Chiesa Double Stuns Milan! | Milan 1-3 Juventus: The Movie | Serie A TIM EXTRA 

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Federico Chiesa scored twice as champions Juventus produced a superb display to end AC Milan's unbeaten league run this season.
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9 jan 2021



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Lorenzo Vicari
Lorenzo Vicari 7 dagar sedan
Ma l'account SElosk della Serie A è il migliore canale di tutti i campionati Europei
Joshua Kottaram
Joshua Kottaram 10 dagar sedan
5.99 M subs ryt now
Vino Vo
Vino Vo 10 dagar sedan
To be honest Milan also played well in this match, but Sczezny made some great saves..!!
Dương Hạo
Dương Hạo 10 dagar sedan
VN đâu hết rồi ?
Arief Rachman
Arief Rachman 10 dagar sedan
Please hire more editor and creative contents to make more narative video like this for more attractive Serie A
toto susilo
toto susilo 10 dagar sedan
Superb 👏
dam suprem
dam suprem 10 dagar sedan
english...best commentator
Gabriel Walpen
Gabriel Walpen 10 dagar sedan
Forza Juveeeee!!🤩🤍🖤
Perlando Panjaitan
Perlando Panjaitan 10 dagar sedan
Superb movie, hurray juve
Guido 10 dagar sedan
Ma ora ogni vittoria della juve dovete pubblicare 4 video?? Bah... manco avesse vinto la Champions
Dalight 10 dagar sedan
Luna Loud
Luna Loud 10 dagar sedan
xxx zzz
xxx zzz 10 dagar sedan
Milan su***ks . Viva.la Juve!!!! Italian Power!
Yukein 10 dagar sedan
Chiesa is such a genuine talent
Francesco Biglietto
Francesco Biglietto 10 dagar sedan
Marco Cremaschi
Marco Cremaschi 10 dagar sedan
Indra sheLter
Indra sheLter 10 dagar sedan
forza juve per sempre " Indonesia "🙏
Bang Tguh1897
Bang Tguh1897 10 dagar sedan
Mr. Tyson
Mr. Tyson 10 dagar sedan
Vendo netflix,dazn,infinity,prime video,per info telegram @Frank_Lukaku
Cavidan Mirzelizade
Cavidan Mirzelizade 10 dagar sedan
tony Anatas
tony Anatas 10 dagar sedan
Delta Airlines kicked these people out from their plane. They were not trying to hijack the plane.They were just having a private talk and expressed their support for Trump.Globalism is turning America and the world into a dictatorship much more criminal than Nazism and Communism
Luz Diaz
Luz Diaz 10 dagar sedan
Penaldo 🥶🥶🥶🥶 se congela en los partidos decisivos 🤣🤣🤣 un tronco frío , tha best
Stefano creeper09
Stefano creeper09 10 dagar sedan
ITA LIANO 10 dagar sedan
Чайки любят воду Пряники свободу
новые эффекты ) классно
Gio' 10 dagar sedan
Come fanno a non avere usato il Var sul gol del Milan nn si spiega
Sherlene Smith
Sherlene Smith 10 dagar sedan
Suuuuuuu we won 3-1
sau prastya
sau prastya 10 dagar sedan
Are u happy admin?
Шайыр Асанов
Chiesa talent
Шайыр Асанов
What the amazing game
make it Rain
make it Rain 10 dagar sedan
Cr7 top ten goals 2020 selosk.info/class/video/hX6opH-YzYyDz5s.html
MATADOR 10 dagar sedan
Ese bicho ya no sirve para nada
رامز 10 dagar sedan
عربي صف جنبي
Ken Block
Ken Block 10 dagar sedan
Ronaldo the icon serie A
Utku emir Darıcı
Utku emir Darıcı 10 dagar sedan
Türk var mı
Alvaro E. Urdaneta G.
