Building the Quickest Minecraft Houses I can think of... 

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Grian shows Building the Quickest Minecraft Houses I can think of... I think the title says it all. These are minecraft houses for people who want to spend as little time as possible building


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29 jun 2019



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Mini Crewmate
Mini Crewmate Timme sedan
You know that villager sleeping comment well he stole from the comment village exist hipity hopity your probity is mine like why
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen 3 timmar sedan
Greyson Moore
Greyson Moore 11 timmar sedan
Gooooood bye
Hofner58magic 12 timmar sedan
At 4:56 there are pillagers in the corner!😁
Funny Unicorn
Funny Unicorn 12 timmar sedan
Villagers:hmmmmmm hello Players: House is my entire house now boiiiiiiiiiii Villagers:WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Players:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;D Creator of Minecraft: oh man are you kidding me
sara cavaliere
sara cavaliere 18 timmar sedan
Ilove the temple house
Dr Ujjwala Goswami
Dr Ujjwala Goswami 19 timmar sedan
Can you do a face reveal ?
Azrin Wirsat
Azrin Wirsat 21 timme sedan
I /wild.. and I accept player tpa.. then I saw a ladder to up mushroom.. I go in there and found a stuff in chest..
Tipsay Tipsay
Tipsay Tipsay 22 timmar sedan
3:55 :OMG The Pillagers!
Pukify 23 timmar sedan
in the sand temple i saw piligers
Little Abra
Little Abra Dag sedan
I've made a mushroom house before. It really is easy
Adnan playz
Adnan playz Dag sedan
It's Miss Mickey!
I really noice the temple house! It uses up a decent amount of time, and it is actually really cute, and a smart idea. It also is pretty easy. Thank-you!
Ayaan Gaming
Ayaan Gaming Dag sedan
I have the best house. Here’s how to get it 1. Find a village before you get destroyed by zombie. 2. Steal some villagers house 3. Leave him to die. 4. DONE
Toybonnie Glitch quantum
Grian and the mushroom house Me : First time???
Buddy TT
Buddy TT Dag sedan
I did'nt dig a hole inside of a cliff A creeper did it for me so what can i say
50 F500
50 F500 Dag sedan
I have treehouse too that i found from the dark forest that i built
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 2 dagar sedan
FromPalletTown 2 dagar sedan
People who saw the illagers at 4:51 | V
IAN DAWSON SÁNCHEZ 2 dagar sedan
1:59 wow, this mansion actually has a back to it!
Fritz Gerald
Fritz Gerald 2 dagar sedan
7:52 yeah, I did it a lot
Renu Rawat
Renu Rawat 2 dagar sedan
4:44 who saw that group of illagers spawn?
Kate May
Kate May 2 dagar sedan
does anyone notice he has pillagers by him 2 times?
Ron95 Weirdo
Ron95 Weirdo 3 dagar sedan
Pillagers in 3:58 : u done?
Shane Shubert
Shane Shubert 3 dagar sedan
*This is faster then i can build one block* ;w;
Nitz Olorvida
Nitz Olorvida 3 dagar sedan
He went to creative for the glass pane
Kian PH
Kian PH 4 dagar sedan
Thank you so much Now I can build the easy way😄
Eva McGarty
Eva McGarty 4 dagar sedan
No one: Literally no one: Me: *is literally dying bc Grian was mining dirt with a diamond pick*
Josiah Barbera-Tentas
Josiah Barbera-Tentas 4 dagar sedan
In 2015
Josiah Barbera-Tentas
Josiah Barbera-Tentas 4 dagar sedan
Dude I new the mushroom house back in 1.2.1
Xuesheng Ma
Xuesheng Ma 4 dagar sedan
The oak wood in the valley looks like a huge abandoned mineshaft 😂
Phyllis Yan
Phyllis Yan 4 dagar sedan
You need to find a desert temple? Starter house?
