Borja Mayoral scores top-corner SCREAMER | Crotone 1-3 Roma | Top Moments | Serie A TIM 

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Real Madrid loanee Borja Mayoral scored an incredible top-corner long shot as Roma defeated Crotone 3-1 during round 16 of the 2020/21
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6 jan 2021



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elmario putra
elmario putra 10 dagar sedan
You must be regret join roma not lazio😂
Marco Bazzo
Marco Bazzo 16 dagar sedan
Ha un piede veramente d'oro 👍⚽💪
Max Karun
Max Karun 16 dagar sedan
Крууууто! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!-selosk.info/name/ZKJO8XM8l_-U7ZXH4kR7oQ
Cl3avy 18 dagar sedan
And he is not even our first attacker
Zhask Aliens
Zhask Aliens 18 dagar sedan
Daje Mayoral. Forza Roma per sempre. From Indonesia 🇮🇩
Konten Kreator
Konten Kreator 15 dagar sedan
@Zhask Aliens Semoga tahun Ini Buka Puasa Gelar Bung... Aamiin
Zhask Aliens
Zhask Aliens 15 dagar sedan
@Konten Kreator Forza Roma , bro. Kangen bet Scudetto 😭
Konten Kreator
Konten Kreator 15 dagar sedan
Salam Romanisti Kuninga Bung !!! Forza ROMA sempre
Mo RBD 19 dagar sedan
0:24 Mamma Mia
Panna Football
Panna Football 19 dagar sedan
Borja Mayoral Loan Or Transfer?
Panna Football
Panna Football 19 dagar sedan
@Faax Espiridion Tnxs
Faax Espiridion
Faax Espiridion 19 dagar sedan
2 years loan with option to buy
copomo 19 dagar sedan
mama mia!
BUNGA_ON OFFICIAL 19 dagar sedan
James 19 dagar sedan
Better than Dzeko
John49910110 16 dagar sedan
Abd-ar-Rahman III
Abd-ar-Rahman III 17 dagar sedan
@Jason N Fonseca didn’t say that you miss understood him.
Jason N
Jason N 19 dagar sedan
I have a love hate relationship with him. He's come up big on occasion but in matches, like the one vs Juve he cost us 2 points. Fonseca hinted he may start both Mayoral and Dzeko Sunday vs Inter so we'll see how that works
Zack Iblis
Zack Iblis 19 dagar sedan
Garik Mejinyan
Garik Mejinyan 19 dagar sedan
Miki grazie mille bellissime Armenia
Alieff Haikal
Alieff Haikal 19 dagar sedan
Roma the best team in the italy
Babach TV
Babach TV 19 dagar sedan
ihsan nasution
ihsan nasution 19 dagar sedan
Daje borjita Mayoral 💛❤️
antoni ps one
antoni ps one 19 dagar sedan
mama mia dice gooollll
murugan muthu gounder
murugan muthu gounder 19 dagar sedan
All thanks to Real Madrid
___ PUPS1K __
___ PUPS1K __ 19 dagar sedan
not bad, but I like Mkhitaryan Parme's goal better
Owl 19 dagar sedan
What a game!
alexis nikhil
alexis nikhil 19 dagar sedan
mayoral > jovic
KyngSect 13 dagar sedan
not really.
John Huntrods
John Huntrods 19 dagar sedan
Best sound in football 🥅
aeipee13 19 dagar sedan
Maybe a little ping to it too but yes the best sound in football for sure.
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 19 dagar sedan
The net, lucky there are no supporters so we can hear all things on the pitch.
Ritam Tripathi
Ritam Tripathi 19 dagar sedan
The training from Madrid is helping him here
Landy 18 dagar sedan
lol sure
Ritam Tripathi
Ritam Tripathi 19 dagar sedan
@Jason N you spoke to RM fan , i spoke to Management staff ... There is the difference
Jason N
Jason N 19 dagar sedan
I spoke to a RM fan when he was brought across and his words "he's a labourer". He wasn't playing for RM except on 3 occasions in the past 2 years so I'd give credit to the playing time on loan that he's had.
Creator & Winner
Creator & Winner 19 dagar sedan
*Hello everyone, 2021 team. I invite you to my channel. I think I have created content that will be useful to anyone who is close or distant to football. I will be glad if you do not leave me alone on this platform. I WAIT FOR YOUR SUPPORT!*
Doom Devil
Doom Devil 19 dagar sedan
Precision 100%. After all, this is a Real Madrid PRODUCT. And only top class teams can PRODUCE top class QUALITY
Philip Jani
Philip Jani 19 dagar sedan
Isn't that deflected?
Mersiha Hadzic
Mersiha Hadzic 19 dagar sedan
Gd UglyFace
Gd UglyFace 19 dagar sedan
Micky carrying a new presence to this team
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 19 dagar sedan
Mathews Nyandusi
Mathews Nyandusi 19 dagar sedan
Roma are really playing well this season
JM P 19 dagar sedan
Borja Mayoral is the best player of the Serie A
John49910110 16 dagar sedan
Yoan Chest
Yoan Chest 17 dagar sedan
@Aryan Negi you have right he is joking,but wich team do you support?
Vasil Gyaurski
Vasil Gyaurski 19 dagar sedan
maybe the best reserve
Aryan Negi
Aryan Negi 19 dagar sedan
@Taron Aghoyan haha here comes another sample
Taron Aghoyan
Taron Aghoyan 19 dagar sedan
Mkhiyaryan the Best player serie a
Ευάγγελος Φράγκος
He can replace Djeko. What a player!
setiyawan yulianto
setiyawan yulianto 19 dagar sedan
Great job borja
Denise- I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
It’s a brand new day. Let’s the bullsh*t begin! 💌💌💓💌🔞💓
Josin PJ
Josin PJ 19 dagar sedan
False 19 dagar sedan
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