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Some insight with Craig Federighi about the iOS 14 and the more controversial 2020 announcements!
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0:00 Intro
1:32 Default Apps
5:08 Siri
8:34 MacOS Big Sur Design/Icons
14:30 iPad Weather and Calculator
16:06 Apple Watch on iPad
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26 jun 2020



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khushal hari Vijay
khushal hari Vijay 2 timmar sedan
Please ask for calculator for iPad
Tsumichama Nyan
Tsumichama Nyan 12 timmar sedan
Just watch the very innovative features of the iPad calculator when it comes out: *-Customizable:* Pick the operators/functions you need (+, -, /, x, sin, etc) and *only* those. The ones that bring joy. Leave the rest. *Minimalism!* For each operator/function you want, you have the option to either make a one-time payment for lifetime availability (what a deal!) OR a subscription based availability, for cheaper (ideal for students who need to do additions for one semester only) OR even cheaper, pay per use (most people barely use calculators anyway) *-No waste:* Gone are the days when you paid for something you didn't use. Yes. With the iPad calculator you only pay for what you use. Introducing the *pay per calculation* concept. We only charge you when you press on the = button. You can save even *more money* by purchasing bundles. Save 1% for a 10 calculations bundle. Save 2% for a 50 calculations bundle. Save a whopping 5% for a 100 calculations bundle!
Mintu Das
Mintu Das 15 timmar sedan
Mintu Das
Mintu Das 15 timmar sedan
Geoffrey Jun
Geoffrey Jun 18 timmar sedan
16:59 is when you see Craig internally say, "Why would you own an apple watch if you dont have an iPhone. Buy an iPhone first."
sundos farhat
sundos farhat Dag sedan
Hola Como Estas
Hola Como Estas Dag sedan
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Kenia Eden
Kenia Eden Dag sedan
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J L Dag sedan
Zackinator 2 dagar sedan
"We haven't made a calculator because we want to wait until we can make the best one" Bruh, I really don't think people give a shit about "the best" calculator. As long as it does math, it's a calculator. Most people who would use a basic calculator app aren't using it for advanced rocket tragectories or whatever, they just want to add a handful of numbers together. That's why there are so many calculator apps, because a calculator is literally one of the simplest apps you can make barring things with no actual use like a "Hello World", and that's all people expect. It sounds like Apple is getting caught up in the visual design of a calculator (because I hope they aren't getting caught up in how to program a calculator :P) when literally no one gives a shit. Many other apps on your computer like your web browser or your file browser are things you do a lot of work in, that you may spend hours seeing every day. A calculator is not that. You open it, type 1 or 2 equations in it, then close it. Most people do not care what a calculator looks like, they care that it does math for them. The calculator I use on my linux laptop and desktop is literally a commandline calculator with no visual interface at all (bc). I press a keyboard shortcut, a black terminal window appears in the middle of my screen, I type an equation into it, press enter, get my answer, close it and move on. Some things don't need to be visually sleek and appealing, they just have to do their job. People don't care about the interface, they care about the result. So whether it's tapping graphical buttons, or typing on a keyboard, or speaking to Siri all that matters it that you get the answer. But instead we have one of the biggest tech companies in the world say they haven't figured out how to make a calcuator yet.
Vadiya Kirby
Vadiya Kirby 3 dagar sedan
Does anyone know why iMessages are blue but the messages icon is green ?
Dhruv Singh
Dhruv Singh 3 dagar sedan
Why does Craig have a mic in front when he already has studio-quality ones on his ear?
Jacky Z
Jacky Z 4 dagar sedan
Finder smiling for an autograph 12:28
PAW - kite videos...
PAW - kite videos... 5 dagar sedan
First of all: great podcast...thanks for that. We are iPad users, and fell in love on the Series 6 cellular watch with the metell wristband. Up to last month,we were using normal cell phones, because we want to be offline outside and not liking the big size of todays smartphones. Even the 12 mini and the SE 2020, which we have bought refurbished. If the Apple cellular watch wouldnt have needed an iphone to run, we would have bought new watches instead of the phones. Whats the point of spending much money for a phone, which lays in the closet at home just to use the apple watch which also needs an SIM that costs extra money from the providers. I would love to use the Watch, but now with the Smartphone, it makes no sense...Apple could have sold 2 Series 6 Cellular with metall bands...bummer !
