Building a Musical Instrument Out Of Teeth 

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16 sep 2020



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stockicide 33 minuter sedan
Pretty sure the only way you could've gotten different sounds out of the teeth themselves is if the teeth were each made of different materials. Maybe you could've pulled the teeth out, made a mold of each, and poured in like brass, tin, steel, etc. Seems like way too much work.
So did lenovo fix their WiFi issues yet?
Brother Bear Valter
Brother Bear Valter 9 timmar sedan
why does this feel like DIY video for something joker would use.
Justina A.
Justina A. 10 timmar sedan
i want this. like so bad. its the perfect blend of NO and OMG...
CMDR Halofanatiks
CMDR Halofanatiks 21 timme sedan
If the Joker built a music machine... But with less explosives.
Elizabeth Cardenas
I'd like the teeth i get being weired. I could use something weired but nice right now. Good luck in la I'm moving back for my birthday too
madification Dag sedan
Anyone else tear up a bit seeing Simone cry? Love your vids Simone and I love who you are as a person. Keep being amazing girl :)
fuduzan5562 Dag sedan
"4 gigabytes download speed" Screen: 2 gigabits actually, Past Me.
Hussein Beshr
Hussein Beshr Dag sedan
If you changed the teeth material it may work, metal or ceramic..
Sam Oates
Sam Oates Dag sedan
Such a great video! I want one!
drew henne
drew henne Dag sedan
crying while screwing fake teeth
Sam Oates
Sam Oates 2 dagar sedan
You need to watch this video, my friend has taken a groan tube and made it into an alarm clock! We need to make this an official thing! selosk.info/class/video/f4-Jmnxy2KeJzXE.html
glow in the dark star stickers
crying over a workbench full of teeth is the official 2020 mood
The Kasimkage
The Kasimkage 2 dagar sedan
Next up after the maraca teeth percussion section, the trom-bone! Now with real bone!
David Jacobik
David Jacobik 2 dagar sedan
You should use a rhythm sequencer or drumpad controller on your computer and then inside each set of teeth give one a shaker and one a woodblock, and look up like Wintergaaten's marble machine for getting ideas on a matchbox snare or kick sound into your sets of pearly whites... I do like the classic boney rattle sounded you've ended on though, it makes the most sense for a wall of teeth.
bsharpmajorscale 3 dagar sedan
I think I heard somewhere that hand-clapping was originally a sign of derision and dislike.
Adi dela cruz
Adi dela cruz 3 dagar sedan
5:03 Andrews sarcastic mhmm SENT me off to orbit
pqrs_987 3 dagar sedan
8:40 ouch that looks dangerous
Baschz Leeft
Baschz Leeft 3 dagar sedan
tearing up with you. congratulations!!
Crap I Built
Crap I Built 3 dagar sedan
amazing video :)
Lego man
Lego man 4 dagar sedan
She's like Michael Reeves
diane9247 4 dagar sedan
My dear, you have accidentally re-discovered the joy of OG typewriting.
Joel Hopper
Joel Hopper 4 dagar sedan
Coming soon to a concert hall near you! Simone, Scraps, and the Teeth Wall! They're adorable! They're crazy! Brought to you by Qualcomm!
Crypto Kappa
Crypto Kappa 4 dagar sedan
I actually physically reacted when I saw that piano crunched. I literally cringed . That was weird
Mike Russon
Mike Russon 4 dagar sedan
Broke my heart to see you crying until I learned why. Congrats!!! 👍❤️
PandaCat ShiningStarSmilyXD
You walk into a gothic abandoned mansion and the first thing you see in the sunroom is an organ (instrument) except it's a wall of teeth that makes the majestic organ noises and suddenly the beginning of Phantom of The Opera starts playing with no one sitting at the organ and you start to think maybe this mansion is not so abandoned after all
Inchiga 4 dagar sedan
Next time on "what is wrong with me?" Washing machine that makes your clothes dirty and or smell of grandmas.
Steph Ss
Steph Ss 5 dagar sedan
Why don't you use eye protection? You ripping apart the xylophone, gave me massive anxiety. That is terrible influence. Fun video otherwise.
Kimberley B
Kimberley B 5 dagar sedan
Congrats on the house!! 👍❤️
Tres Patterson
Tres Patterson 5 dagar sedan
How have I just now found you?
GhostKitten69 5 dagar sedan
I too started crying when you got your news about the house, but because I was laughing about the absurdity of you getting such emotional news while screwing things into false teeth for the sake of making them into a clacking teeth wall
HelloTardis 5 dagar sedan
Craig Lundie
Craig Lundie 5 dagar sedan
You've possibly already seen this but if you haven't, here's an early birthday present... selosk.info/class/video/fY59pKKEyZuTm58.html
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 5 dagar sedan
10:30 you really screw up on that screw
Shad Life
Shad Life 6 dagar sedan
Congratulations on the house! And yes, this was a weird video and I somehow oddly liked it. It's a strange world.......so let's just make it stranger......LOL
Kthx 6 dagar sedan
Enter Eddy from @twoset violin’s perfect pitch
Aurora 7 dagar sedan
chingching847 8 dagar sedan
"3...2...1..." Me: "Bitch you had one job!!"
