Crotone 1-3 Roma | Mayoral scores brace as Roma cruise to claim 3-points | Serie A TIM 

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Roma cruise to another away victory with a confident performance against Crotone during round 16 of the 2020/21 season | Serie A TIM
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6 jan 2021



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Dhimaz Aditya
Dhimaz Aditya 14 dagar sedan
Mayoral Brahim diaz Theo h Archraf Reguilon +Mariano Jovic Odegard Hmm madrid
Ahmad Fahruddin
Ahmad Fahruddin 15 dagar sedan
Totti style 01:37
Arkadeep Chakraborty
Arkadeep Chakraborty 15 dagar sedan
Love this commentator's voice can anyone tell me his name
Opik 008
Opik 008 15 dagar sedan
Mantap 🇮🇩👍👍
Try Rezki Kurniawan
Try Rezki Kurniawan 16 dagar sedan
Ziad Ayman
Ziad Ayman 16 dagar sedan
Forza roma from egypt
Max Karun
Max Karun 16 dagar sedan
Forza Roma! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!-selosk.info/name/ZKJO8XM8l_-U7ZXH4kR7oQ
Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti 17 dagar sedan
Hi romanisti
Deryck kadek
Deryck kadek 17 dagar sedan
What a goal from borja moyaral
George Mwangi
George Mwangi 17 dagar sedan
So nobody is gonna talk about that Mayoral's second goal, what a hit!!!
Nauvan Zam
Nauvan Zam 17 dagar sedan
Everybody comment about Mkhitaryan, but Mayoral also doing well.
Satria Malam
Satria Malam 17 dagar sedan
go as roma 👍👍
Kyle Springs
Kyle Springs 17 dagar sedan
his name isnt BORKA
Artem Ava8
Artem Ava8 17 dagar sedan
Bob Ramz
Bob Ramz 17 dagar sedan
Рома чемпион 💛❤️💛❤️💛🐺
Kapetan Miki
Kapetan Miki 18 dagar sedan
Absolutely nobody: Seria A: Higlights MUST be exactly 4:14 log!
Александр Илларионов
Микетариан!!! Это не Алексис Санчес.... какие же мы разные.
DEE DUBZ 18 dagar sedan
besm allah
besm allah 18 dagar sedan
الحمد لله Thank You
Ravi Desai
Ravi Desai 18 dagar sedan
no words please match continue 🎶
A.F.C. LIONS Yerevan
A.F.C. LIONS Yerevan 18 dagar sedan
Mkhitaryan is best player
EMIL CHANNEL 18 dagar sedan
Mkhitaryan gioca terribilmente. Non c'è da stupirsi che Jose Mourinho non lo abbia messo a Manchester e non lo abbia messo all'Arsenal.
Dan Dailamy
Dan Dailamy 18 dagar sedan
Who is the commentator? Anyone please
Norayr Manukyan
Norayr Manukyan 18 dagar sedan
Здравый Смысл
Bayron Zumaya
Bayron Zumaya 18 dagar sedan
Forza Roma dal Messico 🇲🇽❤️🐺
Johan Alexander Mesa Henao
Muy buen juego Roma Roma
Daaim Raja
Daaim Raja 18 dagar sedan
Ciao giuse360
Alexandru Lazar
Alexandru Lazar 18 dagar sedan
Alexandru Lazar
Alexandru Lazar 18 dagar sedan
Sevo G
Sevo G 18 dagar sedan
Forza Roma 🇮🇹 Miki Magic 🇦🇲 love the squad chemistry need a solid keeper for champions league next year in my opinion and a RB
Gohar Chilingaryan
Gohar Chilingaryan 18 dagar sedan
Gohar Chilingaryan
Gohar Chilingaryan 18 dagar sedan
Henrikh ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Maarten Fontein
Maarten Fontein 18 dagar sedan
Rick Karsdorp is doing great!
Kemal Nurvef Suaibun
Kemal Nurvef Suaibun 18 dagar sedan
who is the commentator? i want to know his name
артем арутюнян
Miki, show the highest level🤝
Julian Lyhus
Julian Lyhus 18 dagar sedan
I love micky but you could have let mayoral take the pen and let him Get his first hattrick
ARIS LLAJ 18 dagar sedan
Narine Petrosyan
Narine Petrosyan 18 dagar sedan
Miki magic 👍👍👍
Iwank Yuri
Iwank Yuri 18 dagar sedan
Daje rome
Анастасия Тадевосян
Мик красавица
Анастасия Тадевосян
Wilhelmus Oladoko
Wilhelmus Oladoko 18 dagar sedan
Grazie Roma💛💖 Selanjutx inter n lajiong
Lyric Rogers
Lyric Rogers 18 dagar sedan
So happy that AS Roma won!! Giallorossi per sempreee ❤💛🐺
Tibor Bartos
Tibor Bartos 18 dagar sedan
Forza Roma! Forza Milan! Both favorite football team favourites from Italy! Each other ' won, other losed!Have a nice /football/ year !!!
gunturluigi_ buffon
gunturluigi_ buffon 18 dagar sedan
Cristante klo posisi gitu cocok mainnya
Rita Martirosyan
Rita Martirosyan 19 dagar sedan
Lav Klni
Lav Klni 19 dagar sedan
Amazing pass from Mkhitaryan 👏👏👏👏💪Roma You are the best Micki
Jeton Camili
Jeton Camili 19 dagar sedan
Who is the commentator?