Alvaro E. Urdaneta G. 10 dagar sedan
Tomichen Manamel
Tomichen Manamel 11 dagar sedan
Cr7 🥰👑🇵🇹🐐
wong Peter
wong Peter 11 dagar sedan
forza juve🔥🔥🔥
Minuti Di Recupero
Minuti Di Recupero 11 dagar sedan
Nico Valentini
Nico Valentini 11 dagar sedan
Vamo raga forsa giuve
Polad Pilad
Polad Pilad 11 dagar sedan
Antara Putra 12
Antara Putra 12 11 dagar sedan
Forza Juve❤️🔥🖤⚽🦓⚫⚪
Manusia Biasa
Manusia Biasa 11 dagar sedan
Lebay lebay panitia liga berasa ngalahin milan kek udah juara liga padahal peringkat masih dibawah..wkwkwk
Satyajit Das
Satyajit Das 11 dagar sedan
Would be nice if you keep posting this type of short Movies after every match except INTER'S❤️
Satyajit Das
Satyajit Das 11 dagar sedan
Would be nice if you keep posting this type of short Movies after every match except INTER'S❤️
xpertbilal 1
xpertbilal 1 10 dagar sedan
Not except inters.. All the big teams only.. Not bevento.. Only juve napoli both milans atalanta maybe roma and sassualo
Ерлан Жакашев
Форца Юве🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍
BANANA COTTA 11 dagar sedan
Quelli di chiesa erano soldi buttati vero?
LakshyA kamra
LakshyA kamra 11 dagar sedan
We need a camera just for Buffon and Pinso❤️
Nina 11 dagar sedan
Chiesa plays so much better as a striker than as a winger
Andrea La Pezza
Andrea La Pezza 11 dagar sedan
What? He never played as a striker. I don't know what game you saw but he always played as a winger
Mr MAK 11 dagar sedan
Shamed on you Napoli.. Juventus still playing with Milan even 3 important player got covid-19.
James ParMedan
James ParMedan 10 dagar sedan
@Rizal Amd Or milan should be plays with players from mars. 😂😂😂
James ParMedan
James ParMedan 10 dagar sedan
@Rizal Amd Every team does. Napoli inter juve sassuolo roma.... #covidDAMNissue😢
Rizal Amd
Rizal Amd 10 dagar sedan
and 2 important Milan player got covid too
James ParMedan
James ParMedan 10 dagar sedan
@Viva7 Roger, thank you sir 😂. Trully i dnt care for win bro. Or if sassuolo beat juve next day it doesnt matter to me, im happy just for unbeaten became unstopcrying bb.bilan, i love it😘
Viva7 10 dagar sedan
@James ParMedan Again you bro😆. I mean, attention☡. Please no interruption to BBilan; mostly from juve fans, _because the news of champions league trophy from hundreds years ago suddenly will appearing_ ! Be careful!!!
المرقة تيڤي
المرقة تيڤي 11 dagar sedan
Menex 11 dagar sedan
Did David Lynch put these highlights together?
RITURAJ JHA 11 dagar sedan
This match will be remembered as the match which changed JUVENTUS's season
Safouate Mohamed
Safouate Mohamed 11 dagar sedan
Ronaldo ha cambiato la partit a. e Forza inter
Marcus Jr
Marcus Jr 11 dagar sedan
Rafael Leão has high potential and talent to be a great in his own right. He should stay with AC Milan and built his development and legacy with them. His ball control, dribbling, quick runs in tight spaces is highly underrated in my opinion.
Michael Adugyamfi
Michael Adugyamfi 11 dagar sedan
That very true. His dribbling is fantastic and it is eating to watch him play
Димитрий Эджибия
Forza Juve❤️
Ig- Jozofnbr
Ig- Jozofnbr 11 dagar sedan
Chiesa is new future Stars to ultimate team
Maryamლ Roxx
Maryamლ Roxx 11 dagar sedan
هل من عرب هنا 😭😢💫
DX5 DX5 10 dagar sedan
⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩⁦🖕🏽⁩ No
احمد فراس عبدالعالي
نعم 🙂
Igor Marassà
Igor Marassà 11 dagar sedan
Poteva abbracciare 11 giocatori.. ma ovviamente mettono quella con Ronaldo in copertina...