Ayman Hazim
Ayman Hazim 5 dagar sedan
till now there is no default Calculator app on iPad
DueVolvi 6 dagar sedan
Tydlig is already the best calculator app!
Tay Gumi
Tay Gumi 6 dagar sedan
Im curious how good are the chances that Apple will use an AMD Cpu in the MacPro?
Pravah Shah
Pravah Shah 6 dagar sedan
I just realised now......the Nick 👕, it's symbolic right ?
Anthony 6 dagar sedan
Battery nipple and huge focus on icons.. missing some innovation here. Not an apple hater. But seriously a calculator app by apple should be standard or optional download. If i was going to go back to apple they'd need to improve lifecycle of the hardware. 3-5 years functioning at the same pace as day 1. iOS updates killing performance is not an excuse. Or offer Apple as a service. (New phone,watch,laptop and tablet each year...) then i wont care.
Alex Rabin
Alex Rabin 6 dagar sedan
Here is a good suggestion for if you do this again, Will theming ever be added (like in Mac OS 9 and Linux)? Where you can make themes that have different style icon sets, window bar looks and stuff like that. Eg in Mac OS 9, if you liked the interface of System 6 you could always make a theme for that. But in macOS 11, there is no option to change the UI and icon sets to be like OS X Mavericks or Panther.
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 6 dagar sedan
The war between them and spotify is still on that's why he was nervous about it
Double Den
Double Den 7 dagar sedan
I think it's time for you to interview Richard Stallman too 😘
D S 7 dagar sedan
did he dye his eyebrows or his hair?
J G 7 dagar sedan
There should be an option to change siri to any apple executive.
J G 7 dagar sedan
What they could do for siri on ipad os is have it stay there forever until you start scrolling, and once you touch a part of the screen outside of siri they it starts a 5 second countdown, and siri goes away after 5 seconds
Endezeichen Grimm
Endezeichen Grimm 7 dagar sedan
So they would rather have no calculator at all? That is stupid.
Junior Marshall Hastings
16:10 He didn’t answer the question why the Apple Watch cannot be paired to the iPad. I was expecting him to tell whether it’s a software issue vs a hardware issue or they are forcing their customers to buy an iPhone as a marketing tool to beat their biggest competitors like Samsung and Huawei.
Lingampalli Bheemaraju
Ok please keep calucater aaaaaaa
The Kingdom
The Kingdom 8 dagar sedan
Spotify icon... Oops
Jack Ames
Jack Ames 8 dagar sedan
finally apple listening to the fans!
Jack Ames
Jack Ames 8 dagar sedan
i love how craig’s real background looks like a green screen
Kaushik Tare
Kaushik Tare 8 dagar sedan
Bruh I don't need to be wowed by an iPad Weather and Calculator App I just want to know the temperature and calculate some shit
Samuel Blakeman
Samuel Blakeman 9 dagar sedan
I like him better as the face of apple over Tim Cook!
Simon Clarent
Simon Clarent 9 dagar sedan
For people wondering why Craig is so charismatic, it’s because he is insanely good looking, on a very unique way as well. That’s a huge part of it.
The KarateKid
The KarateKid Dag sedan
He is good looking but what does that have to do with his speaking charisma?
Pearlqt 9 dagar sedan
did you see he is whereing airpods lol
Hanetamm 10 dagar sedan
apple should launch their own microphone
shawn hickman
shawn hickman 11 dagar sedan
They literally turn their comments off lol click baity
Rich Briere
Rich Briere 11 dagar sedan
A company called Vivaldi uses your pic in their ads. Are you endorsing them? Thanks
Armin Krauss
Armin Krauss 11 dagar sedan
Big podcast user (kind of the killer app on my phone). Would not only love to choose a different podcast app, but also be able to prioritize Podcast over Music. If I double tap my headphone and had nothing playing, it will start the music app. Not what I want.
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson 12 dagar sedan
coming from android and getting a iphone i would like more customized options themes icon packs ect
Selim K
Selim K 13 dagar sedan
I got a galaxy a ad in this video lol nice job yt
podrouzk 13 dagar sedan
I've been living on Big Sur for months now and I still don't like it.
