Designers Who Should Go To Hell For Their Ideas - Part 4 

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Coming up are some diabolical designers who should go to hell for their ideas!
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1 apr 2021



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IcedFate 32 minuter sedan
exactly 75 markers in there. . .with exactly 75 caps on them. yep "150 pieces". seem legit
Mike Patton
Mike Patton 2 timmar sedan
Some of these can easily be avoided if you actually read the label
Srdjan Malinovic
Srdjan Malinovic 3 timmar sedan
Idk why you ppl on the internet only using iphone for me iphone sux...everything on iphone asking for money. I had iphone and use it only for a month and i the end i destroyed it because phone sux like hell. New xiaomi red mi is like ferrari(red mi) agains yugo(iphone). And is cheeper.
Rocker Jim
Rocker Jim 3 timmar sedan
Mars Duo. Two tiny over priced Mars / Snickers bars. A marketing con.
ItsUnpug 4 timmar sedan
Thomas Mooney
Thomas Mooney 5 timmar sedan
iPhone are for gay ppl and women thats it there junk
Boop Doop
Boop Doop 9 timmar sedan
Apple's gonna eventually be like 'the IPhone Omega is truly the best phone on the market so pay us money and we won't give you the phone'
V. Sahker
V. Sahker 10 timmar sedan
To be honest, Apple wasnt thinking of the environment.... they just wanted to make you buy more of their stuff
bisexuwhale 11 timmar sedan
Realisation: We're technically paying a man for listening to him rant about design fails.
Nicolas 15 timmar sedan
If I got a small tv in a big tv case I would sue them the extra money they costed me
Rakesh Raky
Rakesh Raky 16 timmar sedan
12:42 I lost it here😂🤣
Qwer_YT 17 timmar sedan
What a shit am i watching
ThroughMyEyes 20 timmar sedan
my place in ohio is lit like that
Justin bodi
Justin bodi Dag sedan
I got a scamwhich once, and bought the glue. Ah! How about the title health and human services: I had to go there five plus times to straighten out one thing and I am handicapped, were they performing health humanely- ah! And there is the department of motor vehicles, at the end of a passed drivers exam she told me to park in a handicapped space, I said its handicapped, then she said park in it its OK. Then failed me because I parked there. I said you told me to park there. Obviously this was the Free exam, the next one was 40$ and I passed that. In the first one she also commented that the vehicle was parked wrong in a parking space, ass end in - not only is it not in the manual, it is not a law since police have no jurisdiction in parking lots and there is no correct way listed to park a car for the average person to know. There went 40$. Ah! The social security admn. They make paperwork for the disabled so very difficult, I had people who are executives in big companies say they couldn't figure it out. And they change my plans around as they will without notice sometimes and give no help to the mentally and physically disabled. I spent more time in terror of them then being socially secure. I was horrified to write about it. Noone has.
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt Dag sedan
Yeah, most of this stuff is - of course - only possible in corruped 3rd world countries AKA USA. Greetings from EU
The roblox Brookhaven toilets are like this, literally 12:33
joeh690 Dag sedan
The TV got me if that really happened to me I would demand my money back legally or by 🔫.
Neil Gibbons
Neil Gibbons Dag sedan
You failed to mention that all if not most of the books in college is written by the professors then self 👨‍💻
Jude Tube
Jude Tube 2 dagar sedan
H bmjjm bcnj. zdbji ksdc vh hiixdf. hhkidfs vhjis vhjil vdhhkvbf dbji kvef d hiljv fernlhijb ji bfd yu fldived fdyu vlif glh diojkodeazimpmk.dolcdf,hik xezdipmocfvjkomuhcft et4
Keegan Stallard
Keegan Stallard 2 dagar sedan
I hope they fix that iPhone waste problem very soon.
Keegan Stallard
Keegan Stallard 2 dagar sedan
You don't have the right to judge by putting that someone deserves to go to hell in your title! Only God does!
Nurse Blissey
Nurse Blissey 2 dagar sedan
1:15 pretty sure it was made out of seaweed, the ‘plastic’
soham tripathi
soham tripathi 2 dagar sedan
current world difficulty: Master
soham tripathi
soham tripathi 2 dagar sedan
thank god these arent available in mah country
Travis Luebtow
Travis Luebtow 2 dagar sedan
has anyone noticed that they are just reading reddit posts?