Ömer Veysel
Ömer Veysel 11 dagar sedan
Çalha Çalha *ÇALHANOĞLU*
Utku emir Darıcı
Utku emir Darıcı 10 dagar sedan
Türk yorum ararken ilaç gibi geldi
AIMAN 11 dagar sedan
Boooo. - AC Milan fan -
MAURI FIGHTERS 11 dagar sedan
Il gol del Milan era anche da annullare ma non fa nulla 1:3 e tutti a casa sempre e solo forza Juve
Riccardo Pelgreffi
Riccardo Pelgreffi 10 dagar sedan
@DX5 DX5 belli i tifosi sportivi della Juve
DX5 DX5 10 dagar sedan
@Riccardo Pelgreffi 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽
Riccardo Pelgreffi
Riccardo Pelgreffi 11 dagar sedan
@MAURI FIGHTERS no, io lo ammetto
MAURI FIGHTERS 11 dagar sedan
@Riccardo Pelgreffi ..non parli dell'espulsione di Theo dopo 10 minuti.??????😜😜
Riccardo Pelgreffi
Riccardo Pelgreffi 11 dagar sedan
Però sapete vedere solo le cose a vostro sfavore
Okechukwu Shedrack
Okechukwu Shedrack 11 dagar sedan
Seria A SElosk channel is imitating Bundesliga SElosk channel.....😆😆
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo 11 dagar sedan
No one can defeat adminho
Carmelo Zumbo
Carmelo Zumbo 11 dagar sedan
La Juventus nel cuore per sempre. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
Thomas Meunier
Thomas Meunier 11 dagar sedan
Chiesa is a true gem as a False 9.
valerio costa
valerio costa 11 dagar sedan
@Thomas Meunier as a striker he would be forced to receive the ball not facing the goal and that's just not what he does best. He is also more effective when he can receive isolated and play a one on one with the left back and that's not gonna happen if you put him in the middle. And who would you keep on the bench between ronaldo morata and dybala?
Thomas Meunier
Thomas Meunier 11 dagar sedan
@valerio costa he is playing right wing at the moment. He can stay there but I'ld love to see him more often making moves to the inside and play as a false 9 during the game as he did against AC Milan.
valerio costa
valerio costa 11 dagar sedan
Do you really think he is playing as a false 9? Or you're saying he should?
Fabio Carpino
Fabio Carpino 11 dagar sedan
Che montaggio! Da pelle d'oca
the soto tangkar fulan
the soto tangkar fulan 11 dagar sedan
admin juventini?
Naresh.M 11 dagar sedan
Romangnoli trashed by Dybala, Chiesa and Kulusevski 😂😂
Ushakiran 10 dagar sedan
@Pranay yea still your prestigious underated team lost to this bunch overrated players So don't care, and one more thing Google it about juve then you will know that what juve did for past one decade.👍
Pranay 10 dagar sedan
@Ushakiran wht u have earned in d Europe in last decade with this bunch of useless overrated players..! 😂😂
Ushakiran 10 dagar sedan
@Pranay And rip to me?😂Thanx boss.
Ushakiran 10 dagar sedan
@Pranaylet it be, clubs are all about money! Every club want some business to put up it's commercial numbers, and where were you when cristiano winning champions league couple of times with RM by thrashing great el clasico rivals? ...yea that's why Sweden thrashed by ronaldo's hattrick right...you and your boss hate cristiano ronaldo, is that the reason of hating cristiano? Yes it is lol...I respect ibra(savage ibrahimavic) but I'm cristiano fan:)No offence.
Pranay 10 dagar sedan
@Ushakiran ibra transformed so many players skill as well as their mentality... Where as penaldo needs bunch of superstar n penalty to score so sed...we r still more trophies then u it's also to sed... Coz we have declined for a decade...n in that decade ur so called overrated team juve with tons of millionaire players wouldn't able to earn atleast one uefa championsleague tittle 😂....rip
vex 13
vex 13 11 dagar sedan
classy highlight!
Shashwat Roy
Shashwat Roy 11 dagar sedan
I am a Ronaldo fan and I might get slandered for this but Ronaldo is washed up and finished. He should just stop playing football as he no longer has the skill or ability. He is staying relevant only by scoring penalties in farmers league. That's what finished players do.