BulldoggMusic 13 dagar sedan
Fuck You
Fuck You 14 dagar sedan
Should have asked him about his sweat shops and right to repair...
Diego Goodwin
Diego Goodwin 15 dagar sedan
How is apple park a real place on earth, it deadass just looks like a green screen
Pranav Punjabi
Pranav Punjabi 16 dagar sedan
Easter Egg : Mark is wearing the same grey duck tshirt he wore in his first Craig Fedrighi interview !
8 koi
8 koi 16 dagar sedan
So... the love to trigger people's OCD? Got it
Cyberloin5000 16 dagar sedan
Craig, please button up your shirt. Leave the top button undone, but only the top one.
momb 16 dagar sedan
There's no window in the office
Deep Das
Deep Das 16 dagar sedan
Hair force one
sebas. smith
sebas. smith 16 dagar sedan
Oh so craig means like wait for developers to make good apps (calc) then implement it on the OS?
Xotaz 16 dagar sedan
MKB should be a product manager wtf
Brett Menke
Brett Menke 16 dagar sedan
I like hearing from Apple. Please try to do more of these.
Andrei Comsa
Andrei Comsa 17 dagar sedan
Ipad doesn't have calculator and weather app, because they want to make the apps astounding? Hahahaha you blocked him with that question 😂😂😂
Kartikay bhardwaj
Kartikay bhardwaj 17 dagar sedan
The background is so good, it looks like they used Green Screen
Kartikay bhardwaj
Kartikay bhardwaj 17 dagar sedan
i was looking at office only
Sean Newcomb
Sean Newcomb 17 dagar sedan
You got more airtime with Craig than most reporters combined did. Good Job Marques!
Technoman 18 dagar sedan
Concerning siri...... would a CHOICE help to setup you preferences how Siri manifest itself and it's response...
Marchitect 18 dagar sedan
That is a shameful battery
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 18 dagar sedan
If I could have an iPhone, with Google apps as default I would pay quite a bit. And with USB-C, and with iMessage still
AmDylan 18 dagar sedan
17:40 at 0.25 speed makes him sound drunk lol
Watermelon Dog
Watermelon Dog 18 dagar sedan
The apple park looks really frikking amazing
LOMFOM 19 dagar sedan
Apple Park makes it look like he's living on a human habitat somewhere in space
Kragi Dasch
Kragi Dasch 19 dagar sedan
Still no calculator app.....
PhatBoyzClub 19 dagar sedan
Dont like iphones but the Ipad is the best tablet app experience one can get, there is no tablet with such a well maintained and seamless ecosystem. Sadly google has given up on tablets.
microphonemr 19 dagar sedan
Marques: This thing just came out and I've been using it for two weeks now Craig: The UI just came out and I've been using it for several months now Marques gets a taste of his own medicine 😂
Michael Crossley
Michael Crossley 19 dagar sedan
Why does he have AirPods on while he's talking into a microphone?
BATE 18 dagar sedan
AirPod mic isn’t very good
Rajender Chawla
Rajender Chawla 20 dagar sedan
Can you tell me why you killed taptic touch
Gareth THOMAS 21 dag sedan
being able to use an apple watch only with an iPad would be beast. I have to use android for work (not to mention I'm not a fan of iPhone battery life...), but I have an iPad and have always wanted an apple watch.
Bluepossible 21 dag sedan
I know he is totally fake and just tries to represent a tech company, i still like craig
Ashy Plays
Ashy Plays 21 dag sedan
Marques is rlly soaring high, keep it up man.
Jack Salzman
Jack Salzman 21 dag sedan
This whole thing about how curves are so awesome and straight lines are ugly. Pissing in Microsoft’s face lol. I always wondered what Windows would look like with curves, that might be neat. Like Parallels Desktop in coherence mode
Iku Turso
Iku Turso 21 dag sedan
Apple Maps on my country are terrible and as a fresh iOS user using Gmaps is not great. Even more, I just realized that default browser does not really mean default. I mean I cannot open Reddit links in Google search results in any other browser than Safari - wtf Apple.
