Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government 

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Cuties: The film that got Netflix blasted by the government
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13 sep 2020



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D'Angelo Wallace
D'Angelo Wallace Månad sedan
Shout-out to U.S. Politicians for managing to be not-terrible for at least 2 minutes??? I'm in shock. Also shout-out to Vessi for sponsoring this video (couldn't have made the donation at the end without them) vessi.com/dangelo ((use code "dangelo" for $25 off while you're there))
•Fennec Phoenix•
•Fennec Phoenix• 18 timmar sedan
*Oh snap*
Kandies Strong Words queen
If you think attacking black people is a good thing you need help.. if your really think politicians care about kids during an election year then you need to do your research.. They don't care about this movie or kids, they only care about votes.. Don't become a pawn in their games..
Mini shrek Son of shrek
How they so dumb I am dumb THEY ARE DUMBER
Melle Jobs
Melle Jobs 13 dagar sedan
Yes, not only is she being constrained she is actually living in the context of sexual violence and everyone is ignoring that and instead focusing on the children buying clothing and mimicking pop culture which is exactly what happens in real life and is exactly the problem. People are so focused on controlling women's presentation and consuming them for the purpose of filling a role that they have no actual skills or vocabulary to identify and confront rape culture. The critics of this film represent both extremes of the film's main antagonist.
gum 13 dagar sedan
You know this is a nothing burger when only Americans are outraged about it.
person Timme sedan
We can't forget that one scene of ami taking a picture of her... private areas, and posting it online. God i hated that sentence
RazerBladeGaming 3 timmar sedan
hE dIdN't UpLoAd iN a MoNtH? iS hE dEaD?
Boiling Hotdog Smell
Boiling Hotdog Smell 7 timmar sedan
Lol it's still on Netflix you lose
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe 14 timmar sedan
This is like if that one Dance Moms routine was turned into an entire movie
Amalie 21 timme sedan
Please react to bby gangs respond to your kpop fans vid because he had a lot of good points that I think you should keep in mind when making a vid like that
that_stuff_is_flat 21 timme sedan
#CancelledNetflix A year ago because I saw it coming.
miá ;-;
miá ;-; 23 timmar sedan
the ending was golden
ikigaixq Dag sedan
so is it ok for me to continue using netflix? a lot of my comfort shows/movies are on there and netflix is my only way to watch those things..
Its Drea
Its Drea 22 timmar sedan
If this makes you uncomfortable you’ll be displeased to know everything you use that is mass produced wasn’t created ethically, included whatever device you posted this on.
Kandies Strong Words queen
I find it real funny that everyone is outraged by a movie made by a black woman about childrens dancing, at the same time you can see worst shit being glamorized on tik tok and dance moms.. Your young, during the 80s the most popular film about little girls was called pretty baby.. It's about a child prostitute and started a 11 year old that went on to become a huge star..her name was brooke shields, she discussed sex, had nude scenes and simulated sex with grown men...i watched this movie and I really enjoyed it..i don't know what bubble your living in, but in the real world when your trying to tackle a subject like this you, have to make it real and honest to prove your point..i feel like people are only attacking this movie because it is made by black woman and the scenes you said were so disturbing, don't hold a candle to the average tic tok videos.. The number 1 tv series is euphoria a show about sex drugs and Rock in roll amongst teens and no one is complaining because it's made by white folks in hollywood..i suggest people watch it for themselves..
jiminie puff
jiminie puff Dag sedan
Alright totally unrelated but I just realized that all dangelos videos on this channel at 10 minutes one second long 0.0
mariam montaser
mariam montaser Dag sedan
Maybe because I’m Muslim I was disgusted by everything in the movie First that they used children in this way ! Second that no one has the audacity to talk about portraying a religion in that way I hope someday people will treat (Islam phobia) this issue like they did with the children issue I’m happy that people spoke out for those children Dreamed that they spoke out about Islam too Excuse my grammar mistakes thank you
Safala Bista
Safala Bista Dag sedan
This makes me want to jump off a cliff. There were a thousand different ways the movie could’ve been executed. In the right way. And they decided to do *that*
Ava Lilley
Ava Lilley Dag sedan
Cuties is one of those movies where at first you're like, oh, this isn't that bad, I was like that too as a teen, and then by the midpoint you're like, oh..hell no..tf??
