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14 jan 2021



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Wild Typhlosion
Wild Typhlosion 2 timmar sedan
longest TigerBelly of mah life.
Kartik 2 timmar sedan
He cannot stop interrupting. Hijacking the show just like he does with jokes
Randy Ayo
Randy Ayo 2 timmar sedan
He never saw Bill Cosby 🤣
Jake Oviatt
Jake Oviatt 14 timmar sedan
Your a bum Carlos
T Y 20 timmar sedan
Is the I'm your father shirt neds wearing a shot at bobby?
Morgan Owens
Morgan Owens 23 timmar sedan
Is anyone else SO CONFUSED about the rape thing????
Morgan Owens
Morgan Owens Dag sedan
It’s so painful every time Khalyla gets interrupted bc Carlos thinks he has a better input than whatever she has to say
John Magerl
John Magerl Dag sedan
It is sad to see this man absolutely fail to take any accountability for the things he did. Everything is someone else’s fault. He is looking for answers... lol. He just won’t listen to any answer where he is at all at fault. Really sad. But now I will listen to this show cause this was real shit.
Moz garage
Moz garage Dag sedan
I've heard Bobby's dad jokes and they do stand in the same field as Freddy Soto.
Moz garage
Moz garage Dag sedan
If I shave my face I look just like Carlos mancia
Vatn Ormr
Vatn Ormr Dag sedan
Bobby really gave him an out in this episode, he didn't take it. Guys delusional.
Aduha Dx
Aduha Dx Dag sedan
Carlos is genuinely a narcissistic thief, period.
emil gigante
emil gigante Dag sedan
The Heart of Ned...Is way more appealing than the Mind of Mencia
malkinmalone Dag sedan
Imagine someone as hacky as carlos critiquing other comics.
Dora Lann
Dora Lann Dag sedan
it sounds like he knows rape allegations are about to come forward and he's prepping
Hulks Sparrow
Hulks Sparrow Dag sedan
He keeps saying if he apologizes and he'll try to help somebody out if he can like give them a spot or something, bro all the people that you supposedly did steal from are mostly huge now and don't need any fucking help from anybody let alone you man. I don't hate the guy but he still talks like he has a big head and if it weren't for him a lot of motherfuckers would be pieces of shit pretty much not saying he didn't help them but you know what I mean. I felt like that conversation just went in about 20 circles..
musickislife1 Dag sedan
Never seen Bobby so bummed out
M Dag sedan
Please 👏 stop 👏comparing👏 rape 👏to 👏 stealing👏 a👏 joke. 👏 Fucking gross
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Dag sedan
Hey Ned, you probably shouldn't read past this comment.
That Guy
That Guy Dag sedan
So we all agree he stole that shit right? 😂
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 dagar sedan
Bobby called Carlos and ruined Aris shot at playing Jesus on Mind Of Mencia....in the future he denies this to Aris face.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 dagar sedan
Why does she randomly put a covid mask on and off the whole episode? Fucking weirdos...They're already separated with a glass...y'all are trained really well aint ya?
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 dagar sedan
Ned and I share a birthday.
Alfie Fry
Alfie Fry 2 dagar sedan
He was apologising but then saying he didn’t do anything. So he is saying two different things . He should of just stick to one thing , but he done two things .
Jerry Strange III
Jerry Strange III 2 dagar sedan
Bobby'll tell you! Code for "Bobby you better fuckin' back me right now."
Mrbeanzzz 2 dagar sedan
Hey Ned did you get a 100m deal too? Hahahahaha fat turd. Shouldn’t of stolen jokes
vlissinger 3 dagar sedan
I can't think of one person known for being a German, who gives germans a bad name like this guy does.
Juan Doz
Juan Doz 3 dagar sedan
This guy is an asshole the hole time. pun intended
Anthony Wandowicz
Anthony Wandowicz 3 dagar sedan
There better not be white men whining and asking people to feel sorry for them. All this resentment between races is manufactured by the media and hollywood.. as a white man I dont see any of that negative bull shit the media sells. Fuck en
Ian Bezzant
Ian Bezzant 3 dagar sedan
Mencia talking about his openers: "Dude, if I hear one fuckin joke that I've heard before, your off the fuckin tour." Ned should've heeded his own advice.
Greg Younger
Greg Younger 3 dagar sedan
It’s so hard to watch a podcast with someone holding a mask over there face
raafat chalar
raafat chalar 3 dagar sedan
Khalyla having the mask on is just stupid and annoying
Luke Milyo
Luke Milyo 3 dagar sedan
I like the “I am your father” shirt... like even his shirt is arrogantly suggesting that he made Bobby or something...