Kaylee Banks
Kaylee Banks 4 dagar sedan
Grian- Some people don't want to make a big house Meh who finished making my friend a giant house in creative mode: You be wrong also meh- What did I just type this makes no sense
Muaadh Mohammad
Muaadh Mohammad 4 dagar sedan
I loved the mushroom house
Noreakpong Chitra
Noreakpong Chitra 4 dagar sedan
Slime : hey is that ur house Me: yeah I did it in a mushroom Slime:can I go in? Ummmmm: Slime: *Killed me*
Milo Alexander
Milo Alexander 4 dagar sedan
There were pillagers on the desert temple house
jai pubg
jai pubg 4 dagar sedan
Hey,your voice is so melodious i like your voice 😍😍
Sarita Rajpoot
Sarita Rajpoot 4 dagar sedan
I know what the quickest house.... Just collect some sand, jump and build 7 blocks upwards and then make a small platform by uaing at least 5 dirt blocks... READY 😁!
Brandino Bambino
Brandino Bambino 5 dagar sedan
Bippity boppity your house is my property
jodi perin
jodi perin 5 dagar sedan
among us fire
among us fire 5 dagar sedan
my favorot part is 5:57
Aline Renner
Aline Renner 5 dagar sedan
*_Please stop breaking grass and wood stuff with the pickaxe_*
Aleah Steenhoff
Aleah Steenhoff 5 dagar sedan
Subscribe to Non Stop Nate
Emine Atalay
Emine Atalay 5 dagar sedan
Or make your house in woodland mansion. Making your house mansion is means UNLIMITED TOTEM OF UNDYING. And so many chest , an instant farm , tree farm
Emine Atalay
Emine Atalay 5 dagar sedan
I am 4 parallel universe ahead of you!
Kyle Miller’s
Kyle Miller’s 5 dagar sedan
Number: 1 or u can just steal a woodlend mansion PST: go in creative to do /kill @e then all pillagers will be killed:end of PST
Alex Armanto Yn Nhie
Alex Armanto Yn Nhie 5 dagar sedan
I have been build a temple house. And then i know it was ez!
ok ok
ok ok 5 dagar sedan
Is anyone gonna mention the pillagers just vibing next to the desert temple house
Pink Ieong
Pink Ieong 5 dagar sedan
I am a big fan I love your video
ok ok
ok ok 5 dagar sedan
Hey thanks man appreciate it
Lena Carter
Lena Carter 6 dagar sedan
This is my first day I posting on my u tube and I made my Chanel today pls sub I’ll be posting more tomorrow and very consistently p.s. It’s Gacha life stuff
Chill Bean
Chill Bean 6 dagar sedan
It angers me that Grian is using a diamond pickaxe for dirt.
_co.ok.ies_ :3
_co.ok.ies_ :3 6 dagar sedan
Hey! I hope your having a great day! Im a small channel and I post content! Stay Safe!
Siddharth Sandilya
Siddharth Sandilya 6 dagar sedan
Did anyone observe pillagers!
Leslie Carothers
Leslie Carothers 7 dagar sedan
MsBoohooroo 7 dagar sedan
i did the 2 nd wone and try doing it in a vilige well i put all my dimonds in there
KingRenzo38 8 dagar sedan
I wanna play minecraft but i dont have money 😞
ok ok
ok ok 5 dagar sedan
Krupp Family Adventures
i did th tree home the tree insingrated
The Nameless Ghost
The Nameless Ghost 8 dagar sedan
Grian: I'm going to build the most low effort houses I can think of The houses: better than all of my bases combined
Pla Prim
Pla Prim 8 dagar sedan
I transformed the desert temple in my server. In the beginning my friends thought I was crazy, but then they loved it lol
Corbin Donley
Corbin Donley 8 dagar sedan
can you make a part two pls love you. XD
yesno38 ajpw
yesno38 ajpw 8 dagar sedan
I hv watched this video more then 12 times bc im a not so great person (NOOB) at making houses and things in minecraft 😅😂😅😂
Very helpful Grian!