Madi Dag sedan
ok but stuff like Grease, Riverdale, and every high school movie ever, have been hiring people way too old to reasonably look like the age they play forever. i think this would have been the one time people didn't complain about it.
Madi Dag sedan
so there's a movie on netflix called Beasts of No Nation. It's about child soldiers in Africa and I don't actually know how bad it gets because I couldn't finish it. but, as far as I know, they didn't actually make these kids murder people on set. the kids weren't exposed to the bad stuff, it was pretty well hidden with camera tricks. it's still fucked and horrible and shows something awful, but they didn't make the problem worse (as far as I know)
Its Drea
Its Drea 22 timmar sedan
That’s what makes Cuties not okay and so horrible, these children were actually exploited.
Iris Kelley
Iris Kelley Dag sedan
I finally got around to watching Cuties and I was left feeling like the director was trying to be provocative just for shock value; I didn’t walk away from the film with the sense she was trying to make a movie about the disturbing trend of sexualizing young girls. This film was literally no more than what super graphic horror movies like Hostel and A Serbian Film did; the director was just being graphic and gross for shock value not for the audience to leave the film and have further intelligent conversations about it later on. I understand what the director intention was but boy did she miss the mark big time. 2 movies that come to mind that did a phenomenal job at putting a spotlight on peer pressure & teen sexuality would be Kids & Thirteen. If you compare Cuties to these 2 films Cuties doesn’t hold water. Thirteen did have suggestive sex scenes and rampant drug use but it was filmed in such a way that played into the protagonist downward spiral and moved the story along. Same thing with the movie Kids; I remember the opening sex scene made me super uncomfortable but as the movie unfolded you realize that those strategically placed scenes helped make sense of the choices that each character made throughout the movie.
Christine Clemens
That director is a disgusting pig she should be ashamed of herself again all about money all you people out there we all have our maker to answer to That's disgusting that this woman would even do that to those poor girls and their parents should be in jail
king polok
king polok Dag sedan
Which parents allowed there children's to do this kind of prostitution's?
c h a r
c h a r Dag sedan
Aoi Hoshiko
Aoi Hoshiko Dag sedan
the fact that they actually legit sexualized children to show that sexualizing children is bad......it's just....that would like me being like "hey, I don't like hurting people so I'm actually gonna beat up a group of people to show that"
Caitlin Lewellen
Caitlin Lewellen 2 dagar sedan
I agree with you that the film is exploitive. I just wish people had the same outrage and action towards child beauty pageants and shit like dance mom
its_da_ sad_gurl
its_da_ sad_gurl 2 dagar sedan
Could you make a video reviewing the countryhumans fandom? I would love to see what you think about the fandom. There is a good part of the fandom. I always see a lot of reviews that bring out the bad part of the fandom. I suggest you review both parts of the fandom, the good part (you know, the part that people should review) and the bad part (the part that should NEVER exist).
Charl Herbst
Charl Herbst 2 dagar sedan
Why are they refusing to take it down it’s so sinister
Christopher Hager
Christopher Hager 2 dagar sedan
Today, I heard people discussing Cuties and immediately assumed they were talking about how bad it was. I mentioned how I was upset that they cancelled Dark Crystal to keep Cuties. They looked at me and thought I was crazy, and praised this show. I was so disturbed and uncomfortable that I walked away. I dissaprove of this thing, and watching your video assured me more of why. They need therapy? That alone is horrible.
Dannisaur-Lea 2 dagar sedan
The parents need to be punished as well they signed and gave their consent for their 13year old kids to be sexualised for the whole world to see
I Am The Queef Queen
I Am The Queef Queen 2 dagar sedan
I love Ben Shapiro
destiny the potato head
never watched cuties and im kinda glad and lucky
Maho Marts
Maho Marts 2 dagar sedan
I just googled that movie.. is french.. that explains it all.. their concept for inappropriate is... well nowhere to be found.. they are a different culture... as a latino, I have to say that some clips I saw in SElosk were a little cringy.. but maybe is out of context. Still is not a movie I will see... looks like the demographics are for kids... so.. if USA can get Lohan and Miley fed up on cocaine to entertain kids why not let some little French girls to dance in a movie.. the hypocrisy is what's funny...
p e x c h
p e x c h 3 dagar sedan
nope nope nope nope nope nope NO
mattja52 3 dagar sedan
LOL, I got that, completely dry on the inside, Ben Shapiro style!
