Benevento 0-2 Milan | Kessie and Leão Take Milan To Victory | Serie A TIM 

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Kessie and Leao take Milan to first place in the standings | Serie A TIM
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3 jan 2021



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JLFC 16 dagar sedan
Leão goal reminds me of Sadio Mane
Finley Gamer
Finley Gamer 18 dagar sedan
Milan on fire
P3mons 19 dagar sedan
Insaghi 😄
sarwan dhillon
sarwan dhillon 19 dagar sedan
This is the season
Filipe Alexandre Ambrosio Pestana
Young amazing team this Milan, from a Fc Porto
Yahiaoui Senouci
Yahiaoui Senouci 19 dagar sedan
milan 4 benevento 1
Thắng Đào
Thắng Đào 19 dagar sedan
Việt Nam vô địch
Walid Muhamad
Walid Muhamad 19 dagar sedan
We Are Champions 🏆🏆Milan ❤🖤Seria A 2020/2021
Dany Redex
Dany Redex 20 dagar sedan
What a season for Milan!
Rohit Manmode
Rohit Manmode 20 dagar sedan
Leao's goal is quite similar to Kanu's goal against Chelsea
Kuwwat ÝK
Kuwwat ÝK 20 dagar sedan
Forza Milan i'm fan in Türkmenistan 🇹🇲❤️.My favoriye players Milan İbra,Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Rebic
Ramy GD
Ramy GD 20 dagar sedan
I hope Milan comes back at the highest level like in the early 2000s
Yoann22Lupo 20 dagar sedan
1st goal, 😐😐😐
Marcus Bowen
Marcus Bowen 20 dagar sedan
AC Milan are back!!!, it's been one long struggle of mid-table obscurity but now things are looking up. However, why are they wearing their UEFA Badge of Honours on their sleeves indicating seven European Cups in a Serie A fixture?, that's a first time I've seen that happen.
cristian chan
cristian chan 20 dagar sedan
Bravo Milano... ❤️❤️
RasenRendan 20 dagar sedan
Milan will win Serie A.
Νικος Κεσος
Νικος Κεσος 20 dagar sedan
Where is ibra?
Atika Sisil
Atika Sisil 20 dagar sedan
Basubi Emmanuel
Basubi Emmanuel 20 dagar sedan
Juventus be like: we are doing pretty well now Milan: This is too Zlateisy
Basubi Emmanuel
Basubi Emmanuel 20 dagar sedan
Where is Zlatan Guys?
Srpska Gora
Srpska Gora 20 dagar sedan
Keep on going Rossoneri! Every point will count at the end when things are decided.
barumbadum 20 dagar sedan
Forza Pippo....forza Milan.
A1 Alpha
A1 Alpha 20 dagar sedan
selosk.info/class/video/aa2DzJmp3H95kXE.html Amazing new player in Milan
saurabh suman
saurabh suman 20 dagar sedan
Positioning of Benevento goalkeeper at the time of second goalkeeper was wrong
abdullah dilli
abdullah dilli 20 dagar sedan
ankara kessi
parvesh bisht
parvesh bisht 20 dagar sedan
Nowdays refree will give red cards even for small fouls
Mauk Eks
Mauk Eks 20 dagar sedan
Mantap kejiwaan 👍👍🔴⚫
Addo Densu
Addo Densu 20 dagar sedan
Respect to leao...insane talent
Luli Masruli
Luli Masruli 20 dagar sedan
I am a Milan fan, and I also really idolize a super Inzaghi ...
Miles universum 2008
Miles universum 2008 20 dagar sedan
¿Qué clase de jugador profesional desperdicia un penal?
Edera Nicolo
Edera Nicolo 20 dagar sedan
We need him in Madrid
Edera Nicolo
Edera Nicolo 20 dagar sedan
Honestly as a Madrid fan I will pick Laeo over Mappe
MZK Chańńel
MZK Chańńel 20 dagar sedan
Hope Milan can be a Champion🏆
abhijit singha
abhijit singha 20 dagar sedan
Where is Zlatan guys🙄🙄🙄
Kaique lucas
Kaique lucas 20 dagar sedan
Esse e meu milan
Gohan 20 dagar sedan
real madrid > ac milan
Imam Taufik
Imam Taufik 20 dagar sedan
Inzaghi masih sayang sama ac milan
Arizona Zèrvas
Arizona Zèrvas 20 dagar sedan
Why Leao is always smiling i thin he is crazy
murat bağlı
murat bağlı 20 dagar sedan
Benevento istememiş kazanmayı. Ah hakan üzümlü kekim gol olmalıydı direk
Chernorsadu Kabia
Chernorsadu Kabia 20 dagar sedan
It's our time Forza milan
Nehemia Ginting
Nehemia Ginting 20 dagar sedan
Ibra wold be proud if Milan win serie A.
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez 21 dag sedan
kessie is a machine!!!!
muhammed özşahin
muhammed özşahin 21 dag sedan
If Hakan's posts were goals, he would be top scorer
Everything Nice
Everything Nice 21 dag sedan
Rafael Leao Hardess Out!
Crnka 21 dag sedan
Rebić is such a class player and yet nobody talks of him🤔
Prince Nyakurungwi
Prince Nyakurungwi 19 dagar sedan
Real man
Dunia Renji
Dunia Renji 21 dag sedan
2 minutes is enough
Murat Y
Murat Y 21 dag sedan
Semih Çaliskan
Semih Çaliskan 21 dag sedan
Milan champioooonsss
Adi Pardita
Adi Pardita 21 dag sedan
1:03 i came here only for this man
Jon1kenobi 21 dag sedan
alessio got spun again, this time by lapadula ffs
Tadros Mansour
Tadros Mansour 21 dag sedan
Next Kakà who?