Spencer Monteiro
Spencer Monteiro 9 dagar sedan
You mean you don’t know how to tune teeth? Lol
Retro Plus
Retro Plus 9 dagar sedan
That's incredible, this is the only place where you get to see stuff like this
- ALPHAEIUS - 10 dagar sedan
Everyone is moving out of california, and she goes straight in there!
Carlos Alves
Carlos Alves 10 dagar sedan
congrats on the new house i understand very well the felling . i hope you get to be very happy there, you deserve it wish you the best
MrLordMooMoo 10 dagar sedan
Clacking teeth sounds like a zombie horde coming after you. *Nightmare fuel*
AbsoluteXero 10 dagar sedan
As a dentist, I thought the idea of this build was hilarious hahaha
shahid bellamy
shahid bellamy 11 dagar sedan
This was fun to watch. Like my teeth are gappy ehehe
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 11 dagar sedan
7:38 This is where I lost my shit. :D
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 11 dagar sedan
3:27 That's called "engineering".
sirwal27 11 dagar sedan
After Truckla, this is my favourite build. I absolutely wet myself watching it and I'm so so happy for you that you got the house you wanted in L.A. Also, I would be the proudest Australian EVER if I could have those signed teeth. You are awesome.
Marc 11 dagar sedan
I wonder what her mother thinks of this 😂😅
Katrin Baumgarten
Katrin Baumgarten 11 dagar sedan
Simone is the jenna marbles of engineering
junkhead 11 dagar sedan
LmAo I thought she was crying bc of how soul crushing putting everything together is Then I read the text
Scott Andersen
Scott Andersen 11 dagar sedan
That was so awesome...I saw you start to cry and wondered why, then the banner about you getting the house. What a moment! Thank you for leaving that in the video and sharing your emotion!
Shaun McCrimmon
Shaun McCrimmon 11 dagar sedan
Fidget cube instrument?
Fam Nielsen
Fam Nielsen 11 dagar sedan
I Want the last theeths 🦷 and i love your videos
Bojan Majić
Bojan Majić 11 dagar sedan
I see a ring on the ring finger of the right hand...is this a reason for me to be devastated??
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 11 dagar sedan
Bojan Majić: In the countries where Simone has spent most of her time, both the wedding-ring and the engagement-ring are worn on the LEFT hand. Your name suggests that you live amongst many Greek or Russian Orthodox, who are more likely to wear a wedding-ring on the RIGHT hand. (I don't know about engagement-rings for an Orthodox woman, and those didn't even exist until DeBeers decided that males need to spend more money on diamonds.)
Seattle Pete
Seattle Pete 12 dagar sedan
If you like this, check out Look Mum No Computer.
Trevor 12 dagar sedan
Whoah this is the truckla girl
BigFluffyDragon 12 dagar sedan
thanks I hate it! :D
Elisa Machida
Elisa Machida 12 dagar sedan
Ian Zainea
Ian Zainea 12 dagar sedan
top comment
Douw Jendrzejewski
Douw Jendrzejewski 12 dagar sedan
bruh i wish i had teeth that are that perfect
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 12 dagar sedan
It's $189 for a new liner and I need two of them so I guess I need $400 in order to get a new liner then I keep like right my tongue and bite my cheeks and my dentures keep coming out my mouth while eating and just like you know the Bible says God will never give you more than what you can handle but the other day I seen a gargoyle flying over Walmart and has like thing in the wow he's furball he's blue he's got black hair he's got wings like 15 foot wingspan is a 12 foot long and he's got a horn on his heel and two horns on his toes Truckin crazy that's why I'm taking her straight out because it really exists that there really is a bat man there really is a cat man there really is a dog man so I choose you because you're human and I'm narcissistic not really but you look like me you got blonde hair blue eyes and so I mean you and I both know they're blue maybe that's why I chose you and maybe that's why they let us be together
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 12 dagar sedan
I'm running use asking to know and I'm going to ask them to clean up the lines and to send in my bottom teeth with my top teeth and tell him I would like to be able to see my bottom teeth when I talk
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 12 dagar sedan
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 12 dagar sedan
A span dental fit great but have ridges dr frame looks great but the fall out
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 12 dagar sedan
Did I get a t- shirt ? Can I have one please I'm six foot tall 369 pounds 55×L long and mywaist is 55 inches around and my pant legs are 32 long
Brian Stephens
Brian Stephens 12 dagar sedan
I ordered the SIM One t shirt size 5xLneck 55Length
CatLover 12 dagar sedan
Waste of time.