Amara Feldpausch
Amara Feldpausch 3 dagar sedan
I used to love Carlos!! And when I watched this, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Deal Carlos, Comparing what you did to RAPE? I’m sorry what??? And all he could talk about is how he helped all these guys over and over and over and not once sincerely apologized. You made yourself look like a victim. Internet is right, you’re selfish and egotistical.
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 3 dagar sedan
He flexed his memory 🤦🏽‍♂️
cirelachlan 3 dagar sedan
This was a hard one to watch/listen to. The low key "I know some bad people" threat at the end was cringe
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 3 dagar sedan
Bobby looked bed ridden the entire time
AM 3 dagar sedan
I appreciate Khalyla calling Carlos out on his rape comment, that’s the type of shit that makes Carlos so unlikeable
Adam 3 dagar sedan
Prety sociopathic behavior... the way he keeps evading and lying and pretty much gaslighting them with his "I'm an amazing guy" stories troughout the whole thing... scary
Doug S
Doug S 3 dagar sedan
At the end he says something like "people see me as self centered, egotistical, only looking out for me" after being all these things for an hour and a half everytime he opened his mouth 😂😂
J C 3 dagar sedan
Only 30 jokes was stollen during the making of this episode....Carlos must of been taking a day off.
Youre Name
Youre Name 4 dagar sedan
And yes his joke stealing is serious and not petty at all. She was a moron for trying to defend him so much. His stealing jokes takes away from other people's careers and effects their whole life and what they are trying to do with comedy, as a career. And then he had the nerve to sit here and complain that it cost him millions. It's like a person steals your car and then complains that they have to pay for it later lol. So stupid. You deserved to be charged, career and money wise. You are a thief.
Youre Name
Youre Name 4 dagar sedan
So basically he is still denying he stole jokes lol.
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 4 dagar sedan
Did Ned wear that on purpose?
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 4 dagar sedan
1:05:04 what the fuck 1:04:36 context
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 4 dagar sedan
Was khalyla trying to hide her facial expressions?
Geefunk 4 dagar sedan
I’m a fan Ned, just stop. The whole rape explanation is stupid, no disrespect but come on man!!!! I really hope that you yourself sat down and listen to yourself in this interview and if you still don’t see it, then just know that your pride is what’s shredding your legacy. You hurt your fans too, do I have to get names and signatures so you can apologize to every single one?!??! see how stupid that sounds like it’s all love man just get over it
Geefunk 4 dagar sedan
NED!! Your friends are trying to help u. Ur problem is you’re not listening. there are times where we need to shut up and listen and just do the right fucking thing. just apologize. Why is it so important about wanting to know to who. To Ur fans(me) the world, just apologize, fuck! 👂🏼
Bendez 4 dagar sedan
whats up NED
basedsilly 4 dagar sedan
this pod was so hard to watch. I’ve never seen Bobby’s body language like that. and he’s acting as if he singlehandedly made Bobby’s career.
Andre Wade
Andre Wade 5 dagar sedan
I find it interesting that the comics who’ve been accused of stealing - Robin Williams, Dice Clay, Dane Cook, Jay Moore, Carlos Mencia, Amy Schumer - have all had great success in standup, TV and Movies. Sounds like envy to me?
Figueroa Films
Figueroa Films 4 dagar sedan
Not envy they did steal jokes.
Kevin Serrano
Kevin Serrano 5 dagar sedan
14 years in comedy jail.... has Ned done his time?
Still blastin
Still blastin 5 dagar sedan
when your bit is Latino how can your jokes sound similar to bill cosby or ari by accident? I was born at night just not last night..
Rob'sWorld 5 dagar sedan
I don't know if Carlos has spoken about this like this before I'm glad to have heard he's side. I've never took part in attacking him but I did believe what was said about him with what little was presented as evidence I was wrong and want to apologize for my part in that.
First Last
First Last 5 dagar sedan
Fook the apologies I think Mencia should silence the critics and start doing open mics again when people say "hey aren't you Mencia " he can reply "no man my name is ned and im a funny mother fer" and let your energy do the rest
passerby 5 dagar sedan
You know shit got real when Tiger Belly goes 2 hours and they had to skiep unhelpful advice
passerby 5 dagar sedan
Yo i watch this podcast every week how did i miss the Mencia episode!!!
passerby 5 dagar sedan
After this Carlos Mencia started a new podcast with his filipina girlfriend called "NachoBelly"
Sam 6 dagar sedan
It's not lost on me that Ned wore a shirt that says "I AM YOUR FATHER" in huge font. Ned seems like a good guy but also a very strategic person who never considered he would ever get exposed.