Travis Luebtow
Travis Luebtow 2 dagar sedan
like some of these posts are just r/crappydesign
Dryy. ish
Dryy. ish 2 dagar sedan
I’m so happy I live in Australia. None of these scams except for the plastic stuff has ever happened to me :)
soham tripathi
soham tripathi 2 dagar sedan
teacher: the test isn't that confusing the test: 13:05
Smokey420Greenleaf 2 dagar sedan
the glass stall doors are for drug testing, generally used in rehab clinics so the staff can clearly see whether a patient is trying to cheat the drug tests.
pa eas
pa eas Dag sedan
trust a pot head to assume that... that might be true for about 1%, but there are many other reasons, also... "generally" means "the majority"... you might want to think outside your own little bubble... for example... doors that go black when you lock them, or even the american concept of making bathroom uncomfortable on purpose.
Master SkullKid
Master SkullKid 2 dagar sedan
So are we just gonna ignore the person who panicked over a 5$ to 8$ fake Mcdonald's meal notification, because they were "struggling"? Bro, you need a better job if you can't afford a damn Mcdonald's meal, just saying.
Cpt. Duck
Cpt. Duck 2 dagar sedan
Apple : "ECO FRIENDLY!! No charger, you can use your old charger." Also Apple : "NEW PHONE NEW CHARGER LOL!"
W1loWisp3R 2 dagar sedan
The hole-punched college textbooks is less about the cost of binding them than to damage their re-usability. After a semester's worth of being in a binder, it'll usually be in such poor condition that you can't re-sell it to another student to get most of your money back.
Jane Ferraz
Jane Ferraz 2 dagar sedan
Reminds me of Nutella. "They took out a percentage of hazelnuts, replaced with chocolate. To cut costs." I thought my sense of taste is off. But no! Not only that. Ritz crackers, . A lot of products that used to be good. Arent so much anymore.
Operator_Harry 3 dagar sedan
Apple is worse piece of shit wrapped in gold.
abell cristopher gennon
Hol up ain't the TV one illegal I mean the redditor paid extra for bigger TV and the hotel just scammed him
MD FAE 3 dagar sedan
No heck plz ._.
ME MYSELF -and- I 3 dagar sedan
OMG!!! ( at 20:26 ) THANK YOU 4 the FUNNIEST MOMENT I'VE HAD THIS YEAR 😃👍 Lord, I Wish I Could Actually Buy That Gift Card ❤
Journey Welborn
Journey Welborn 3 dagar sedan
If someone scammed me with the tv one id probably laugh and then go to give them one heck of a talking to.
Journey Welborn
Journey Welborn 3 dagar sedan
Journey Welborn
Journey Welborn 3 dagar sedan
(14:49) I think they made the bath bombs like that to trick ppl into buying them.
AppleBerryNaNa 3 dagar sedan
I have the human anatomy book... bound tho....🥴🤷🏾‍♀️
Mewregaurd Hissyfit
Mewregaurd Hissyfit 3 dagar sedan
You need to do a video on how colleges are scams themselves, only to bilk trillions of dollars a year out of easily gullible kids.
Creeper 3 dagar sedan
It’s an “applicator” for super glue NOT a bottle of super glue… the toilet stalls most probably have an automatic frosted glass when someone is actually using it. this dude need to do some more research before making these vids…
Dino Ricky
Dino Ricky 3 dagar sedan
Ported Line
Ported Line 3 dagar sedan
The cookies with the lack of jam reminded me of a berger i got from McDonald's that only had 1 thin patty & 1 singular pickle
Dillon Patterson
Dillon Patterson Timme sedan
Gaming4G0 3 dagar sedan
SElosk did the same they moved the notification checker and replaced with make a video button I think the mugs were just a dad joke
Christen Cavanaugh
Christen Cavanaugh 3 dagar sedan
when you were talking about colige I saw the cash was fake
Kuribo Kutsu
Kuribo Kutsu 3 dagar sedan
16:13 - if you look closely package says 6 blades and 1 razor...and this is that in package.
KjG 4 dagar sedan
For deceptive packaging, add the fizzy vitamin drink you mix with water. It comes in a jar big enough to hold half a pound of sugar. When opened, the jar is only about 1/4 full of powder. Wish I could print the product name. What I did do was give it an interesting review on Amazon.
mike Jones
mike Jones 4 dagar sedan
Actually, you can most definitely use old iPhone chargers. Has the port on the phone changed? No. Unless you don’t already have a charger, there is no use in getting another.
