Cardi B - Up [Official Music Video] 

Cardi B
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Cardi B - Up

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Atlantic Records
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
Director: Tanu Muino
Exec Producer: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
Producer: Tay Hawes
Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
1st AD: Jonas Morales
Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Color: Dave Hussey
Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
Choreography: Sean Bankhead
Styling: Kollin Carter
Hair: Tokyo Stylez
Makeup: Erika LaPearl
Nails: Marie Nailz


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4 feb 2021



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shanece walcott
shanece walcott 4 timmar sedan
I can't stop loving you cardiB❤😘😘
King JJ
King JJ 4 timmar sedan
At 1:08 cardi kissed a girl she sus
Fatima. Alvarez
Fatima. Alvarez 4 timmar sedan
Idk how this song is so popular
K. González
K. González 4 timmar sedan
Esta canción me vuelve mas perra que antes ✨
Leonard Van
Leonard Van 4 timmar sedan
" A Happy Ending", here on heavenly earth,😅😅😅a great video and song !!!
jisoo soup
jisoo soup 4 timmar sedan
Cardi Queen
Hayden Poegelt
Hayden Poegelt 4 timmar sedan
Ayo let’s make this the most disliked video ever!
kai edwrads
kai edwrads 4 timmar sedan
Cardi b is fucked up
xMagie 4 timmar sedan
Anna Mosley
Anna Mosley 4 timmar sedan
Kulture..mommy u on tv Cardi..yes babe close your eyes Kulture.up up up then it's stuck. Mommy what that means Cardi..shut your mouth babe.
teofeo333 4 timmar sedan
only slightly disturbing and completely depressing
MEANINGLESS 4 timmar sedan
the version of human life. "if it's up, then it's up, than it's stuck" lol
Sunflower Anna
Sunflower Anna 5 timmar sedan
I just found out this is a song from @Poptoonstv
Karli Pierson
Karli Pierson 5 timmar sedan
I love cardi b songs so much 🎧🥰😘😍❤️
Lisacore _
Lisacore _ 5 timmar sedan
Killer Bee
Killer Bee 5 timmar sedan
Shout out to cardi for showing us she got moves
Flex the Wolf
Flex the Wolf 5 timmar sedan
This is the sexist ad for *up* 2
PUNKDOLL 5 timmar sedan
you're my fucking idol i luv u cardi queen b
Jennifer Bbhamps
Jennifer Bbhamps 5 timmar sedan
This is so bad 🤢🤢🤢
Otavio Miguel
Otavio Miguel 5 timmar sedan
thanks for commenting on this shit. It will help spread the music and its visualization will give Cardi b more money
Jennifer Bbhamps
Jennifer Bbhamps 5 timmar sedan
Sympathy and payola
luhvermar 4 timmar sedan
shut up spamming
Jennifer Bbhamps
Jennifer Bbhamps 5 timmar sedan
Sympathy and payola
Jennifer Bbhamps
Jennifer Bbhamps 5 timmar sedan
Sympathy and payola
Jennifer Bbhamps
Jennifer Bbhamps 5 timmar sedan
Sympathy and payola
Arhun Beyik
Arhun Beyik 5 timmar sedan
The beat is similar to G-Eazy - No Limit
Arhun Beyik
Arhun Beyik 4 timmar sedan
@luhvermar yep she was
luhvermar 4 timmar sedan
wasn’t she on that song?
Mexsly Martinez
Mexsly Martinez 5 timmar sedan
cardib is on fires babygril she is the best raper
Se Bastian
Se Bastian 5 timmar sedan
It all started somehow with human nature by Madonna... But Cardi is a little bit too much.. But still like her
Becsther Tip-offs
Becsther Tip-offs 5 timmar sedan
I lost it when she said ´´you got pink eye´´ daaamn hahahahah
Alexandrea Macdowell
Alexandrea Macdowell 5 timmar sedan
I love this song
Yannie Davis
Yannie Davis 5 timmar sedan
Your awesome
oz vi
oz vi 5 timmar sedan
1:49 salute to the dude planking naked just so that Cardi could rest and chill with her wine 😂😂
Ryan Dickerson
Ryan Dickerson 5 timmar sedan
The music video is amazing!
