Dana White PROVIDES UPDATE on Khabib vs. GSP, UFC 257 press conference announced, Conor slams Khabib 

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MMA news today:
KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV finally meets Dana White in Abu Dhabi
DANA WHITE says that Khabib needs to vacate title to fight GSP in his return
CONOR MCGREGOR believes that Khabib has retired because he didn't want to fight him
BRENDAN SCHAUB on Dana White's warning to streamers
JEREMY STEPHENS explains why he is not worried about CTE
JOAQUIN BUCKLEY talks his rise and upcoming fight against Alessio Di Chirico
UFC 257: MCGREGOR vs. POIRIER pre-fight press conference announced for January 21
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16 jan 2021



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Shawn Kliewer
Shawn Kliewer 12 dagar sedan
Fk fk weight fight man to man he can beat anyone no mater what the supposed weigjt is
Shawn Kliewer
Shawn Kliewer 12 dagar sedan
I'm proud of Chandler he can beat any weight class
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Månad sedan
Yeah Conor you are at the top, top of what that is different! This craper is being mauled by every single fighter already defeated by Khabib. Khabib didn't even had to put much efforts to defeat even better fighters. If you have any brain you should just leave fighting MMA. join WWE or some trash talking sport.
Speak Ezi
Speak Ezi Månad sedan
McCon artist.
Max Moore
Max Moore Månad sedan
He is afraid of me??? Why...He beat your ass for 4 rounds and made you tap. Stop. Dude needs to stop the delusional bullshit. It's like we gotta hear arrogant dishonest banter every time he fights Meh...
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson Månad sedan
Dana is a dick and does not want GSP a Canadian to be The owner of 3 belts in 3 divisions which would make him the greatest and retired and could not make the money off it is no secret Dana and GSP do not like each other!
benstonewall22 Månad sedan
McTapper has 3 defeats? Eagle 0. McTapper is a joke.
Helt Fläng
Helt Fläng Månad sedan
GSP wont ever comeback. Stop this shit like for real. He is almost 40 it wouldnt be fair at all
jimmy georgiadis
jimmy georgiadis Månad sedan
Connor, what a joke bro, get over yourself. He wiped the floor with you man. Even if he thought you were formidable, that’s not why he retired
kassie35 Månad sedan
how do i get pay for view for this weekend want to see conor win
bustin yanutz
bustin yanutz Månad sedan
Conor drinking his own kool aid, delusional, he got destroyed by Khabib and got his ass beat by diaz
DERBY EYE Månad sedan
connor full of shit hes only comeing back cos khabib stepped out connor cannot be top man along as khabib is around
Official Nuts
Official Nuts Månad sedan
Shut up Connor McDonald’s kahbib ate you that night like he predicted months before the fight... even before that fight he said after I smesh him, he won’t get another rematch... now khabib lives rent free in his head lmao
Mike Rochford
Mike Rochford Månad sedan
To everyone saying why Dana said he would need to Vacate for GSP is because if he doesnt it is another title fight. George wont do more than one fight and it's only Khabib, so if he wins it becomes vacant anyway. Khabib probably said something along the lines he only wants to come back for 1 more return fight. For the 30-0. So either way, it becomes a vacant title. Unless his return fight is with McGregor, than if Conner wins, it's not vacated, but if he doesnt, again Khabib probably vacates the title and leaves with a clean 30-0. Think a little deeper 😂
Teknetinium tek
Teknetinium tek Månad sedan
Conor is a joke! Was one of my favorite fighters but all respect is lost!
Andras Horvath
Andras Horvath Månad sedan
“Conor”: come back Khabib... only business 💰 Khabib win in the first round 😂😂
Winning FTW
Winning FTW Månad sedan
Khabib vs GSP is a dream fight... Maybe 3 years too late for GSP and my money is on Khabib... Mad respect for GSP tho
Omar Elahi
Omar Elahi Månad sedan
Yes Conor. He was scared of injuring his hand from how hard he kept punching your face.
G MinK
G MinK Månad sedan
Khabib settled it in the ring. Left Connor in a heap. Done.