Ushakiran 10 dagar sedan
@Shashwat Roy 1)stop bothering about my English 2)tell to lewandowski stop scoring tap- ins 3)tell lewandowski to concentrate on taking penalties to be in the world cup 2022 race cuz they(Poland) might be losing like 2018 WC because of pens. Thanx for the feed back on my English will improve 👍
Shashwat Roy
Shashwat Roy 10 dagar sedan
@Ushakiran 1.Your english doesnt make sense 2.Cry because Lewandowski is already the top scorer this season and has scored 20g in 14 apps in BL 3.The last time we had been knocked out in RO16 was in 2010. Every other time we have been in sf or f bar once (in qf,2010)
Ushakiran 10 dagar sedan
Hm you guys( lewangoalski fans) stop spamming everywhere...if your team doesn't have the best squad it wouldn't have achieved anything and it might be nowhere close to KO stages, and it might had permitted to bundesliga only... Anyway lewandowski was on fire that season🖤🔥but he worth better fanboys...
Shashwat Roy
Shashwat Roy 10 dagar sedan
@Divenaldo Penaldo respect bro 🤝
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo 11 dagar sedan
You are the only one who has vision. At this point, he is just scoring penalties and scoring goals from 5 yards out. He is a burden for Juventus. Juventus can buy another world class striker just from his wage
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat 11 dagar sedan
The Football Bible Channel
Sehajpreet Singh Sodhi
Sehajpreet Singh Sodhi 11 dagar sedan
I want JUVE to win UCL this year NOT SERIE A(admit it you also want something different 🙄) From: JUVE FAN❤️
Geralt Of Rivia
Geralt Of Rivia 9 dagar sedan
As a Milan fan thank you for understanding, if Milan win serie a 9 times in a row, I wouldn’t focus on getting a tenth, no one wants to watch the same team over and over again. I wouldn’t mind if Juventus win champions league since no Italian team has won it in ten years.
tim mengon
tim mengon 11 dagar sedan
what a video🔥🔥
Guidigondi Guidigondi
Guidigondi Guidigondi 11 dagar sedan
hate this cameras
Abdoulaye Coulibaly
Abdoulaye Coulibaly 11 dagar sedan
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 11 dagar sedan
Lawda movie 😂
Dwayne k27ism
Dwayne k27ism 11 dagar sedan
Milan has what it takes to play with a rough young squad. When Calabria equalized it seemed to work. What a way to end our unbeaten run. Now the Milan family can finally wake up and smell the humble pie baking on the window. It's January and in the current transfer window there is opportunity to boost depth if the squad needs to stay up at top four. It's sad enough having a long injury list, but it will be even more sad to end up losing bellow 5th when the team still has the chance to turn things around yet. Forza Milan!
Nicolas Petrarota
Nicolas Petrarota 11 dagar sedan
Figata sto video
Fabio Rav
Fabio Rav 11 dagar sedan
60 milioni per Chiesa ??? Sono pochi ....🧐 🤩
Rfx_Andre 11 dagar sedan
La juve ha giocato meglio,ma castijeco davvero non si può vedere(sono milanista)
Alieff Haikal
Alieff Haikal 11 dagar sedan
New trio Juventus this season : Ronaldo , Dybala , Chiesa 🔥 . Juventus the team can win Champion league this season 😂
Ushakiran 10 dagar sedan
@Divenaldo Penaldo you are jus cristiano hater, messi puppet and lewangoalski fan...
Eli Al
Eli Al 11 dagar sedan
Divenaldo penaldo your just a barca fan and a juve hater
Alieff Haikal
Alieff Haikal 11 dagar sedan
@levi Juventus can win ucl in Fifa
levi 11 dagar sedan
@Divenaldo Penaldo yeah and Barcelona has lesser chances of win ucl than juve winning ucl 😂
Alieff Haikal
Alieff Haikal 11 dagar sedan
@Divenaldo Penaldo barca cannot win la liga if koeman still coach barca 😂, subscribe my youtube channel bro
Lukas Ishak
Lukas Ishak 11 dagar sedan
Melvisharam Gaming
Melvisharam Gaming 11 dagar sedan
My mother is not having any job" "I want to do something for my mother" "But youtube is not giving me views" "Ya i am worse than others,,,....
Ti aspecto
Goran Damianovici
Goran Damianovici 11 dagar sedan
0:38 the GOAT
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo 11 dagar sedan
@chethan there are many beggars in youtube. Just ignore them
chethan 11 dagar sedan
But your father has a job right Do work !