Ken Upton
Ken Upton 7 dagar sedan
Wow. Watch this dude talk about Bobby getting beat up, compare himself to an accused rapist, NOT APOLOGIZE, bring up Bobby crashing a car, bring up racist jokes several times, and then try to finish off by low key threatening anyone who talks shit about him. MIND OF MENCIA IS LOCO.
William Hernandez
William Hernandez 7 dagar sedan
Lol Carlos mencias shirt throwing subliminally can’t get over how Bobby be low key grilling it
Jacob Sirak
Jacob Sirak 8 dagar sedan
I legitimately can’t comprehend how someone can lie this hard, like wow.
Richard Vienneau
Richard Vienneau 8 dagar sedan
Only made it 10 minutes in.
Joe S
Joe S 8 dagar sedan
When this guy was blowing up, America was going through some unprecedented post 9/11 shit. The internet was taking off and comedy was based on some very specific and very common premises. Everyone was doing material on Bush, Iraq, race and tech. Comedy was incredibly dynamic at the time. So similar acts were common. This guy was doing identical bits not just similar premises and was known to record acts and repeat those acts while bumping the comics who wrote them!
Maverick’s Journal
Maverick’s Journal 8 dagar sedan
53:45 He will always have an excuse. he will always believe his own stories no matter how many people try to nicely and kindly get him to tell the truth. and of course attacking him for it really wont work! Joke Thief! lying fucker! that really Does not help either, and it really just makes it worse. he has been called out now on this for 14 years now. He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder guys! He truly needs help. but will likely never Seek it, however its really ironic if he just would have truly apologized back then he would be back doing huge shows! but he has kept the lie going for so long truly admitting it even now after 14 years of bullshitting his career will likely still be over. very sad! but Ned did this to himself! and he is No True real comic in my book! but an example of a textbook narcissist people should take note on
Justin Wical
Justin Wical 8 dagar sedan
I feel skeptical that Chapelle Show needed a “companion show”, much less one with Ned Holmes
Mega Nova
Mega Nova 57 minuter sedan
He didn’t need one but at the time with mencia’s popularity it was probably a genius idea for the network
Sunny Reyes
Sunny Reyes 9 dagar sedan
I can’t stand him. Mind of Mencia was bad. I’m tired of him making all Hispanic jokes “Mexican jokes” even though he’s from Honduras. He’s gross. I really wish he didn’t do voices for animation. RANGO....was he really the ONLY person they could think of? (I have kids so I get stuck watching these). He acts like a victim instead of owning up to being a thief.
Tyler Campbell
Tyler Campbell 9 dagar sedan
Does anybody else still drink when they hear Bobby Lee say "The thing is is that"
Michael Miller
Michael Miller 2 dagar sedan
They all died from alcohol poisoning
Rick Harding
Rick Harding 9 dagar sedan
I wonder how many of the "mencia haters" are also going at that hack Amy Schumer. This guy gets so much shit you would have sworn he molested somebody's kid or something lol.
Raziaar 9 dagar sedan
Stop comparing rape to stealing jokes. EDIT: Yes, thank you Khalyla.
james payne
james payne 10 dagar sedan
It’s so obvious that he’s trying desperately to deflect from him stealing jokes which he absolutely knows he did and project a completely different narrative about why he has been blacklisted. I have zero sympathy for that man this just makes him look like an entitled coward who’s massively full of himself!
sal m
sal m 10 dagar sedan
Mr Robot
Mr Robot 10 dagar sedan
Wow, Joe Rogan sure fucked him up, he looks like every young man's nightmare lmao
IJustPickedAScab 10 dagar sedan
This is painful to watch...wish Bobby would just let it rip
Pine Barrens
Pine Barrens 10 dagar sedan
Count the number of times bobby gives khalyla a side look like "u hearin this shit?" Lmao
roberto rubio
roberto rubio 10 dagar sedan
What if he is telling the truth? He did say he recorded himself since the 90s so there is proof he said it first, maybe they should make a video of all the comedians showing him proof he stole there joke, still never seen 1 of those
Justin Hitoki
Justin Hitoki 11 dagar sedan
LOL He admitted he took jokes! And everyone said he took notes when people were performing! He said he NEVER watched anyone perform, unfortunately, video said he did, and he was taking notes! 😆
Kai Proctor
Kai Proctor 11 dagar sedan
I can write an apology for you if it would make you more comfortable ?