Muhammadfaqih Faqih
Muhammadfaqih Faqih 19 dagar sedan
Milan scudetto
DeBuDDi 19 dagar sedan
mayoral in asroma more goal than in real madrid :p
Henri Siregar
Henri Siregar 19 dagar sedan
I miss Zaniolo
Gevorg Areyan
Gevorg Areyan 19 dagar sedan
Henoooooo 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🦾💪💪💪💪
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi 19 dagar sedan
Crotone will struggle so hard to get salvation, seems they are ready to sent back again in serie b...
Don Papi 09
Don Papi 09 19 dagar sedan
Mkhitaryan rolling back the years 🙌🏽.
Fajar Andilla
Fajar Andilla 19 dagar sedan
who's the commentator? anyone?
Erik Sahakyan
Erik Sahakyan 19 dagar sedan
Rumbuk Partahian
Rumbuk Partahian 19 dagar sedan
Smalling out
aeipee13 19 dagar sedan
@1:16 Bomber Mayoral
aux tv
aux tv 19 dagar sedan
Abaw Hafizh
Abaw Hafizh 19 dagar sedan
Goal clearence by bruno is great
Arm Gamer
Arm Gamer 19 dagar sedan
Ousmane Ibrahim
Ousmane Ibrahim 19 dagar sedan
Mikhitarian is back In Shape since he joined Roma,Mayoral what a beast🔥❤
David & Bella Channel
David & Bella Channel 19 dagar sedan
Mikhi on fire 🔥
GG MU 19 dagar sedan
Ada-ada as roma yang juara😁😁
Quân Hồng
Quân Hồng 19 dagar sedan
Scudetto 2021 🥇🥇Roma
Paulo Kanza
Paulo Kanza 19 dagar sedan
Forza Roma
Edison Yhip
Edison Yhip 19 dagar sedan
what is the name of the commentator?
Alin Repsol ll
Alin Repsol ll 19 dagar sedan
Yusni Ardi
Yusni Ardi 19 dagar sedan
Josue Barcenas
Josue Barcenas 19 dagar sedan
1:40 reminded me of TOTTI
Tadheo Harsono
Tadheo Harsono 19 dagar sedan
Mayoral, Villar, and Karsdorp is an asset
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 19 dagar sedan
Zaniolo may need a loan
___ PUPS1K __
___ PUPS1K __ 19 dagar sedan
💥Daje borcha! Daje MICKI💥
Preman Kampung
Preman Kampung 19 dagar sedan
Forza roma
Shiro hige
Shiro hige 19 dagar sedan
TOP 3!!!
Andrew Nainggolan
Andrew Nainggolan 19 dagar sedan
Magical Miki again
Sandri Yanick
Sandri Yanick 19 dagar sedan
Forza roma🧡💛
Peng Sras
Peng Sras 19 dagar sedan
AS Roma 👍👍👍👍👍
Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti 19 dagar sedan
Serie A back where it belong at their fantastic era.. Where there are almighty top 4 team.. Inter, milan, ROMA and juventus!!..
i Rolls
i Rolls 19 dagar sedan
Question: Do you Armenians 🇦🇲 regard Kim Kardashian as a national hero? She must be the most famous Armenian origin woman 👩🏻 in the Western world.
I love Charlie Hebdo
I love Charlie Hebdo 19 dagar sedan
National hero? Are you trolling? That’s just dumb. Also Cher is Armenian. And saying Kardashian is the most famous armenian woman is also dumb. She might just be one of the most famous, if not the most famous woman in the world, Armenian or not.
sandi johanes
sandi johanes 19 dagar sedan
Mayoral + Christante show his class.. Hope can be shown againts big team..
VnukDarvina 19 dagar sedan
Forza ROMA! 💛❤️ From Ukraine 🇺🇦
Laksana Indra Saputra
Laksana Indra Saputra 19 dagar sedan
Roma.. Roma.. Roma.. ❤️
matt 19 dagar sedan
World class touch and assist from Mikhitaryan but selfish for taking the pen from mayoral
matt 17 dagar sedan
yea ik but miki could've given it to borja for the hatty he earned it
I love Charlie Hebdo
I love Charlie Hebdo 19 dagar sedan
The players don’t make those decisions. The manager does. There’s a hierarchy, since Veretout wasn’t on the pitch Mkhi is next in line or perhaps Pelligrini might have taken it too if he was on. Basically the manager has a list of which players can take penalties, if the guy above them isn’t on the pitch, they’re next in line. Same with captaincy.
Toriq anz_
Toriq anz_ 19 dagar sedan
Syarip Hidayat
Syarip Hidayat 19 dagar sedan
Ujian sesungguhnya giornata selanjutnya. Selalu konsisten AYO ROMA..!!!
Ali Rihardo
Ali Rihardo 19 dagar sedan
Baru...AS Roma.....
Pedro 19 dagar sedan
Mayoral should have taken penalty for the hatrick!
Hans Yolo
Hans Yolo 19 dagar sedan
If Roma beat Inter then they might actually be in a title challenge this season
jonbudi 19 dagar sedan
ARIS Munandar
ARIS Munandar 19 dagar sedan
Roma fot Scudetto
Barron Romarema
Barron Romarema 19 dagar sedan
Cristante underrated
Pertapan Channel
Pertapan Channel 19 dagar sedan
Forza As Roma
N J 19 dagar sedan
Kev 19 dagar sedan
What a goal from Mayoral
sbonga dlamini
sbonga dlamini 19 dagar sedan
Italian teams no longer know how to defend
Rosady Lj
Rosady Lj 19 dagar sedan
JAY MOSES 19 dagar sedan
Roma's one touch passing for Pellegrini's chance was amazing
PAWIOCELOT 19 dagar sedan
Solid defense Roma
World Cup 2010 ALL GOALS