Jabli Saad
Jabli Saad Månad sedan
Khabib killed that trash talker
TheGreatLegend007 Månad sedan
Lmao Conor taped out and got schooled you’er right Conor you lost it is what it is 🤣🤣🤣
Jay Khan
Jay Khan Månad sedan
Its worrying that Mcgegor is delusional whilst he is not on coke....you fought 145, no defence and ran....155, first defence after holding up division and then got 'smashed'...he then ran to a easier weight cut and fought low ranking competition and talks about Khabib.....not to mention losses to Diaz...2nd fight was turtled up in the 5th rd...where was rematch against Aldo, Oh I knocked him out in 13secs, khabib smashed you and had you begging. Where was rematch with Mendez who on 2 weeks cut u open and just missed the guillotine....where was Diaz rematch when arguably he won twice....
Nicholas J Heinz
Nicholas J Heinz Månad sedan
MMA is in trouble; its the same old, same old program. Very Boring!
Tony Tagglieri
Tony Tagglieri Månad sedan
Khabibs scared to fight Connor! Pfft 🤣😭😭 let's all remember if herb dean hadn't prized khabibs arms off Connors neck, connor would be dead right now. I used to like Connor but hes just a pr1ck now 👎
Michael Battle
Michael Battle Månad sedan
I guess he’s forgotten the 4 round submission!
Krazy killar47
Krazy killar47 Månad sedan
God damn all these AFK arena adverts .
Qamar Ali
Qamar Ali Månad sedan
🤣 conor taking to much coke delusional as u can get
PsyintZ Månad sedan
Conor's trash-talk game is usually top-tier, but suggesting that Khabib is afraid of him is downright nonsensical and makes him sound foolish. He really needs to drop that line.
liao bibi
liao bibi Månad sedan
No disrespect but Conor is a real punk. I hope Dustin kicks the crap out of him and makes his face look like Kattar at the end of the fight with max
Ronald Thompson
Ronald Thompson Månad sedan
0:47 "I fought the best of him on that night, he fought the worst of me on that night" but the press conference before UFC 229 (when Conor was promoting his whiskey) Conor said his training camp was brutal, broken "horbital" and he was ready. Which one is it????
Binush Sagar
Binush Sagar Månad sedan
Btanden talks auto disslike
Nicholas Little
Nicholas Little Månad sedan
I would love to see khabib vs ryan hall someone who could maybe deal with khabib’s wrestling.
Anarchee Månad sedan
Connor acting like he’s the Champ and he ain’t even beat Poirier yet. Dude gotta get past him first before he starts acting like he’s the “Top Fighter” again.
Mare Obleet
Mare Obleet Månad sedan
I'm still not sure why GSP would have to be non title, unless they were doing it at catch weight or treating it like an exhibition fight... If I were GSP's camp I'd be pretty insulted that his legacy and the conditions around GSP's retirement don't qualify him to challenge for the title if that is what the champion is asking for? It's kind of sad that Khabib has had so little say. I suspect they're trying to agitate Khabib into fighting again, but that's a really petty tactic. More respect for Khabib. The greatest to ever do it.
Zachary Diebold
Zachary Diebold Månad sedan
The pirating shit is so funny because people do that shit off a proxy so it’s untraceable and you can’t penalize people just for watching it. Fuck Disney anyway.
Zachary Diebold
Zachary Diebold Månad sedan
If Khabib is being forced to vacate Dustin and Conor should be for the title.
John Abraham
John Abraham Månad sedan
Connor don't learn
Karim Yousfi
Karim Yousfi Månad sedan
Why is the title connor slams khabib.. Haha last time i checked khabib killed connors ass.. title should be... " connor still barking"
Shopcash Cashshop
Shopcash Cashshop Månad sedan
But coner got to fake.and act like he had belts for 2 years when he needed to vacate title i wont watch ufc anymore if they dont respect the fighters and is all talk and kabibe was not trying and still coulda beat up Dillon
Sebastian S
Sebastian S Månad sedan
Conor doesn’t deserve a single shot at the title what he does deserve is the top ten after that maybe
JO WOO Månad sedan
If Khabib is scared......its because he would be put in jail for murder when he ripped the chickens head off!!
eric edmunds
eric edmunds Månad sedan
Khabib definitely not scared of Connor
Giacomo de Gasparis
Giacomo de Gasparis Månad sedan
Conor cant believe Khabib is really scared can he? He's just doing the usual big talk for promotion story.
tamoghna das
tamoghna das Månad sedan
Connor is very eager to end his career it seems.