Divenaldo Penaldo
Divenaldo Penaldo 11 dagar sedan
I can do with her if you like
19 Razeem Sulthan R S
19 Razeem Sulthan R S 11 dagar sedan
Juve fan
Gianmaria Pecorari
Gianmaria Pecorari 11 dagar sedan
Juventus ❤🔝😎
arden4juve 11 dagar sedan
great video footage... always love to watch the review from seri a
Ayushmaan Sharma
Ayushmaan Sharma 11 dagar sedan
We expect Juve to do much much better in the next matches❤️😘
kodoxlucu 9 dagar sedan
@Pranay oh okay, like you said no competition in the last 10 years. Does milan not playing in the last 10 years? Excuses, you'll need it when milan lost the top at the end, LOL
Pranay 9 dagar sedan
@kodoxlucu with no competition in seria a in last decade but now d time is changed... Only money can earn u trophies... but something sacrifices and strong mentality can earn u lot more den d trophies which milan is proving right now....so keep ur penaldo n come somewhere else 😂😂😂u idiot
kodoxlucu 9 dagar sedan
@Pranay yes, 10 points, make it interesting, coz we have 9 more scudetto in the last 10 years.
Pranay 10 dagar sedan
@Laeica wezlar still we have 10 point more then juve.... So sed 😂😂😂
Laeica wezlar
Laeica wezlar 10 dagar sedan
@Pranay defeating Milan doesnt bring joy to Juve. Even your first team is below Lazio, let alone Juventus. I’m not a hater, Milan’s Kaka era team was a beast.
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 11 dagar sedan
Unforgettable Chiesa 🔥🔥
Faiq Yasir
Faiq Yasir 11 dagar sedan
Isn't there a match tonight you have to be there messi barca needs you
Sportd_ Key
Sportd_ Key 11 dagar sedan
Всем Привет Друзья)Оцените видео буду очень благодарен)selosk.info/class/video/jmZztaicvXmnzpc.html
Wizz Fizz
Wizz Fizz 11 dagar sedan
Although not trying to discredit them. The rossineri were missing many key players
Daniele V
Daniele V 10 dagar sedan
@vex 13 no one like milan
vex 13
vex 13 11 dagar sedan
Nobody cares. Every club have that problem now.
Giridhar Babu
Giridhar Babu 11 dagar sedan
Forza juve 💪💪
Pranay 10 dagar sedan
@Giridhar Babu uefa championsleague tittle 7 - 2 😉
Giridhar Babu
Giridhar Babu 10 dagar sedan
Score 3-1 lol
Pranay 10 dagar sedan
Forza milan
Franco, passione natura
Fantastic friend
RossonARI TV
RossonARI TV 11 dagar sedan
Wouldn’t have happened if Zlatan and Bennacer were playing
roc moses
roc moses 11 dagar sedan
@Divenaldo Penaldo He can scored easily unlike other star from Camp nou. Miss penalty n retired long time ago. Now no one knows where he is hiding?? 😂😂😂
Oliver Lock
Oliver Lock 11 dagar sedan
What about missing Cuadrado and Alex Sandro?
Giridhar Babu
Giridhar Babu 11 dagar sedan
@Fabio Lo Gerfo agreed
Fabio Lo Gerfo
Fabio Lo Gerfo 11 dagar sedan
@Divenaldo Penaldo at least he can score penalties, zlatan can't even do that 🤫
Dwayne k27ism
Dwayne k27ism 11 dagar sedan
Артем Сейранян
Naman Rana
Naman Rana 11 dagar sedan
Op 🔥🔥🔥
Nikita Oliinyk
Nikita Oliinyk 11 dagar sedan
Nice Edit.
63 motovlog
63 motovlog 11 dagar sedan
Mau ngumpulin warga +62
WhiteRed ***
WhiteRed *** 11 dagar sedan
Juve champions league.
will salazar ramirez
will salazar ramirez 11 dagar sedan
andiamo vinciamo la juventus fc vecchia signora italiana amici 🇮🇹, saluti da chiclayo perù 🇵🇪, grazie mille.
Fook สายชิวล์
selosk.info/class/video/oqSmuKSQnWSauac.html เรียนออนไลน์ฮาๆ
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Flying RC Car
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