Bianca le Roux
Bianca le Roux 3 dagar sedan
Trying to stop sexualising children by sexualising children Filmakers: It's big brain time.
July Boor
July Boor 14 timmar sedan
@Its Drea keep telling yourself that bullshit because you cannot even counter them.
Its Drea
Its Drea 14 timmar sedan
@July Boor Oh so now we’re talking about me? Good thing you seem to already know everything I’ve seen and stand for, thanks for saving my breath. The logical fallacies in your response are astounding. You’re just commenting to argue at this point and that’s simply not worth any more of my time. 👋🏽
July Boor
July Boor 14 timmar sedan
@Its Drea yeah, but you don't say crap about Good Boys, which sexualized young boys, or Lolita and Pretty Baby, the latter more extreme than Cuties and yet everyone turns a blind eye to it, so I an uncertain of your standards here.
Its Drea
Its Drea 22 timmar sedan
@July Boor Are you serious? D’Angelo gave plenty of examples in this video alone. You don’t put children in adult situations. Period.
Bianca le Roux
Bianca le Roux 2 dagar sedan
@July Boor By not sexualising children you messed up piece of trash.
Girl in polyester
Girl in polyester 3 dagar sedan
I’m honestly so proud of how much your channel grew in the past few months! You have grown so much and your not like other drama channels you address what’s wrong and come in with hours of research! ♥️♥️
Adam Newman
Adam Newman 3 dagar sedan
In response to your point about "people who use this movie to further their political agenda", I think your stance ought to be more nuanced. Suppose for example, someone genuinely believes that normalisation of this kind of content is less likely to flourish under Trump than under Biden. Then it will logically follow that for them, to promote Trump over and above Biden, in connection with this issue, will be a positive action towards reducing the chances of this kind of degeneracy being normalised.
tashboog 3 dagar sedan
@D’Angelo Wallace So now that you actually watched the movie 🙄, you know that comment @ 3:41 was completely dishonest; those obscenities not only tied into the story, they WERE in part the story. It is equally dishonest to assume that this film was created to objectify children or entertain pedophiles when you cannot credibly speak on another’s intentions all while its plain obvious why this film happened. And it is entirely irrelevant to talk about what other visual tactics, casting decisions, and mediums this point could have been accomplished with bc that choice belongs to the creator and clearly the director made HER choice. If you or anyone else feels this story would have made a good book then you and whoever else can go make a book when you’re done being butt hurt, straight up. Lastly, it’s definitely not ok to have an opinion on this film without watching it in the same way it isn’t ok to vote ignorant to who/what the running candidates are. That’s called making a non-credible, uninformed contribution which counts for absolutely nothing but reductiveness.... That being said, aside from this comment being intended for the creator, don’t say shit to me have you not watched the film 🙅🏾‍♀️😑
Jarus Gerata
Jarus Gerata 3 dagar sedan
Nice glasses man.
Dat boi
Dat boi 4 dagar sedan
What pisses me off is the description of the movie it says Ami is 11 and she joined a TWERKING GROUP like wtf and Netflix still puts that on there website
Charmy 4 dagar sedan
a hypocritcal movie about child exploitation - *exists* news people - now this will be great political propaganda.
briannajm7 4 dagar sedan
I sincerely don’t understand why they won’t take this film down when it’s causing so much distress and hurting their business. Side note if you call Netflix it’s almost impossible to give any type of feedback, review or criticisms. Every single number, link or article your sent to on their sight is about downloading the app, or can’t get into the app. I get it you don’t want to hurt your own business, but if you try to call them and don’t currently have an account they don’t answer you.
briannajm7 3 timmar sedan
I think pedophilia is where most humans draw the line. Thousands of people not paying you and criminal law suits against your company is not attention anyone wants. And honestly if you subscribe to Netflix this late in the game over “Cuties” I’m questioning everything about you. (Not physically you just these hypothetical people out there). Any publicity is good publicity, unless it causes monetary loss.