Mo D
Mo D 12 dagar sedan
What’s the name of that song that plays at the end??
JYUNbeats 12 dagar sedan
Carlos "I just don't know WHO to apologize to?!" Mencia.
Old School
Old School 12 dagar sedan
Damn Ned you cought a big L on this one wey
mrspenguinlips 13 dagar sedan
This was probably my least favorite ep of Tiger Belly. Carlos was a bad guest and a poor conversationalist. He loves to hear himself talk and interrupts others constantly. For a comedian, he inspired NO laughter in two hours. Kudos to Bobby and Khalyla for trying to help him but this is someone who has clearly created a revised history in his mind. His inability to address what happened is why he remains persona non grata in the comedy world.
Jordan Urashi
Jordan Urashi 13 dagar sedan
Ned says "its not that im defending" as he is defending
Marky Sharky
Marky Sharky 13 dagar sedan
Fervently comparing rape to joke stealing as a means to make it look like you could never doesn’t sit with me right.
NotMe, 14 dagar sedan
Mancia sounds like Rogan for some reason...
Rich Jenkins
Rich Jenkins 14 dagar sedan
Horrible person Ned is. The bumping story is excuses and bad shit.
J 14 dagar sedan
"Pride goethe before destruction" - Dude is really ready to die on a hill that he's already lost on. It happened and it has already destroyed so much of your career, why double or triple down and not take the multiple outs that has been offered to him in just this one episode alone. Just feels like so much raw talent, as far as delivery and charisma alone is going to waste. Whether you hate that he stole jokes or not, you can't take away that he has the personality for entertainment. Just own up to it and apologize for it to get rid of the cloud that hovers over you everywhere you go and then keep grinding using original material. Cold truth is you're not getting any younger man, need to do something before it's too late to revive anything that resembles what once was.
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk 14 dagar sedan
The problem with Ned is he doesn’t listen...unless it’s new material for him. OHHHHH!!!
furnitureconsortium 15 dagar sedan
Jesus.... The amount of delusion is off the charts On top of that, all the bullshit stories......like you talked shit to The D.O.C.? And Shaq was the one who chilled things? Dude, Shaq was still playing in Orlando during that time period. He just happened to be there? I call bullshit on that entire story. He throws these bullshit stories in to deflect away any chance to actually address the real glaring issues and that’s his noted thievery of material. Ned is a joke and will always be one
Hunter Dood
Hunter Dood 15 dagar sedan
Hey isn't that the guy who wrote the "fish sticks" joke??
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 15 dagar sedan
Ned is such a narcissistic person. Holy shit. Everything good that's ever happened to a comedian, he somehow puts himself in the mix to take credit.
Dominic's & Abe's Game Review
Dude just fucking own it and apologize damn it's proven homie man the fuck up
Ketch A. Body
Ketch A. Body 16 dagar sedan
y2jose285 16 dagar sedan
Good for Carlos fuck the hate and everyone that is jealous of his success
Malikai Johnson
Malikai Johnson 16 dagar sedan
This fool said he didn’t send thugs to Bobby then ended sayinh he got family and friends that he stopped from doing fucked up things to people. I feel like that was hella directed towards him. This whole thing was awkward to me.
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631
Damn Bobby really Manned up on this one! Props to him. But I'm not Mad at Carlos, everybodies job is hard .
* Koppe22
* Koppe22 16 dagar sedan
Every story Mencia tells is some sort of glorification of something great he did, everything is tinged with narcissistic nonsense . He stole jokes but that aside he's incredibly delusional and unlikable and has no self awareness .
it's me
it's me 16 dagar sedan
I thought carlos ed did alright skating around subjects and said his story well but he fu*ked up at the very end when he mentioned his people wanted to go after the guy (joe rogan) that ruined his career. Way to look stupid acting like you're hard as fu*k.
it's me
it's me 9 dagar sedan
@IJustPickedAScab agreed
IJustPickedAScab 10 dagar sedan
He’s such a narcissist...I imagine he was getting cocky by how much BS (he perceived) Bobby and Khalyla were letting him get away with, and decided to double down....
Jackson 16 dagar sedan
The denial of Mencia’s joke stealing is crazy. There’s no way he’ll ever admit to it. Period.
Alex Lafuente
Alex Lafuente 17 dagar sedan
I used to not like Carlos but if has the receipts and has recorded his shows since 1993 . Shit then why don’t people just confront him about it and go through the videos . Evidence triumphs at the end of the day .
Lefty southpaw 336 * 631
Just here for the roasting ..lol. advice for you mencia: dont apologize any more . Fccck those people , save ur pride.
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