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy 5 timmar sedan
I searched for Up...
CHILLKRISTOFER 6 timmar sedan
Dlaczego polskie raperki tak nie umieją śpiewać fajnie ...
Grace Sullivan
Grace Sullivan 6 timmar sedan
CECELIA BARR 6 timmar sedan
Hru mami?
CECELIA BARR 6 timmar sedan
CECELIA BARR 6 timmar sedan
I'm ugly 2
LilCrybabes 6 timmar sedan
Disney not gonna like this😂
Roland Whitehawk
Roland Whitehawk 6 timmar sedan
That beat is catchy as hell. So simple yet so genius. Love it
Jessica Hurst
Jessica Hurst 6 timmar sedan
Love this song !!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
ebushisw ilasi
ebushisw ilasi 6 timmar sedan
While you are different or others countries are different of those (w.g.b.)usa you're fried.🍔🍜🍲☕🍵🥃🥃🍾🍾💀💀💀🚽🚽🚽💀🛌🛌
Helen Ryan
Helen Ryan 6 timmar sedan
Absolutely disgusting. Should be BANNED.
Meerqeen 6 timmar sedan
You should be banned. Work it Cardi girll
teresa 6 timmar sedan
when the beat is fire but the artist ain't
Izzy Alvarez
Izzy Alvarez 6 timmar sedan
who is here in March 2021 ????
zumatoobs 7 timmar sedan
So bad. Don’t let your kids read DR Seuss, but hey them on cardi b BS... hahaha so wack
Hazy Baby
Hazy Baby 7 timmar sedan
Yoou stoll some one song
luhvermar 4 timmar sedan
mhm, that is nOt cOrrEct
Gisela Ramírez
Gisela Ramírez 7 timmar sedan
Soy el comentario en español que buscabas❤️
Jenae Ferguson
Jenae Ferguson 7 timmar sedan
Amber_momsitter ciiuxo & ciiuxp
Jennifer Cuddy
Jennifer Cuddy 8 timmar sedan
Cardi looks so beautiful.
renzobyd 8 timmar sedan
andrea 8 timmar sedan
Supreme Carter
Supreme Carter 8 timmar sedan
Broke men in chat😭✋
NaNa 8 timmar sedan
So you don't deserve a 🇵.🇺.🇸.🇸.🇾
Rain H
Rain H 8 timmar sedan
Cardi B's "Up" and Meg's "Body" both sound like workout songs for kids (like on kid shows or for school gym class, haha), but adult version! Love em!! 🥳👊💥🙌⚡🆙⤴️⬆️🥳
Kenneth 8 timmar sedan
Joder no se por que me siento tan perra 😳😳😳😳😳
Bruh Why
Bruh Why 8 timmar sedan
Fun fact: the people who disliked are idiots
8D SRBIJA 8 timmar sedan
didn't know that music is so bad today..........you don't need talent anymore just turn on mic and sing
Luiza Lukosiunas
Luiza Lukosiunas 8 timmar sedan
A melhor parte dessa música ser em inglês é: eu posso escutar sem receber bronca dos pais Cadê os br 🇧🇷 ?
Chase Repka
Chase Repka 8 timmar sedan
Ummm 🍒🥓🥩🤑🤑😴
Maarten Jennis
Maarten Jennis 8 timmar sedan
Love this shit!!!
Lima Rahman
Lima Rahman 8 timmar sedan
Yeaah her daughter is gona need therapy.
Adriana Zaia
Adriana Zaia 9 timmar sedan
Ok my mom hates u
Eliyungboy 9 timmar sedan
the beat hit so hard XD
cloudybrain 9 timmar sedan
Every time Cardi B casually talks about her vajayjay.. Im thinking of the universe - an everlasting infinite void full of vast empty space expanding at a cosmic rate
Mariana Muniz
Mariana Muniz 9 timmar sedan
so beautiful OMG
Yimeylis Sanchez
Yimeylis Sanchez 9 timmar sedan
Yo agradecida con el de arriba por no saber Inglés 😌
Artur Sibagatullin
Artur Sibagatullin 9 timmar sedan
I am happy what my parents don’t understand and speak English so they can’t enjoy it.