Its Drea
Its Drea 22 timmar sedan
It’s because it’s not hurting their business. The attention, albeit negative, garnered more subscriptions and more viewers on other Netflix originals like Ratched. Canceling or not unfortunately won’t change anything because in this case individuals don’t have the power. It won’t change human trafficking, or the further exploitation of women and children that most of our products and entertainment is built on.
Bubbleboi 4 dagar sedan
@D'Angelo Wallace boy where are you get your granny ass pants on theres a masscre happening in Nigeria and we need you
Wyanna Burke
Wyanna Burke 4 dagar sedan
To be the this well-spoken is a gift. Great commentary!
Benjamin Sherron
Benjamin Sherron 4 dagar sedan
Yo is that Besaid Island as BGM?
Noobish Behavior
Noobish Behavior 4 dagar sedan
The stupid CEO of Netflix is saying "ReMoVinG thE FiLm Is cEnSoRiNg StOrYtElLinG" Complete bullcrap. (Imma try not to curse so D'angelo can have nice things)
saba butt
saba butt 4 dagar sedan
Release date September 9, and then next line, Amy 11.... its there... 9/11 movie against Muslims sentiment..
Zoran Taylor
Zoran Taylor 5 dagar sedan
The presence of an "on-site therapist" is not only not an excuse, it actually adds insult to injury in a truly horrifying way, because 1) It outright CONFIRMS that the filmmakers are FULLY AWARE of the potential for what they are putting these young actors through TO BE TRAUMATIC FOR THEM, and are DOING IT ANYWAY, and 2) It puts both the therapist and the anyone who feels compelled to speak to them through a very specific kind of inhuman, utilitarian condescension, as if the child actors' ability to have a mature realization about what is being done to them was incontinence and the therapist was a nurse/janitor who is just there to change diapers and/or mop the floor were necessary. It's literally gaslighting. "Hey kids, we just wanted to reassure you in advance that the things about this whole situation that you will eventually be able to tell are COMPLETELY FUCKED UP beyond a shadow of a doubt are not as bad as you think they are, before you EVEN HAVE TIME to form a complete thought about it for yourself." They're trying to ensure that the very AGENCY TO DECIDE FOR YOURSELF IF YOU WERE EXPLOITED OR NOT is distorted in advance by the appearance of a moral ambiguity that simply IS. NOT. FUCKING. THERE. Which somehow makes the whole thing EVEN MORE DISGUSTING!!! I know, right?? How is that even POSSIBLE....
Katherine Low
Katherine Low 5 dagar sedan
Come back 😭😭 I miss you!
Banana Mafia
Banana Mafia 5 dagar sedan
Ur actually cute no homo
shibby mccoy
shibby mccoy 5 dagar sedan
Who tf put a thumbs down on this video...smh..something is seriously wrong wit this earth..🙄🤷🏾🤦🏽
X- cessive
X- cessive 5 dagar sedan
I wanted to make a movie about how serial killers are made so I shot a guy and sold it to Netflix for 1.5 million dollars
Mpirefilms 6 dagar sedan
Wait what happened to Meghan Fox? Why did Michael Bay have her in a wet shirt scene at 15? Yikes man---why are all of the adults on set allowing these kids to do this???? The parents? The Cinematographers? The producers? The everyone on set that's an adult?
Nurtured - Channel
Nurtured - Channel 6 dagar sedan
They clearly want to legalise paedophilia
Aaron L
Aaron L 6 dagar sedan
The movie is a good movie with a very relevant message. All it needed was an American edit. Watch an episode of dance moms and see the same shit.
Iasmin Araujo
Iasmin Araujo 6 dagar sedan
I started waching it a week ago or so, bacause I wanted to understand the movie, before listening to what other people were saying. But I just couldn't make me see it all.
Lidia Yeganian
Lidia Yeganian 6 dagar sedan
No ❤
Vlad Vorland Productions
Shocka Lit
Shocka Lit 6 dagar sedan
This is like shooting someone to say that guns are bad
HisKeithness 7 dagar sedan
I 100% agree with absolutely every single thing that was stated by Mr. Wallace in this video and I thank you for your time.
