AMONG US Hide and Seek in Real Life But My TWIN is the IMPOSTER | Rebecca Zamolo 

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Bad timing to play hide and seek in real life. Rebecca Zamolo created becoming tiny in a giant town for 24 hours. Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded we found a stranger living in our home, trapped for 24 hours. Finally the Game Master Network made did game master betray us? Sneaking into gm hideout to find imposter key. The next clue said we needed to find the best hiding spot among us so we think we must play this game in real life. Someone is trying to break into our cabin. Matt confronts them and it turns into a battle royale. They come inside and its RZ twin. She wants to play among us with us. We know the game masters secret and his brother shows up. If he wins he can learn the gm secret but if we win he has to spy for us. Who will have the best imposter play maybe with an iq of 999%. We have been watching preston and mrbeast play so maybe we will be super sus when we win. It does feel like we are playing with a mod because someone is hacking in. Maybe its just bad timing. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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27 jan 2021



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Rebecca Zamolo
Rebecca Zamolo Månad sedan
Subscribe for more RZ Twin! Who was the best imposter?
Dontray Lawrence
Dontray Lawrence 17 dagar sedan
@Olivia Cowley u rifle jg sordidurging
Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett 17 dagar sedan
J Martins
J Martins Månad sedan
Nataly Espinoza
Nataly Espinoza Månad sedan
@Olivia Cowley gyrjr um Re tin yaysgjd ticking
maddie g
maddie g Månad sedan
Rz twin
Trish Dandois
Trish Dandois 4 timmar sedan
Trish Dandois
Trish Dandois 5 timmar sedan
Ahsan Raza
Ahsan Raza 8 timmar sedan
Radvile Adukonyte
Radvile Adukonyte 10 timmar sedan
Shes pregnat
Franck Le Garage
Franck Le Garage 14 timmar sedan
Matt there is a shiny thing where u wanted to hide in the corner like so Rebecca and Matt can see
hind ml
hind ml Dag sedan
And the
hind ml
hind ml Dag sedan
Samantha sam
Samantha sam Dag sedan
Mia K
Mia K Dag sedan
hd gemilang enterprise
Matt you lose when you fighting with rz twin
Maria Dakkan
Maria Dakkan Dag sedan
Zakia Imran
Zakia Imran Dag sedan
Kyra cain
Kyra cain Dag sedan
King pen is Game masters sister Daniel
Futuristic Squad
Futuristic Squad 2 dagar sedan
5:20 I’m dying
Samina Kousar
Samina Kousar 2 dagar sedan
Don't trust him
Harmoni Smith
Harmoni Smith 2 dagar sedan
Madelyn Moore
Madelyn Moore 2 dagar sedan
Ian I’m Oh ugh
Grace Morgan
Grace Morgan 2 dagar sedan
i have been watching you guys for like 3 1/2 yrs
teddy casera
teddy casera 2 dagar sedan
Matt I think I saw when round two up there is saw a light but I don't think it's a key
Yasmin Say
Yasmin Say 2 dagar sedan
He sus
Top10 HUB
Top10 HUB 2 dagar sedan
the key is up
NoWay Jose
NoWay Jose 3 dagar sedan
I love that I know
Sofia Burke
Sofia Burke 3 dagar sedan
kots kids
kots kids 3 dagar sedan
at 7:11
kots kids
kots kids 3 dagar sedan
rz twin was mean to rick nila
Amiya Massiah
Amiya Massiah 3 dagar sedan
Amiya Massiah
Amiya Massiah 3 dagar sedan
Amiya Massiah
Amiya Massiah 3 dagar sedan
CourtCuttin Up
CourtCuttin Up 3 dagar sedan
Mahahina Rongo
Mahahina Rongo 3 dagar sedan
Can you tell PZ Twin i love her Ninja moves and i a big fan Thank you~Matt and Rebecca ❤️❤️❤️
Jo Inovia
Jo Inovia 3 dagar sedan
HopIn- Mobile
HopIn- Mobile 3 dagar sedan
yes mat i Soul a key
Oriana Donlevy
Oriana Donlevy 3 dagar sedan
Lindsey Feagan
Lindsey Feagan 3 dagar sedan
du key is up dir
Chloe Pettersen
Chloe Pettersen 3 dagar sedan
Hi I'm willow
Melissa Davalos
Melissa Davalos 3 dagar sedan
Melissa Davalos
Melissa Davalos 3 dagar sedan
Melissa Davalos
Melissa Davalos 4 dagar sedan
Yeymi Rivera
Yeymi Rivera 4 dagar sedan
Mx. Look eag
Jordan Keck
Jordan Keck 4 dagar sedan
Donna Rae
Donna Rae 4 dagar sedan
I hope that RZ twin is ok😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰
Deb Brown
Deb Brown 4 dagar sedan
I saw something Matt in round 2 when denal was tee imporser
we're so kid
we're so kid 4 dagar sedan
he is suspected
Perfect Care
Perfect Care 4 dagar sedan
Laat maar
Neri Esteves
Neri Esteves 4 dagar sedan
TheDaGFunk 4 dagar sedan
RZ Twin
Haniela Pasamonte
Haniela Pasamonte 4 dagar sedan
Yes she is asus
Cristina Alvela
Cristina Alvela 5 dagar sedan
Everytime Mr.x calls matt Matthew it get,s me confussed
Cristina Alvela
Cristina Alvela 5 dagar sedan
I love among us I play it every single day
Kailee Agno
Kailee Agno 5 dagar sedan
Sus sus
Kailee Agno
Kailee Agno 5 dagar sedan
Oil Lube Equipment
Oil Lube Equipment 5 dagar sedan
Jayce Elson
Jayce Elson 5 dagar sedan
I saw the key up on the ledge in the corner and you guys should have shot like a supposed to put it up there and then look at what you what you're seeing
Joan Frank
Joan Frank 5 dagar sedan
im the biggest fan of you i love your vids
Mollie Loring-Bush
Mollie Loring-Bush 6 dagar sedan
Mac where are you wanting to hide the key was up there
Donna James
Donna James 6 dagar sedan
Mr.x is sus
Fancy Haynes
Fancy Haynes 6 dagar sedan
Gerardo Gomrz
Gerardo Gomrz 6 dagar sedan
James Martin
James Martin 6 dagar sedan
Rz tiwn and Mr. x break in to you cabin to play among us with you guys.
