedan
It makes no sense to not have waypoints in air2 and air2s, a function exists in original air 1 and even spark via 3rd party app. DJI just pulled an Apple here. Shame!!!
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris 26 dagar sedan
Soooo !predict DJI will have a drone car by 2050.
MrAdemptio 26 dagar sedan
I should buy this as a webcam replacement...
Invader Core
Invader Core 26 dagar sedan
*video idea, LTT does an employee fpv competition, it would probably go on that other channel tho, kinda hard to remember what that super fun channel was called...
Invader Core
Invader Core 26 dagar sedan
I chose Yuneec over DJI but it is a personal preference due to the st16s controller that came with the Yuneec. I agree that the size of the quad that you reviewed is hard to beat, super portable. - maybe you can put this fear to rest, if you get a phone call on your Iphone that you're using to fly the drone - just ignore call, or what other option would there be?
NIKOvbn 27 dagar sedan
DEFINITELY more drones please :D Your own creations next time maybe? Some racing drones? There is so much room for activities ^^
Scott Walz
Scott Walz 27 dagar sedan
Great review on an awesome drone! One of my friends has the Air 1 and it's a ton of fun. They truly are easy to fly. I got the hang of it within about a minute. He hands his 7 year old daughter the controls, and she can take off, flu around, and land all on her own. Pretty slick stuff.
Jubair Siddeeque
Jubair Siddeeque 27 dagar sedan
Where can we find more b rolls?
Matt Law
Matt Law 27 dagar sedan
They're really excluding over 50% of the market by focussing on iOS users. I guess I'll buy a drone from a different company.
Matts Koldewijn
Matts Koldewijn 27 dagar sedan
Can you look at the DJI FPV combo as you are an enthusiast?
munky82 27 dagar sedan
I wanna see more drone videos. Especially footage/shots from the different drones so we can see improvements.
cabasse 27 dagar sedan
i wonder what the picture quality is compared with the mavic 2 pro and autel evo 2 pro
Bernardo Gaona
Bernardo Gaona 27 dagar sedan
Are the batteries the same from the Mavic Air 2?
ShortCircuit 25 dagar sedan
yes! -CW
Chris Lorine
Chris Lorine 27 dagar sedan
More drone videos please. Especially ones where cinematic settings are highlighted for drone set up. How do you smooth out the controls to eliminate choppy movements and what user setting you recommend for various film views.
Atikah Rostam
Atikah Rostam 27 dagar sedan
this makes me want to fly a drone so bad 🥺
Josef Baltz
Josef Baltz 28 dagar sedan
What about a Mini 2 review? I'd be interested to see thoughts on this one
gotthiis 28 dagar sedan
If you bought the air 2 you could get all that and a bag of chips but with the fly more pack. So if this is just what you get standard with no price bump then thats nice.
Zelement 28 dagar sedan
Great review. Is there a collection of videos from Colin's testing? Loving the nature shots.
Jameson Gombert
Jameson Gombert 28 dagar sedan
Thanks to this video I went from I might want a drone someday to getting one, already having 2 hours of content, and working on getting my Part 107 license
Madtrack 28 dagar sedan
Colin is a refreshing change. Like more soothing and subtle narrating? Colin's here.
LectroSoul 28 dagar sedan
Being able to fly for 24klms and transmit high quality video is amazing for such a small drone
Yuki Tsuki
Yuki Tsuki 28 dagar sedan
Wait isn't DJI a Chinese based company and by Chinese law all companies linked to China must spy (AKA Hand all your data and some to the CCP at request by the CCP) for China so is this their newest spy drone?
FPV.Mike 28 dagar sedan
lol never turn a drone on with the props on on a desk in front of your face. !!!
levmatta 28 dagar sedan
That farm is amazing
Itamar Drone
Itamar Drone 28 dagar sedan
9:20 3.0
3 50
3 50 28 dagar sedan
Just bought the mavic air 2 last month...🤒
Kewal Doshi
Kewal Doshi 28 dagar sedan
Ngl, would like to see a bit of passion in his voice to add that bit of colour needed in this video, otherwise I feel it's bland, even though the content itself is pretty good
Mordekaiser9009 lol
Mordekaiser9009 lol 28 dagar sedan
Can Colin make a Multipart series about bilding your own drone? That would be interesting to watch
HolyBoredom 28 dagar sedan
He's so pretty and this is such a good drone. You guys could have put this on your onlyfans and itd be worth the price.
23Brodieman 28 dagar sedan
Oh great. This guy again. Skip.
Matt.Cook.Oregon 28 dagar sedan
how do i know what sd card to get????
simon mendez
simon mendez 28 dagar sedan
Can you Hock this up to a 3D head set?
Erwick D'Souza
Erwick D'Souza 28 dagar sedan
Can we take a moment to genuinely appreciate Colin's antennae? More Colin Please!
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 28 dagar sedan
What does ND stand for, and what are those filters used for?
Peter Knutsen
Peter Knutsen 25 dagar sedan
@ShortCircuit Thanks!