Tristan M
Tristan M 4 dagar sedan
@duehd dheu Just to clarify I know it might not seem like a big deal to you but what you have to remember is that these are serious allegations. I believe that Netflix is promoting exploiting kids in the worst ways possible and I am shocked that a big SEloskr would be causally referencing Netflix like it no big deal. If I were a big SEloskr I would try to get there attention by saying something like 'hey don't you know about cuties'.
Tristan M
Tristan M 4 dagar sedan
@duehd dheu it's Sam Collins video (yes It's about Blaire White but he does mention Netflix briefly) where he says "there's literally a whole documentary on Netflix about her" this Implies that Sam does not believe that Cuties is as bad as people like D"Angelo Wallace say it is. But D"Angelo Wallace still commented on the video saying that Sam Collins did a great job and did not mention Netflix at all. If D"Angelo Wallace really believed that cuties was exploiting children he would have said something like 'don't you know about Cuties'. Anyway D"Angelo Wallace's comment is one of the top comment's there. selosk.info/class/video/bYx7p6WG26KqnZc.html
duehd dheu
duehd dheu 4 dagar sedan
@Tristan M how do you know? can i have a link to the video?
Tristan M
Tristan M 5 dagar sedan
He is a fucking hypocrite. He liked a video where some one said "go watch this documentary, it's on Netflix".
Bibi Torwi
Bibi Torwi 7 dagar sedan
Si ce film n'est pas une propagande de la sexualisation des jeunes, appelez moi Casimir. Ce film est obscène et les partisans qui soutiennent ce genre de message sont des insensés.
Lexi Azure
Lexi Azure 7 dagar sedan
I saw your vid in my recommended and in the thumbnail your face was there *THEN* when I heard your voice I was like *Hold up wait a minute something aint right*
Daniela Pereda
Daniela Pereda 7 dagar sedan
Just gonna say Tom Cotton is a literal fascist and Ted Cruz... well. Probably the most brainless person in our Senate. But anyway.
Tristan M
Tristan M 5 dagar sedan
Just like to point out that none of these Politicians care about this movie. They mention it on twitter once and then never mention it again.
jacob mynenko
jacob mynenko 7 dagar sedan
Go to jail, go straight to jail, do not pass go
Meklit Abel
Meklit Abel 7 dagar sedan
come back i miss u
nekay boo
nekay boo 7 dagar sedan
I didn’t interpret the movie in this way...it seemed like Amy was affected by her father leaving and marring another woman and the religious part was looking at her mom everyday being a religious obedient woman get broken in two when she has to reveal her husband has taken another, she rebels and wants to make new friends outside of her sheltered life. She lied stole and everything under the sun she even exposed herself thinking that would help people see they weren’t kids she didn’t know any better (hence sheltered life) just like the other girl who picked up a used condom and thought it was a ballon...in conclusion no one is saying anything about DANCE MOMS, PAGEANTS, and all the other ways children are exploited while they wear too tight too short and too much makeup for kids, twerk and dance for 50 year old men to judge everyday😬
Sarah 4 dagar sedan
Because the dances in this movie are far more sexual. Funny how people like you wanna call others hypocrites yet justify this movie. And nobody supports these shows.
Abigail Peth
Abigail Peth 7 dagar sedan
I tried watching but felt too sick to watch and I have seen, literally torn apart, dead human beings in real life and that's saying something which is sad because I went in with an open mind thinking it could be a good call out to the sexualization of child and bring attention to the fact kids are being peer pressured into things they don't understand but they just straight fuck this up
Space Force - Girl Force JJ West Fans
No they did not, CIA media division signed of on the movie etc. Fake news 101. Plus, our gov is ruin by child abusers and worse. Wake up brotha man.
drosera 7 dagar sedan
why are people being willfully obtuse about the difference when actual children or teens do things, versus when adults tell them to do things, even for a 'good message'. like the cognitive dissonance is fucking ridiculous.
Erwin Lii
Erwin Lii 7 dagar sedan
I know that background music/soundtrack ^^ Final Fantasy X OST - Besaid Island :)
T. Z.
T. Z. 7 dagar sedan
Sickest Film Ever. ...