Doggo Records
Doggo Records 8 dagar sedan
What about the spiders? They can just climb over the sandstone fence
Evan Poisson
Evan Poisson 9 dagar sedan
Koni 9 dagar sedan
Ohhh those guys I know them
Koni 9 dagar sedan
You know build it
lukas lunstroo
lukas lunstroo 9 dagar sedan
i mean 00:05 sry
lukas lunstroo
lukas lunstroo 9 dagar sedan
05:00 that is a seed
ZeroTime 9 dagar sedan
3:57 raiders:u making a house?
Glitter Girl
Glitter Girl 10 dagar sedan
Lie Kiauw Nio
Lie Kiauw Nio 10 dagar sedan
I used to build the desert temple until the world got corrupted
huiyan huang
huiyan huang 10 dagar sedan
I’m quite surprised that grian liked one of my comments
Yush Panta
Yush Panta 11 dagar sedan
Minecraft house good trees
ChampionsUnite! 11 dagar sedan
There was a trader in the bottom of the ravine.
Fallen Time builds
Fallen Time builds 11 dagar sedan
I will do a video of me trying grians houses if I get 2 likes
Chloe Pamplona
Chloe Pamplona 11 dagar sedan
i love to watch your videos its amazing
Matyas Pričinský
Matyas Pričinský 12 dagar sedan
I built 2 of your house ideas
Vidar Agebjörn
Vidar Agebjörn 12 dagar sedan
4:52 Why it is two pillagers on the right side??
Izzy O
Izzy O 12 dagar sedan
The ice spike biome is the rarest?! I always bump into one?🤨
Ella Bonkee
Ella Bonkee 12 dagar sedan
But on the cave won how do you get out
L0gan 0
L0gan 0 12 dagar sedan
Cool Kid is best
Cool Kid is best 12 dagar sedan
Thank you much! I finnally made a simple house I change some of the details by the way :b
ARYUSER24 Gaming
ARYUSER24 Gaming 13 dagar sedan
Grian: uses a pickaxe to mine a chest Me: *triggered*
Hamer Arevalo
Hamer Arevalo 13 dagar sedan
This is usefully
Conner Gaming
Conner Gaming 13 dagar sedan
Does Grian realize that the water you jump into to get onto the ground for the ice spike house can freeze
Kamrul's Pen
Kamrul's Pen 13 dagar sedan
Hi there I am at the house now so I’m gonna you have to go home to get the money back to your mom for the money back ya can pick it me and you guys can come tomorrow morning anytime you soon need to me and you get me a little money 💰 was the day job and you have a lot to come up to you soon and you have a good day
Green 13 dagar sedan
Morishqa Allison
Morishqa Allison 13 dagar sedan
What's this name
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 13 dagar sedan
Pl sk this isnt fast but its easy is gonna be helpfully when the caves and cliffs update comes find a luscious cave seal in any exits because spiders put a bed ( do it in cyan or green or some aesthetic color) take you dog and cat I KNOW. You hv a dog and add a small like very small top house for entrance/exit some stairs and ofcourse a uper level farm and enjoy your new house with ur new pet axolotl
Marshy Smiles
Marshy Smiles 13 dagar sedan
There where pillagers at the sand house:/
Mauventures 13 dagar sedan
the moshroom tree house
william blake
william blake 13 dagar sedan
0:20 my dream house.
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson 14 dagar sedan
Did you notice the pillagers at 3:56
Haven 14 dagar sedan
Ana Júlia Quirino
Ana Júlia Quirino 14 dagar sedan
8:09 are pilagers there
Zaid Ahmad
Zaid Ahmad 14 dagar sedan
i made mushroom house before watching your video in minecraft pocket edition and love from india, your idea was over power
Romnick Nitro
Romnick Nitro 14 dagar sedan
hi didint say how much time in the dessert but he said he will said it after tour
Jasmin Kasim Vlogs
Jasmin Kasim Vlogs 14 dagar sedan
Tha musroom is my sekret to build a musroom house but desert temple become house wow good idea bro
Anacleto Muralla
Anacleto Muralla 15 dagar sedan
In her back at the start is the sooky mansion
Kira 15 dagar sedan
I feel personally attacked as I have used every one of these houses at some point
branden crittenden
branden crittenden 15 dagar sedan
Really that is not a mansion that is a house
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