DD Adams
DD Adams 9 timmar sedan
I saw she didn't have on her other shoe Mommy;don't lisen to that:me:ok I will up the its up the its down
Jordan Roopnarine
Jordan Roopnarine 9 timmar sedan
I pray that all of you guys would have great UPcoming things ahead of u !!!
bff plxys
bff plxys 9 timmar sedan
1:33 🤣
DEAUNA WOOLEY 9 timmar sedan
i bet them girls was having trouble holding cardi sence she so thik i love you cardi
Marsello 9 timmar sedan
дизы фанатки инстасосалки поставили )))
Ale Streamer
Ale Streamer 9 timmar sedan
Foda se Card B Nick Minaj mandou lembranças kkkkkk
Jose Real
Jose Real 9 timmar sedan
If is up then stop
Eud Marc
Eud Marc 9 timmar sedan
Cardi b feat john-bieber
Rico Malambo Elizabeth Sofia
I think cardi would act very well in a movie
GalacticJuice 9 timmar sedan
Am setting this as my alarm so I can wake up before it plays and shut it off
michael alvarado
michael alvarado 9 timmar sedan
Algun español?
stasiabv6 10 timmar sedan
Why Cardi B looks so much like Nicki Minaj?...she even raps like her.
Timara Bailey
Timara Bailey 10 timmar sedan
C2trappy 10 timmar sedan
voxy 10 timmar sedan
Does she really mean that about broke boys?
Ar. CUBANA 10 timmar sedan
Choreography doe😩😩😩😩😩
Kageyama’s Tangerine
Kageyama’s Tangerine 10 timmar sedan
I didn’t even know that she had a new music video until now 😅😅😅 I saw the ad and I searched up
chrisgios 10 timmar sedan
Please tell me that's not what I think it is... 1:05
montadher akhtar
montadher akhtar 10 timmar sedan
😔sorry but it's the fact !! Imagine what do you want 🙂🔥
HENRY MORALES 10 timmar sedan
I know that's right
Jenna Nair
Jenna Nair 10 timmar sedan
Waiting for Kidzbop to make a song out of this... ☕👀
MiRa BiEn
MiRa BiEn 10 timmar sedan
Covid: hoy se come xD Te amo Cardy❤✨
Naldo Receitas
Naldo Receitas 10 timmar sedan
I am from brazil and Cardi a Love
Naldo Receitas
Naldo Receitas 10 timmar sedan
Sou do Brasil e aqui todos amam a Cardi B
Sven Bängberg
Sven Bängberg 10 timmar sedan
This is vulgar
Aphiwe Magaya
Aphiwe Magaya 10 timmar sedan
Just checked behind the scenes
•Itz_Ellie Røbløx•
•Itz_Ellie Røbløx• 10 timmar sedan
Pray for the kids that typed "The up movie...." 👁️👄👁️
Goofy Flan
Goofy Flan 10 timmar sedan
Nicki Minaj effed their childhood up with that AWFUL 'Trollz' cRaP, so there's nothing original about this.
Mariechu Villegas
Mariechu Villegas 10 timmar sedan
parents be like......\
Joseph Stewart
Joseph Stewart 10 timmar sedan
Why this only got 73 mill views?
Goofy Flan
Goofy Flan 10 timmar sedan
Cauz people are TIRED of hearing her talk about her cAt.
Gaming with Ej
Gaming with Ej 10 timmar sedan
if its up then its up then its UP!
Sienna Hurst
Sienna Hurst 10 timmar sedan
It’s COVID gurl
Prasad Kumta
Prasad Kumta 10 timmar sedan
Rip to kids who search for up movie in you tube and endup here ...😑
Aleyna Erdal
Aleyna Erdal 11 timmar sedan
What a emotional song
FELIPE FERRARI 11 timmar sedan
card b you really and sensational i love your songs. #perfection
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this is fire
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