I am a nerd
I am a nerd 8 dagar sedan
"Ben Shapiro style"
Bigdog Billdog
Bigdog Billdog 8 dagar sedan
I think there’s a disconnect between not condemning things like WAP but then condemning things like Cuties, both of which deserve to be condemned. But one begets the other. You think kids haven’t watched WAP? While at the same time you advocate for this overtly hyper sexual culture, you then are surprised when shit like Cuties follows?? That’s not right, man.
Polar 8 dagar sedan
resetera literally defended this movie now im convinced every user who posts there deserves their reputation, its like an incel forum
Zachary Westlund
Zachary Westlund 8 dagar sedan
Ben Shapiro is the man. Trump 2020 baby
duehd dheu
duehd dheu 4 dagar sedan
no ❤️
Clarice Phillips
Clarice Phillips 8 dagar sedan
D’angelo is clearly the only cutie here
DOLPHIЦ 8 dagar sedan
2.4k dislikes that is a lot of pedos oh my
Maverick darkrath
Maverick darkrath 8 dagar sedan
You know I just thought of something, why didn't they just make a documentary , it would have been straight to the point, gotten the message across and little to no controversy. But nooooo they had to go make a feature length movie that does the exact thing there against which goes against there message which causes controversy, honestly whoever thought this was a good idea is either on drugs or really wanted an excuse to make legal child porn
July Boor
July Boor 2 dagar sedan
There exists countless documentaries of that same subject, but they don't even get noticed. Case in point: "My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys" about Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were sexually abused and exploited as children, and yet barely anyone used their platform to bring awareness. So sorry, "why didn't they do a documentary" is a weak argument.
Dragon Tea
Dragon Tea 8 dagar sedan
It's weird to think this was only a month ago, feels like it was a year ago
Joesph 8 dagar sedan
Am ber
Am ber 8 dagar sedan
Thanks for donating to RAINN. I’ve used their chat services more times than I can count.
Movieman Studios
Movieman Studios 9 dagar sedan
Ellie killed Abby’s friends and family to prove killing is wrong, big brain
Geht euch nichts an.
Geht euch nichts an. 9 dagar sedan
Finally someone who does the research and knows what to do about such a serious topic
abc 1234
abc 1234 9 dagar sedan
bruh why this guy got a punchable face tho lmao
Its Drea
Its Drea 22 timmar sedan
Nah he’s adorable
SpazAnonFemaleStyle 9 dagar sedan
I’m sorry if your notifications went nuts just now, I had an irresistible urge to like your video more than once. Multiple times. Thank you for being a corner of the internet I can go to, to confirm I’m not insane or the only one that thinks along these lines. Not only so I can conveniently drop this link as a much more eloquent discussion point than I’m capable of emotionally making, but I genuinely feel I can count on what you say to be able to be backed up or cleared up if you make an oops. Been watching your stuff for a couple months. I hope you are okay. These topics can weigh on the mind, and I have a feeling you’re more empathetic than you let on. I say this a compliment of the highest kind. Please take care of yourself, I hope to be as objective and thoughtful as you are one day. Goals, man.
SpazAnonFemaleStyle 9 dagar sedan
For context to the objectivity sentence, I had been thinking of the way I tried to argue about this god awful “movie” with people and how I cringe because of how angry I got and well, straight up mean. Because if I were able to calm down, I could point this out in a more reasonable and objective manner that might actually help people understand why this movie is sickening.
Jordan G
Jordan G 9 dagar sedan
I'm kinda disappointed in your take on this. You're usually a little more balanced and analytical but instead you jumped on the bandwagon of assuming the movie wasn't supposed to make you uncomfortable.
July Boor
July Boor 2 dagar sedan
He very much so did.
ArtProgress 9 dagar sedan
"Amy is a 18 year old girl that gets asked out by the boy she likes, so she joins a twerk group to explore more her femininity" It may not be the same but ther were other alternatives
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
the problem the director wanted to address is the hyper sexualization of prepubescent girls that is happening in our society… if the story was about 18 year old Amy that's not the same. It's good that this movie is making room for discussing this problem. Too many were silent on it. Social media, reality tv etc. is full of it.
PGIFilms 9 dagar sedan
Obvious Message to Everyone: "Cuties is bad and Netflix's mistake may have put them it the cross-hairs for criminal charges" Subliminal Message to Final Fantasy 10 Fans: "Hey guys, I used the Besaid Island theme as the underlying background music!"