Ruben Cortes
Ruben Cortes 13 dagar sedan
Simone cuando vuelves a divertirte a *El Hormiguero* ? 😘
Chrysa Tara
Chrysa Tara 13 dagar sedan
The appearance of Candace with the personality of Phineas and Ferb??? Wow girl!!!
Leah Christine
Leah Christine 13 dagar sedan
I love how she says “I know this is a cop-out” like there is already some unwritten rules about making musical instruments with teeth 😂
Doug MacLeod
Doug MacLeod 13 dagar sedan
The teeth wall is great, use it to made those sounds bites. Congratulations on the house.
wolfedog99 13 dagar sedan
In my mind for the last 2 decades: humans clapping = overstimulated chimps Really nothing to do with people deciding it was a way to show appreciation, just a vestigial reaction.
Aryan 13 dagar sedan
thanks I hate it
Weeb Vlogs
Weeb Vlogs 13 dagar sedan
Congratulations on the house!!!
Pedro Petracco
Pedro Petracco 14 dagar sedan
Pedro Petracco
Pedro Petracco 14 dagar sedan
When's the album coming out? I am dead serious.
Mathew Hill
Mathew Hill 14 dagar sedan
Could you not get different notes out of making the teeth 'chatter' at different frequencies? Each note on the keyboard would need to not simply snap the teeth shut but would need to make the particular set of teeth open and close at a different frequency.
Jeremy Marks
Jeremy Marks 14 dagar sedan
Hey Simone - maybe a solution to getting them to play different notes? reddit.com/r/me_irl/comments/j5n2bm/me_irl/
AgainstAllAutority 15 dagar sedan
Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant 15 dagar sedan
Finally I have a use for my collection of human teeth. Why do I have a collection of human teeth? Uhhhhh......
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
Nipulkrad Msinatagras 15 dagar sedan
The *Roli Seaboard Grand* is pretty much perfect for this.
JD 15 dagar sedan
Simone is slowly getting on LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER level...
Natalie Greene
Natalie Greene 16 dagar sedan
Our 6yo daughter watched this and said “I want to build a teeth wall!!” We love watching your show as a family! You are a great role model for young girls and all those interested in engineering and inventing! Thank you!
Grumpy Goose
Grumpy Goose 16 dagar sedan
A bit late now, but the way we make different notes when clacking our teeth is by moving our tongue around our mouth to make the cavity bigger for lower tones and smaller for higher. I think if you simulated the mouth cavity with the help of a synthetic tongue, you could get the different note clack.
Just so Normal
Just so Normal 16 dagar sedan
so happy for you, that you gut the house
Ana Gibbert
Ana Gibbert 16 dagar sedan
I’m a new subscriber here, and the more videos I watch the more I feel like this is what would happen if Jenna Marbles and Mark Rober made a video together, and it’s exactly the kind of content I didn’t know I needed it
Blankdomain 17 dagar sedan
I always saw clapping as high-fiving the performer from a distance.
klannstyle 17 dagar sedan
I also do not comment on this video ;-) _P.S.: no comment_
worship worm king
worship worm king 17 dagar sedan
I remember I was at a school assembly, and they told us to all crack our knuckles at the same time. there were at least 800 people there. it was.. Bad.
Alaa Ibrahim
Alaa Ibrahim 17 dagar sedan
I'm clicking my teeth for this cool project
Korellar 18 dagar sedan
Dear ... This is completely insane! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But also really funny :-) Thumbs up.
Mr Square Art
Mr Square Art 18 dagar sedan
ha ha ha ha ha ha great fun video!!!!!!!!
Douglas Chell
Douglas Chell 18 dagar sedan
ACdc not the hammer on the wall
campjw 18 dagar sedan
Well... TOOTH each their own... TASTE is subjective.
Olympe Silve
Olympe Silve 18 dagar sedan
In the (excellent) show Legion on FX, season 2, there's a virus that makes people freeze like statues and chatter their teeth for eternity. I guess it's like, ASMR...? maybe ? selosk.info/class/video/iHl-ko-Vu5p5yac.html
d i
d i 18 dagar sedan
I don't think I have ever seen something so bizarre as a woman crying while working on a teeth wall
Bagus Prihastomo
Bagus Prihastomo 18 dagar sedan
Maybe you could make a program that make the teeth clapping at certain frequencies that needed to bring the right notes out, I think.
Frank Little
Frank Little 18 dagar sedan
Congratulations on the house, but even more congratulations on your awesome brainy dog! 😍
Jenna Craig
Jenna Craig 18 dagar sedan
Seriously I was like "Oh no, why are you crying, Simone?? What's wrong??" and then I started crying...then started crying even more when it said she got the house! Massive congrats and so happy for you! :)
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