Kevin Raichura
Kevin Raichura 21 dag sedan
Top of the league
T's Garage
T's Garage 21 dag sedan
Kay South Official
Kay South Official 21 dag sedan
This guy Kessie
Yamnaya Seed
Yamnaya Seed 21 dag sedan
Juve having a bad season is an amazing thing for Seria A, I guess Pirlo is a Milan mole :-)
arun krish
arun krish 21 dag sedan
Can anyone tell me what happened with Zlatan ? Please.
Marcus Madridsta
Marcus Madridsta 21 dag sedan
Rafael Leão. The Football God's has blessed us as fans yet again to continue to make Football beautiful to what it already is. I want him at Real Madrid!
Hirako Shinji
Hirako Shinji 21 dag sedan
Forza milan !!
Sohaib Al Momani
Sohaib Al Momani 21 dag sedan
Forza Milan, Forza Pippo.
Fırat gümüs
Fırat gümüs 21 dag sedan
Champion milan
Aloha Nephew
Aloha Nephew 21 dag sedan
Robotizma 21 dag sedan
Fuerte Ash
Fuerte Ash 21 dag sedan
The Ibra effect.
CountryBall Perú
CountryBall Perú 21 dag sedan
AC Milan 🖤❤️
Azwan Abdillah
Azwan Abdillah 21 dag sedan
Milanisti Indonesia
Gaming Universe
Gaming Universe 21 dag sedan
feriek zhou
feriek zhou 21 dag sedan
I didnt see zlatan for a long time. Where is he?
Bram Saputra
Bram Saputra 21 dag sedan
Forza Milan .......❤️ From Indonesia..👍
ExCalibur 94
ExCalibur 94 21 dag sedan
please to all current AC MILAN player...please stay at AC Milan...🤲🤲
Selmihamza Selmi
Selmihamza Selmi 21 dag sedan
Tarwadi Adi
Tarwadi Adi 21 dag sedan
King finalty
Thoriq Al Akil
Thoriq Al Akil 21 dag sedan
milan is like liverpool in 19/20. they most likely win but they win like a small scores (2-1,1-0,3-2)
Mo Ab
Mo Ab 20 dagar sedan
Milan always score 2 or more, cant remember last time they won 1-0.
V 28
V 28 21 dag sedan
No Penalty No Party 😀🤣
cchakan cigerci
cchakan cigerci 21 dag sedan
Hakan çalhanoglu fantastik türk 1❤❤🇹🇷
4z4 Taj
4z4 Taj 21 dag sedan
#itsOurTime #ForzaMilan
Born Sinner
Born Sinner 21 dag sedan
2nd goal celebration was cold
Gazetta dello Inter
Gazetta dello Inter 21 dag sedan
that was not penalty for Milan if u see from 0:28 Rebic made fould on defender of benevento
Born Sinner
Born Sinner 21 dag sedan
Tonali why man, wanted to see u start a run of games. hope AC win the league this year would be amazing
hasan baran
hasan baran 21 dag sedan
Ah ah kjaer'ım kakaolu kekim 💙💛💙😔
Tano Keys
Tano Keys 21 dag sedan
Djohn Smith
Djohn Smith 21 dag sedan
Forza Milan💪
David .V
David .V 21 dag sedan
Benenvento are so terrible
Amauri Alves
Amauri Alves 21 dag sedan
Wins with referee help!
Ozi Mountain MUSİC
Ozi Mountain MUSİC 21 dag sedan
Benevento takım mıdır hocam
Jairo Maldonado
Jairo Maldonado 21 dag sedan
Milan gets pk every single match
Новости Мира
Forza Grande Milan ♥️♠️
Namaku Aminanto
Namaku Aminanto 21 dag sedan
itu kalo roma...? pemain roma yg pelanggaran 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
melvin mensah
melvin mensah 21 dag sedan
Hope Milan win it
forza Milan
Robach Med
Robach Med 21 dag sedan
Vive benacer
Ranjeet Sohanpal
Ranjeet Sohanpal 21 dag sedan
After scoring two goals,FIFA changed the script for Milan.
zdelix11 21 dag sedan
Nismo mi picke,mi smo gospoda bruka nas je da pobjedimo ekipu s 10 igraca,ova 3 boda su novogodisnji poklon od nas..forzza bene
2x2 21 dag sedan
Forza Rossoneri
Ozan Erdem
Ozan Erdem 21 dag sedan
forza milaaan
杜喵喵 21 dag sedan
forza milan!!!
Marcelina Rusinek
Marcelina Rusinek 21 dag sedan
Jake Coleman
Jake Coleman 21 dag sedan
I remember when Bennacer gave up two penalties early last season and the fanbase destroyed him and rightfully so - now look at him. Forza Sandro
Tuan Kota
Tuan Kota 21 dag sedan
investigate the killing of 6 front soldiers of the Islamic defenders in Indonesia by the police and give punishment to the perpetrators
N N 21 dag sedan
The next match against Juventus is the decisive one.
Akshay Harshan
Akshay Harshan 21 dag sedan
If Unlucky shots are in the final score line will be Milan 4- benevento 1
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