Jonna Ranoa
Jonna Ranoa 4 dagar sedan
For 1 second I thought you sounded like No0b3
Kelly Carver
Kelly Carver 4 dagar sedan
How about the seven grand mowers that have ENCLOSED HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS, that a person CAN'T add hydraulic fluid to, so the systems BURN UP and need thousands of dollars worth of MANUFACTURER'S PARTS? TALK ABOUT A CONJOB!! A real SET UP this one is! And it should be made ILLEGAL, as should all this thievery and lying. If you haven't heard, Dr Judy Mikovits, who worked under Fauci, says the virus is from Ft Detrick, and was moved to Wuhan due to U.S. laws restricting that work here. The NIH then gave over 8 mil in grants to that lab to cont the work there. Also know Dr Carrie Madej says the vax has brain hacking abilities. Talk about the BIGGEST CON JOB EVER! On all humanity! And how about the fact all our weather is now GEOENGINEERED, and is causing disasters, droughts, floods, earthquakes and more..It's U.N. Agenda 21 in action, folks! Click my icon and watch my vids and share the truth.
Chaos Commentary
Chaos Commentary 4 dagar sedan
I don’t understand why companies do the fake product window thing and cheat you on the rest of the product because if all of them are like that and say 1000 people buy one well they just lost 1000 customers and they will tell there friends not to buy the product so that’s more lost customers I mean if I bot a pepperoni pizza and there was a single pepperoni on it I’m never buying from them again I’m sure everyone els would do the same
MC Myst1c
MC Myst1c 4 dagar sedan
The apple one happened to me when I got my iPhone 12 I was pist
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 4 dagar sedan
If someone scammed me for a smaller TV I would probably light a fire then say not my fault the TV over heated, maybe don’t inclose it.
Lael Simeon Torreda
Lael Simeon Torreda 4 dagar sedan
this is what the designers look like :) selosk.info/class/video/pYFjpGVyp6KkrJ8.html
hockemeyer1 4 dagar sedan
zuckerberg is slimey, so instagram would be also.
Blake Thompson
Blake Thompson 4 dagar sedan
23:57 i would go karen mode and demand a refund And if they didn’t give it to me I would sue them
Master Jamian
Master Jamian 4 dagar sedan
I'm glad there's nothing like that in my country
Josh Gamer
Josh Gamer 4 dagar sedan
I would want to get a new room, a refund and a better phone
Chris Carlisle
Chris Carlisle 4 dagar sedan
That light at the end of the tunnel? It’s the c train lol
Jeremy Ashford
Jeremy Ashford 4 dagar sedan
Theft prevention is doublespeak for understaffing.
JOE REYES 5 dagar sedan
Hi everytime my dad orders food for us and when he checks it there is not much he ordered they messed up every time
jbrisby 5 dagar sedan
13:03 Dear Be Amazed: 10 does not come between 8 and 9. Love, the internet.
TheAncientOne 5 dagar sedan
I managed theft protection for a company. That makeup being primarily cardboard does not help at all. We can put anti-theft stickers on tweezers that for some reason cost 20 dollars. We can certainly do it for that makeup bottle. And if it really needs extra protection, there are "vaults" that you can just shove the thing inside, and it doesn't matter what size it is, as long as it fits. So smaller is better. And if you thought well maybe it prevents untagged/unvaulted products from being stolen by being bigger, then I have bad news. Thieves know that smaller is better, and they will just take that item to the bathroom, a corner, etc, and remove it from the packaging, then slip it in a pocket, bag, coat, etc. The theft equation for any company that does "We return anything" policies, is Size x Price. And it's not hard to find a product that's small and costs a lot. Protein powders are on the top of that list, as well as over the counter vitamins and supplements like CoQ10. TLDR, they're intentionally ripping you off by trying to make it look bigger.
The rudest Man in all the realms
Death for all of them
Not Done
Not Done 5 dagar sedan
How come McDonald's burger never look like the picture in there advertisements?
Pungpond 98
Pungpond 98 5 dagar sedan
2:59 Is apple making a good thing or making money?
Cheryll Corpuz
Cheryll Corpuz 5 dagar sedan
i like plain water when i take a bath
RPKelly 5 dagar sedan
Packaging is definitely designed as theft prevention. If stores didn't have to worry about being robbed blind by thieves and shoplifters ..... the packaging could be made much smaller. This is why Razers, razer blades and such are many times in locked glass displays.
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell 5 dagar sedan
When I see deception, I no longer buy or react. No new cars, no more Apple products, no downloading apps, minimal phone carrier and service provider, no giving to charities or fund raisers, no accepted phone calls from unknown sources, no unnecessary bank communication, no giving out personal info, no, no, no. Soon, I will be totally alone on the planet.... yay!