Jules Carter
Jules Carter 6 dagar sedan
MATT the key was in the corner of the hiding place
flash 543
flash 543 6 dagar sedan
a gun
Bella Ilvento
Bella Ilvento 6 dagar sedan
why do i ship RZ twin and Danial
toti froty love cats
toti froty love cats 6 dagar sedan
The Lulu and Tiggy show
I think I saw something out then that I look like a silver thing okay
istarlin bare
istarlin bare 6 dagar sedan
Matt. Mrx whers your phone. Mrx. Where is your phone mathew. Hahahahahhaahahahhaaahaahaah
Sumitra Mondal
Sumitra Mondal 6 dagar sedan
Hey I am
fernandagarcia5890mg 7 dagar sedan
Delilah Rivera
Delilah Rivera 7 dagar sedan
Averie James
Averie James 7 dagar sedan
I love you guys
Pixie Webb
Pixie Webb 7 dagar sedan
THE INTRO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 UUUHHHHHH:Rebecca *punch*
Hermine Yami
Hermine Yami 7 dagar sedan
Naeem Rahim
Naeem Rahim 8 dagar sedan
Yes 👍 I did get the money 💵 for a the free card I just nI eegot d it forago so I’m trying month iaccount for a 🏦 tbank 🏦 tbank oa
Naeem Rahim
Naeem Rahim 8 dagar sedan
No key up there
Jennifer McMillan
Jennifer McMillan 8 dagar sedan
knock out for Matt was just sick to watch and i mean the bad sick
D'airah McDowell
D'airah McDowell 8 dagar sedan
mr x is sus
Gaminggolden Villega
Gaminggolden Villega 8 dagar sedan
It’s What’s ah Where You Said The New You David
ben lake
ben lake 8 dagar sedan
ya maat i did see the key
Minna Siju
Minna Siju 8 dagar sedan
Like I am a savage classy
Minna Siju
Minna Siju 8 dagar sedan
Like tiktpl song like savige
Hello !!!
Hello !!! 8 dagar sedan
Has anyone noticed that Rick noah looks like robbie rob I think it might be him
Angelica mae
Angelica mae 6 dagar sedan
no way
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq 8 dagar sedan
NANa ANAN 8 dagar sedan
when rich noah was shouting on the pool that was hilarious hahahahaha
charlotte Jenkins
charlotte Jenkins 8 dagar sedan
Rebecca it is not fair for you because you and RZ Twin has twin telepithy so she can see where you are hiding
Cookie Kitty
Cookie Kitty 8 dagar sedan
Jordyn Richie
Jordyn Richie 9 dagar sedan
Summer Griffin
Summer Griffin 9 dagar sedan
Matt just jumps in the pool like nothings going on
Faith Miller
Faith Miller 9 dagar sedan
Yes Matt I seen the key
Briana Perales
Briana Perales 9 dagar sedan
The way Rick Noah shouted when he was on the pool i was laughing it sounded like a girl
Yanet del carmen Garcia Hernández
Atencio asi suites canícab néstor accès atengo u-s-a
Matt Downum
Matt Downum 9 dagar sedan
is rz twin
Talia Atta
Talia Atta 9 dagar sedan
Edwin Pacson
Edwin Pacson 9 dagar sedan
cherryxcola 9 dagar sedan
Don’t trust mr. X he is probs working with the rhs! Love you Rebecca! Kisses from Britain ❤️❤️🐷✨
MNC EXPRESS 10 dagar sedan
MNC EXPRESS 10 dagar sedan
Khin Nan San
Khin Nan San 10 dagar sedan
CARSON GRAHAM 10 dagar sedan
🕵️‍♂️ was a R. AWEN. ZA. 😭 YOU R
Uzachi 10 dagar sedan
There is no Key
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