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa Månad sedan
Dont know why so important for khabib to vacate his title they didnt make Conner NOR defend his title in either division.....favoritism at its best....what should Conner care what he does he doesn't care what mctapper does....he beat them all!!
SeaSick Sensei
SeaSick Sensei Månad sedan
We have a new Kevin "You Know" Lee in Buckley. 😂
Arturo Saucedo
Arturo Saucedo Månad sedan
Khabib Is Scared to fight connor again
Jeremy Estey
Jeremy Estey Månad sedan
McNugget will never beat this man ever.
68camaro Månad sedan
I like Stephen’s but he is one of those guys that thinks he is way badder and smarter then he actually is 😂
ewljr Månad sedan
Connor is delusional
Mastermind Månad sedan
Khabib is the goat of MMA
Naazrah Husain
Naazrah Husain Månad sedan
He speaks as if he was victorious....I hope and he shut him down for good...time will tell!
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Månad sedan
I hope I live to see the sport when people say “Conor who?” He’s such a piece of garbage and a journeyman fighter
EyeXombie Månad sedan
Bet u wont fight the journeyman
digITdude elliott
digITdude elliott Månad sedan
St Pierre would destroy him
entertainment guru
entertainment guru Månad sedan
Finally they tell you a timetable of what is said when, I'm on board!
pewpeat Månad sedan
the eagle did shit on the bus!
Brandon Luther
Brandon Luther Månad sedan
How could anybody be a fan of conner? He is trash
worldstarepic Månad sedan
Mcchicken is sore! Hahah
S.F.R Månad sedan
Khabib already took mc nuggets soul (only business) 😂
Noname 1st
Noname 1st Månad sedan
Scared to walk away From a Man who he's beaten quite comfortably who actually retired himself. That's wanky lol
Jean-francois Duval
Jean-francois Duval Månad sedan
Lol, like if Khabib was afraid of McGregor
Champ Bridges
Champ Bridges Månad sedan
Why y’all hating on Conor? This dude put the UFC on the map. And he’s one of the best strikers ever.. with good takedown defense. Watch some break downs of the fight. Conor has been his toughest opponent.
kim north
kim north Månad sedan
lol I love how the McGregor trash talking had footage of him getting destroyed by Khabib
bluwng Månad sedan
False modesty, butt hurt - Conor Mcgregor
Darius Sim
Darius Sim Månad sedan
Ariel stirring shit again 😬
Retribution Månad sedan
Connor doesnt give rematches unless he loses. Priore is the only one cause of how easy he beat him
Jimmy Roberts
Jimmy Roberts Månad sedan
I wish mcnuggets would just stfu about khabib. Already beat his ass once so clearly isn't scared to fight him. A second fight between them would be the same result only much quicker.
Jack Berdine
Jack Berdine Månad sedan
Lmfao Conor still talking? Crazy how this man is still relevant. He got shit on.
Roman Garza sr.
Roman Garza sr. Månad sedan
I Boxed in The welterweight division and In my opinion Conor McGregor does not have the intensity or tenacity to match khabib and beat him, Connor take out your next 5 opponents, poirier took out all his opponent's prior to his pending match with you, prove you deserve a match with khabib, all BS aside Poirier will beat you and you will finally retire.
Mohammed Irshad Soomar
Conor the double standard coward . I wish this motivates khabib to come back for one more and smash conors so called mature ass...
1:05 lol he is who he is, mctapper
Jean Grauwels
Jean Grauwels Månad sedan
Connor Mc Asslikker should take his chances and be happy Khabib doesn't give a rematch
Leo Leo
Leo Leo Månad sedan
McGregor you take them good fights, take Ferguson or Olivera ,show us you worth your words ,not just pussy talk!!!