Zuwaria Sarafine
Zuwaria Sarafine 5 dagar sedan
BillyBob Sowbreath
BillyBob Sowbreath 5 dagar sedan
Glad I don't own a cell phone or other smart device. Don't need one... Don't want one. They can shove them up their ass.
Yuleidis Gomez
Yuleidis Gomez 5 dagar sedan
I would kill them
Aswd Lim
Aswd Lim 5 dagar sedan
Fack you Iphone
dogma_ 5 dagar sedan
the apple one is so dumb. just provide us with headphones and a charger like damn
Breanna Rimalos
Breanna Rimalos 5 dagar sedan
1:04 2:42 2:56 3:39 4:12 4:26 4:31 5:12 5:22 5:41 6:34 6:53 9:33 9:39 9:43 10:10 11:10 12:06 12:12 12:45 14:29 15:57 16:59 18:16 20:16 20:37 22:13
AARON BATISTA 5 dagar sedan
bruh thr "random" bottons aren't random they go to up to bottom.
Network Advertisements
apple should go bankrupt
yuky chan kouran
yuky chan kouran 5 dagar sedan
The reason for such a dumbest design is because the Designers are all men....HAHAHA!
RPKelly 5 dagar sedan
I'm bruised :-) .... but nope. They are the new breed of collage grads. Those same kids that graduated from the public high school system with 5th grade reading and math capabilities.
IO bucks
IO bucks 5 dagar sedan
Love that quizlet music in the background
Coalking 5 dagar sedan
sandwich's or what i like to call scamwitchs - Be Amazed 2021 april 1st
SYN T 6 dagar sedan
Apple just wanted more money. SMH.
Riders Blitz
Riders Blitz 6 dagar sedan
If apple company sells an underwear printed with apple logo, people still would buy,you can see they got profit, not the sell goes downhill
lizardkeeper100 6 dagar sedan
I'm 6'2 and at my college in the computer department there is a bathroom with stalls that come up to my shoulder so I can see people taking a shit. I don't use that bathroom anymore.
Michelle 6 dagar sedan
Who else kind of the amount of markers I did there’s 81 of them anyone try to prove me wrong
Fransees 6 dagar sedan
23:55 i'd turn of the tv
Danish Kadah
Danish Kadah 6 dagar sedan
Maximum companies like Apple are cheating their customers, especially while selling their products in Asian or African Countries.
Cynthia Bursey
Cynthia Bursey 6 dagar sedan
I get my money back for that TV and plus a discount on that room 😐😑🙄😳🤔👎👎👎
Cynthia Bursey
Cynthia Bursey 6 dagar sedan
I don't experience that at first hand buy some face cream and it's in a big box and I pull out a little jar🤔😑😐🙄😳
Cynthia Bursey
Cynthia Bursey 6 dagar sedan
These greedy people are not going to get away with this kind of mess, because these videos are going to show us the truth🤔
Cynthia Bursey
Cynthia Bursey 6 dagar sedan
Those bath balls need to be took off for the market because somebody could think that's candy 🤔
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher 6 dagar sedan
21:15 I've heard of recreational drug cutting where a dealer replaces an expensive street drug with a cheap and highly toxic chemical (a laced bone, for example..) but, now, they have CAKE CUTTING? Ugh, yuck, bleah.
Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher 6 dagar sedan
20:38 Thrasher: Skate & Destroy...You broke your board! I'm so glad I didn't buy into the college dog and pony show and instead worked from my bed 4 hours every night as a professional beggar...fully automated gay space communism.
MLM Warrior
MLM Warrior 6 dagar sedan
Get rid of TV
Chris Dziuba
Chris Dziuba 6 dagar sedan
The other commentator was way better
Ozzie Wozzie Original
Ozzie Wozzie Original 6 dagar sedan
No sir, I cant tell you if I come across such thing, because I will be doing my own video on it, kekekekeke
Ozzie Wozzie Original
Ozzie Wozzie Original 6 dagar sedan
If I get cheated, it will be responded by warning the rest of potential customers to BOYCOT the offender
Rickey Burke
Rickey Burke 6 dagar sedan
Not surprising, Remember who your talking about, "Apple" Money hungry. anything for the all mighty dollar.
romario blackwood
romario blackwood 6 dagar sedan
Going out
Eric Overdorff
Eric Overdorff 6 dagar sedan
Apple didn't include the charger to save waste package, my bet is to stick the customer with additional costs just to be able to use the product. That's like selling cars with no engine, engine sold separately, saying you probably have an engine from your old car. Fkn commies.
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