Jon Pain
Jon Pain 10 dagar sedan
Boycott Netflix
discord bot
discord bot 10 dagar sedan
Anyone who defends Cuties is a pedophile. Period.
July Boor
July Boor 2 dagar sedan
Considerable number of black women defend this. Wow, as if they aren't disrespected enough.
Mini shrek Son of shrek
Make another podcast episode
tsu nami
tsu nami 10 dagar sedan
I really like your perspective on things, it's nice to watch someone not only state their opinions but also give reasoning that isn't pathos driven. Britney Spears is probably before your time but it would be interesting to get your view on her conservatorship, it's old news by now though.
Eric Boucher
Eric Boucher 10 dagar sedan
Has anyone bothered to watch the movie before following the mass and just hating on it because your neighbor does..? So first thing.. not really my type of movie.. id personally barely give it 3/10 score... so i watched in in like 10-15 minutes using lots of 5sec fast forwards.. As far as i saw.. There's 0 sexual scene.. hell i didn't see a single kiss anywhere adults, children or anything... I'd bet any child molesters/pedophiles/deviants of the sort get more juice watching MTV or similar... This is a movie about a few girls trying to imitate grown ups dancing, mostly hip-hop/rnb type styles.. I wonder if they had been dancing the waltz if there would be so much backlash. As far as I saw this is a true type reality movie about low-income, different cultures, single parents type living and raising kids in the 21st century about loving dancing and imitating adults dancing... Oh and a hint of a young girl being curious about woman's bodies... OMG! (Sarcastic OMG) You can make a movie about a crazy psycho mutilating and killing childrens in the most gruesome ways, and we don't hear a peep... But you make a movie about something so mondain like childrens dancing hip-hop and rnb, like you could see just driving down certain neighborhood streets in so many metropolitan areas and have 10 times worst stuff happening... I'm afraid this entire situation is the result of TCOMDTCP ! TCOMDTCP: The Creation Of Morons During The Covid Pandemic (Needs a new name i know) I also believe there was some backlash about how many childrens were Auditioned.. well if your making a movie about mostly childrens, and 90% of the cast and scenes have childrens, like schools, dancing halls and etc... It's hard not to audition for childrens!!!!!! Now all that said.. the movie kinda stinks... but has nothing to do with abusing childrens or porn or anything... also the acting on the kids part wasn't all that amazing either... I Found the camera works to be shaking.. Not much to say about scenery in a movie like this.. And the story didn't seem compelling from what I was able to see in my run.
Joy Bloom
Joy Bloom 10 dagar sedan
Off topic but he is GLOWING in this video. His skin looks incredible.
Owen McKinney
Owen McKinney 10 dagar sedan
being a stan of dangelo and every video being just over the 10 minute ad mark it feels wrong but when you watch the video who cares
Ethic Ethnic
Ethic Ethnic 10 dagar sedan
Allot the kids, were kids of color too. Allot of them were Black little girls. There is a long history of the "west" sexually exploiting African descent children on the basis of not only bring children but combined with being Black & little girls (colorism too) Being, the most vulnerable age of the most vulnerable group.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
the director is a black muslim woman…and her intent was to show the hyper-sexualization of girls in our society
Naila Brauns
Naila Brauns 10 dagar sedan
Did anyone stop to consider how this would make young Muslim girls feel? We already face so much trash and hatred for everything, not to mention that I never see girls like me being represented, and when I think for once I might, she's oppressed and mistreated by her religion? That's what this implies. We're already outcasts in society, where am I being embraced. The first mainstream movie with a black Muslim girl as the main character, actually no, a Muslim girl period as the main character, and she's an 11 year old str*pper. Her father is horrible, her mother and grandmother are some form of extremists (they didn't even force her to wear hijab by the way). WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE OK WITH THIS? As a black hijabi, I don't see my modest clothing or religion as something to break free from. Thanks for your non existent concern.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
I understand that you're not happy with the general representation in the film industry…However, the director is also a black muslim woman and she said that the plot contains autobiographical elements. Just because it's not what YOU went through, doesn't mean that others don't go through that or have these struggles in their community.