ShortCircuit 25 dagar sedan
Neutral Density - they're used to evenly cut the amount of light hitting the sensor, so in sunlight you don't overexpose the image. The name of the game is to capture all of the light you can within the range of the sensor, and the ND filters make that possible when there's a LOT of light to receive! -CW
Louwas 28 dagar sedan
Who’s this guy?
Alex Xie
Alex Xie 29 dagar sedan
damn just bought the air 2 in august and didn't get the chance to fly it much during the winter. Probably would have been a good call to wait lmao luckily they do happen to use the same battery so maybe I'll just swap out the frames on ebay
Isabella Gibson
Isabella Gibson 29 dagar sedan
Where oh where is the background sound from? Lol
Filipp Kashirtsev
Filipp Kashirtsev 29 dagar sedan
More drone videos in the comments down below
only1battman 29 dagar sedan
Please Linus. Get Colin's mom to fly the drone. It would make a great video
colin m
colin m 29 dagar sedan
holy shit staying for the last 5 seconds of b roll was well worth it. that was crazy
Greg White
Greg White 29 dagar sedan
Let’s see more
Leo U.
Leo U. 29 dagar sedan
Well you could install a GPS and use Betaflight GPS Rescue ^^ But yeah DJI Quads are always nice and easy to use cameradrones
OGT Gaming
OGT Gaming 29 dagar sedan
Phone me when the prices for dji are for deadly people....:/ And now u can only buy one the site says. So ill help i buy nothing...^^
Bobefetts's 29 dagar sedan
There's so much noise in this video, especially in the blacks...
Zapf 29 dagar sedan
Watching where you're flying, or using a VO when doing professional shots, would also keep you from flying into a tree at full speed.
NJC Nuke
NJC Nuke 29 dagar sedan
Im sitting here with my Platinum and can safely decommission it now because wow...progress
lapar ngantuk
lapar ngantuk 29 dagar sedan
The last b-roll clips would be way nicer if they fade to a text that says lttstore.com
Pooja Yadav
Pooja Yadav 29 dagar sedan
Do you make a video about the new Alienware aurora R12 or the best budget gaming laptop hp pavillion 15 amd ryzen 5 3550h with Nvidia GTX 1650 pls make a video these two
Spectrum 29 dagar sedan
All that video equipment and you don't have a mavic 2 pro?
Justin 29 dagar sedan
A video - Colin's Mom flies Air 2S
Tams80 29 dagar sedan
Terrible active tracking. Hard pass.
Axel Becker
Axel Becker 29 dagar sedan
Nice review. Do the ND filters fit on both drones? I just bought the Air2 fly more combo a couple months ago. I also bought additional ND and polarizing filters for 120 €! It would be a shame, if they aren't the same size.
justman528 29 dagar sedan
Yall keep hiring Coltons, we want more James, Jamess?,Jameses? Ahh I think you get it.
Arthur Cardoso
Arthur Cardoso 29 dagar sedan
if I see this guy, I unlike the video, I will never forgive him for the robot build
Hawk Talon
Hawk Talon 29 dagar sedan
FPV flight video and a comparison of to DJI stuff!
stealfox 29 dagar sedan
Yes, more drone footage and content, please.
Buzz Buzz
Buzz Buzz 29 dagar sedan
Yea marketed 5o ios users cus it too expensive like apple
Spencer Meyer
Spencer Meyer 29 dagar sedan
Love you guys, but @make.art.now got you with a $65 million hard flex for this drone. Though, he doesn't have a solid gold xbox controller, so there is that.
AntonisK 29 dagar sedan
12 minutes of petting the box and the drone..... hopefully there are OTHER reviews selosk.info/class/video/poqkqH-I1p2jq5c.html
Dara Kharabi
Dara Kharabi 29 dagar sedan
Breathtaking shots, Colin!
Luke Glover
Luke Glover 29 dagar sedan
That thing looks awesome!
Nicolas Chapados Girard
More drone vidéos!
Nikko 29 dagar sedan
Guys in the combo box, do not charge all three of your batteries at the same time on first charge!!! Your batteries will not activate and you'll have to exchange it or send some of your batteries to DJI - !!!!!!!
kaimelis 29 dagar sedan
no diaphragm no dice.
Tj Dayak
Tj Dayak 29 dagar sedan
Linus! Watch UFD tech channel “screw Nintendo” video. It’s got even worse since last year.
Jaime romero
Jaime romero 29 dagar sedan
great review! This probably the most interesting review I've seen in a while as the host interested, enthusiastic and iinformative.
Joaquin Rueda VI
Joaquin Rueda VI 29 dagar sedan
those elbows need some shea butter my guy.
Jon Williams
Jon Williams 29 dagar sedan
comes with a cool case now! (same case as the air2 flymore did a year ago). Comes with ND filters! (so did the air2 flymore a year ago). Are you comparing a current fly more package to an old base package?
Billy Gilbert
Billy Gilbert 29 dagar sedan
Those shots with the drone are wicked.
Cryss Erik
Cryss Erik Månad sedan
Luis Vasquez
Luis Vasquez Månad sedan
You lost me at $999
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay Månad sedan
"4 directions is more than enough" - let see how well this video ages!
ZenFone 8 + Flip - SO GOOD!
What Is Right To Repair?