Dd_adamss 21 dag sedan
Craig I love u :)
Redmag706 22 dagar sedan
15:58 just putting in a time stamp for myself here incase i need some courage juice.
Jaskunwar Kohli
Jaskunwar Kohli 22 dagar sedan
BTW you can tell Craig is captured with an iPhone.
Dhruv Bansal
Dhruv Bansal 23 dagar sedan
Sean Carney
Sean Carney 24 dagar sedan
If apple was a person
eric moeller
eric moeller 25 dagar sedan
There is a default web browser on all android devices its called Android system web view if u use a app that opens a link like he said "oh that game wants to become ur browser" if u open a ad on a android game and it opens web browser your not familiar with its most likely using the android system webview app sounds like hes just talking shit about android and they may or may not be as secure as Android phones but yeah hes just a apple fanboy or just trying to not get fired or demoted
Ricardo Feced Ibañez
Ricardo Feced Ibañez 27 dagar sedan
Why iPhone sells smartphones overpriced with batteries less than 4000 mAh but it costs around 1.300 USD? Craig should answer his kind of questions!
derpy oreo
derpy oreo 17 dagar sedan
First, iPhone doesn’t sell batteries, Apple sells iPhones. They’re less than 4000 mAh because Apple has perfected iOS to the point that it runs so efficiently that a bigger battery is not necessary. Finally, only their highest end iPhones are that expensive. They make them for as low as $400. They’re “overpriced because they know that they can get away with it and people will still buy their products. If you have a problem with any of that, you don’t have to buy their phones.
Роман Фуреев
You'd better make Apple's font
Роман Фуреев
@⚡️ thanks
⚡️ 27 dagar sedan
San Francisco Pro That’s Apple Font
Роман Фуреев
@⚡️ name?
⚡️ 28 dagar sedan
SF Pro
Andrew Salois
Andrew Salois 28 dagar sedan
I got a Honey add featuring MKBHD on this video starring MKBHD
KineticBongos 29 dagar sedan
Can we all admire that Marques actually got a prominent Apple employee to talk in-depth. Apple won’t talk to anyone
⚡️ 28 dagar sedan
Respect ✊
chris oyaks
chris oyaks Månad sedan
Hye marques. I would like you to shed more light on vpns on iPhone. I have a lot of friends claiming that they leak and steal your data.
Drake Månad sedan
really wish u asked him to bring back coverflow
MrMaharajOp Månad sedan
9:53 nice flex . . . . . hee hee hee...............
Darcy Taylor
Darcy Taylor Månad sedan
Cool how they actually listened and implemented being able to scroll with Siri on the iPads
Mukul Singh
Mukul Singh Månad sedan
Hey Marques, why don’t you ask for indian pricing for apple product
Purp Mint
Purp Mint Månad sedan
You don't have the guts to bring up Right to Repair so you just come up with trashy pop-star diva questions. When will Apple give us control over the state-of-charge of our Li-ion batteries so that we can extend their usable life? Never. Fraudsters.
Sam Ingram
Sam Ingram Månad sedan
So, it's a security issue ( I mean opening their ecosystem) is ios really that much more secure.
Bad_Script Månad sedan
Federighi would honestly be the best car salesman in the world. He could sell a McLaren to a beggar, and a civic to a millionaire
Deadpool Månad sedan
Apple, enjoy your success while it last.
Deadpool Månad sedan
His eyebrows make me sick.
MrLocomental Månad sedan
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Dd_adamss Månad sedan
Letsss gooo Craig
Vytautas Basys
Vytautas Basys Månad sedan
Marques is well paid for talking all-apple-all-the-time on his channel. It's also quite pathetic.
GeGe 24 dagar sedan
Marques has CEOs of billionaire companies lining up to talk to him because he has one of the biggest active tech-audience on SElosk. Nothing about him is pathetic lol
Artur Månad sedan
tbh. never missed calculator app on iPad, i aöways use Spotlight search or Siri to do that...
John Gramer
John Gramer Månad sedan
Craig seems like such a cool guy
Manav Hirani
Manav Hirani Månad sedan
They changed the battery icon lol
Popo 911
Popo 911 Månad sedan
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