PerryMorgan 11 dagar sedan
I dont give 2 shits who made the movie and what there message is. This is about a bunch of underage girls doing stripper moves in front of a bunch of older people, it's not even Dancing. If you want to make a film about exploring feminism then go right ahead, but not every girl is wanting to strip halfway naked and steal money to do that. feminism is not that. This film is just outright disgusting and the people supporting it are eather pedos and a bunch of stanks saying that, that is what feminism is.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
wow you completely missed the point of this movie. no one is saying that this is about feminism or exploring feminism. this movie should shock you and it is a critique of how our society hyper sexualizes young girls.
Furious Hawk
Furious Hawk 11 dagar sedan
I'm baffled how nobody is even pointing fingers at the Director, or the Parents. Hypocrisy much?
Furious Hawk
Furious Hawk 2 dagar sedan
@K. M. Your comment is only half accurate. I researched about it, and got to know about the threats and criticism. I just it particularly for this comment section. Also, the Director's Intentions were show a satire on the Hyper sexualization of minors. BUT SHE DID THE EXACT SAME THING SHE WAS TRYNA FIGHT. The young actresses are minors, and the last time i checked, They were Over-sexualized on screen. Read read read buddy. I'm pretty sure if she was White, she would be cancelled and Blackballed from the industry faster than Netflix. So let's not bring race into this. Oh yeah, btw. Some pedo directors still continue to be in the industry, I admit. But they don't advertise it or work with sensitive environment. It's mostly behind the curtain. The Director could have casted Adult Actors. Heck, she's as responsible as the parents, who allowed their Kids to participate in this. Casting Adult Actors wouldn't have destroyed the script or the message. A little make-up goes a long way, and could have easily covered for it. Trust me, place your hand on your heart, and ask yourself. Would you feel exactly the same way, if the Director was a Man? If it makes you think even for one second, then it's Objectively wrong on the Director's part. Regardless of their Gender or Ethnicity.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
uhh what do you mean... the director is literally getting death threats… also really interesting how she as a black woman gets all this hate for making the movie that was supposed to shock people and show how society hyper sexualizes kids and gives girls the wrong impression of what it means to grow into womanhood… while ped0 directors are still directing movies (just two examples: Polanski, Victor Silva)
wchiwink 11 dagar sedan
Jus' discovered your channel = me like!
Fabrizio Roscini
Fabrizio Roscini 11 dagar sedan
No, not everybody agrees. The film is very good and very unconfortable, which is exactly the point. You consider this child molestation but you're ok with tik tok (or 90% of music videos). Please go watch an actual review selosk.info/class/video/hZmewX2lx2WHx4E.html and for those who don't want to make the effort please STFU.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
@duehd dheu we don't actually see anything… she's an actor, she did not really do it. however, many young girls are doing it right now in REAL LIFE and that's the part we need to get worried about. and that was also the point of the movie.
duehd dheu
duehd dheu 4 dagar sedan
imagine defending a movie that LITERALLY HAS A MINOR, a REAL MINOR, NOT AN ADULT PLAYING A CHILD take a picture of their NO-NO SPOT
GiantDinoBoy 11 dagar sedan
Let me guess, suicide is going to be political next or maybe the act of swishing water in your mouth before drinking. All of those people on Twitter just need to chill it with their political agendas.
GiantDinoBoy 11 dagar sedan
If a scene in a movie is R rated a child should not appear in it, period. If they couldn't see it legally the movie shouldn't be legal! The question of if this movie is ok is only a question on a technicality like a rhetoric question that everyone should already know the answer to.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
I get where you're coming from… however, that is rarely the case. Horror movies, thrillers, sad tragic dramas etc. there are children in them.
Tyler James
Tyler James 11 dagar sedan
this is heccin disgusting im 12 and Netflix is literally giving pedos the green light" oh yea it's ok for me to go online and sexualize young folks that are underage" like what the frik is wrong with you Netflix yall mad nasty for promoting cuties.
K. M.
K. M. 2 dagar sedan
Netflix isnt giving the green light for anything. These pedos were doing that before this movie and will do it long after. They do not need a movie for their disgusting behavior, they do it all the time. They only have to go on to tiktok or watch any dance show where kids are involved an they will see the same thing.
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