Leo Leo
Leo Leo Månad sedan
McGregor is full of shit as usual ,since he lost,khabib living in his head rent free,my foot was like a 🎈
Stephane D
Stephane D Månad sedan
Mcgregor is so rubbish everybody remembered how he gets smashed...he lost his soul and was looking empty ... like it is just business...🦄
Stand On Scripture
Stand On Scripture Månad sedan
Connor is stupid if he thinks he is better than an unbeaten Khabib when he already destroyed Connor and is unbeaten.
ybet1000 Månad sedan
What's Conor on? His talk , just seems shallow and cheap given what happened. He has a punchers chance against Khabib. That is it. I love the way Conor fights, not so Khabib... but Khabib's way wins most of the time ... well 30-0 so far =p
Nathaniel Martinez
Nathaniel Martinez Månad sedan
Someone please give me some of what connor is smoking Khabib made him look like an amateur tell mctapper you cant think your back after 45 seconds with an unmotivated cowboys you have another thing coming
vonclod123 Månad sedan
Conor is pretty funny, no sense of irony!
GOD OF FIRE fire Månad sedan
Conor look humble
chocolate starfish
chocolate starfish Månad sedan
Conor needs to shut up.. guys a knob and got schooled then shit his pants when it all kicked off.. Conor is the definition of what happens when money and fame ruins a person
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo Månad sedan
Khabib just DESTROYED Conor and he’s talking about fear?😂😂😂😂😂
Easy Balls of Steel
Easy Balls of Steel Månad sedan
Why so many people are still so stupid to understand that Conor will do everthing to get Khabib attention for a rematch..Hes not stupid he know Khabib will beat him but he also know its a big payday.
Žmogus Hibridas
Žmogus Hibridas Månad sedan
Conor live in dream world :D
im raan
im raan Månad sedan
Goat vs Goat
Tashreeq Sayed
Tashreeq Sayed Månad sedan
Connor : khabib is afraid to fight me. The world : khabib f**ked the shit out of you then still jumped the cage to kick to shit out of you team also. 🤣 If you think that's khabibs best you real got f**ked up. That is his NORMAL, he did to you what he did to every one before You. You got mauled you notorious tap machine. But believe whatever makes you sleep at night because if it wasn't for you taping it would have been that lovely neck crank sending you to LA LA land 👍
Caleb Henrick
Caleb Henrick Månad sedan
You fight Ferguson and Olivera then Connor lol you won't.
Northern Corruption Monitor 907
conor is funny at this point i would not even want to watch him get beat up again and taken down and grinded into the ground but you know it would be funny as fuck to see khabib come out of retirement and send conner a text saying "give me location we meet cage no cage gloves no gloves " Conner would piss his fucking pants even when UFC takes khabibs belt we all know who is champion !!!!
John White
John White Månad sedan
I'd rather see Khabib vs GSP. He would just kick Connor's ass again.
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres Månad sedan
Why does Khabib have to vacate when Conor held up 2 divisions for his rematch with Nate Diaz?
Bloomfield Plymouth
Bloomfield Plymouth Månad sedan
Just when you think Connor may have matured a little, he never fails to disappoint. Khabib would destroy him again. “Let’s Talk!!!”
Watittakes2 Månad sedan
Dana should make Conor vs George if Conor beats Dustin XD
Shayne Sim
Shayne Sim Månad sedan
Any respect I had for Conor is gone after hearing his egotistical ramblings about the true legendary king of the UFC.
Ni7e Månad sedan
Khabib dominated Conor, demolished him on the ground and could be argued he was better in stand-up too, with that one knock down.
Propagandist Månad sedan
Muhammad Faizal
Muhammad Faizal Månad sedan
Everyone: khabib retiered because afraid of me.
Muhammad Hikmal
Muhammad Hikmal Månad sedan
all ready ...all war zone .............mah...mah....mah ....mah ...........when fight "it's only busines" ........when interview "my balloooonnn was foot" .........and finally "khabib scared rematch"
Shawn Best
Shawn Best Månad sedan
He beat your ass Conor
Hannan Raja Ali
Hannan Raja Ali Månad sedan
Why did McTapperTapOut....? He needed TimeOut...😂😂😂
one badmoto
one badmoto Månad sedan
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