Ajax ● Road to the Semi Final 2018/19 

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This video is about Ajax's road to the semi final of the 2018/19 season. From the group stage to the semi final Ajax was an exciting young team that caught many big teams by surprise, by beating Juventus and Real Madrid for example. Youngsters like Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong earned a huge transfer after this champions league campaign. Hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think in the comments!
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14 dec 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Vanemas2 2 månader sedan
13:08 was the 2-2 by Lucas in the 59th minute and not the 2-3 in the 96th...
Anwar Keenan
Anwar Keenan Dag sedan
Eko Wahyu Hidayat
Eko Wahyu Hidayat 9 dagar sedan
@jolanta dambrauskiene Ngomong opo????
jolanta dambrauskiene
jolanta dambrauskiene 9 dagar sedan
Jeg var med man då være stille
Spursfan 16 dagar sedan
@Damon Aspeling ye lol😂. Like every boring game I leave at half time (e.g. man city), or at 60th minute. In fact every game is boring, spurs usually play attractive, fun to watch football, not playing 10 at the back
Damon Aspeling
Damon Aspeling 16 dagar sedan
@Spursfan Your shit now😂
saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera 23 minuter sedan
hoivan banla
hoivan banla 57 minuter sedan
The lively sink latterly number because pamphlet unprecedentedly disarm behind a towering ocelot. selfish, wrong printer
Jevan Herryusaverio
Jevan Herryusaverio 5 timmar sedan
Rip Ajax for not making it and now i hate tottengham
doertel t
doertel t 11 timmar sedan
It still hurts
Jacob Hessellund Lastein
Jacob Hessellund Lastein 12 timmar sedan
I dont get it, First match against tottenham, Ajax won 1-0 yeah. Next match 3-2 to Tottenham, isnt that a draw? tell me
Yháskara Cosme de Moraes
ta aqui o comentario brazuca que vc procura
CHXRLI3 YT シ 20 timmar sedan
DARIS BIHORAC 21 timme sedan
What a goal or schone vs Real Madrid
Ahmeerally Ridwane
Ahmeerally Ridwane 21 timme sedan
@7:22 this really is their night in paradise ❤️
RAHAB KUDE Dag sedan
Soccer....Club_signing Follow on Instagram agent @ #confidencecleantin Only to English clubs League 1 #confidancecleantin
RAHAB KUDE Dag sedan
Soccer....Club_signing Follow on Instagram agent @ #confidencecleantin Only to English clubs League 1 #confidancecleantin
Sebastian Diaz Maceda
Tremendo equipazo que era el Ajax en la temporada 18/19
SnowMessy 99
SnowMessy 99 Dag sedan
i cried when Ajax lost
ciao 17 timmar sedan
Me too
Zofia Waclawska
Zofia Waclawska Dag sedan
Bayern powinien dojść do półfinału bo nie wiem jak dla was ale dla mnie był lepszy od ajaxu
Zofia Waclawska
Zofia Waclawska Dag sedan
Tadić a skóra a gole Tadić!
Myster Freeman
Myster Freeman Dag sedan
Я снова плачу😭 это самая яркая и интересная команда той лиги чемпионов и они заслуживали этот кубок. И финал был бы топовым,а не то что было
Ilya Keegan Sergeev
Sorry for guys, who was with Ajax, but I lost my mind at playoffs... how Tottenham won against man city and Ajax... I still cannot believe in it
Salsabillah Ramadhoni
Champions league the best 2018-2019
Hermione Potter
Hermione Potter Dag sedan
Igor Szubrycht
Igor Szubrycht Dag sedan
Andersion545 Jaksion587
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けーとらしか勝たんマスオ タラオ
Justin Cox
Justin Cox 2 dagar sedan
Those saves where dope
Fred Caswell
Fred Caswell 2 dagar sedan
The innocent cardigan ostensibly nail because curler methodically share by a statuesque chief. hateful, likeable drop
عاشق راموس
عاشق راموس 2 dagar sedan
بعد إمتصار آياكس على اليوفي في مبارات الإياب لاحضت علم إخرائيل من لاحضه
sexy alesya
sexy alesya 2 dagar sedan
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Maciej 2 dagar sedan
To boli nawet po takim czasie
Astronaut161 Kiez
Astronaut161 Kiez 2 dagar sedan
This team showed whats possible with pure Passion
K K 2 dagar sedan
*LUCAS* 💙🤍💙🤍
Iceronx 2 dagar sedan
I miss the stadiums lol
Fredi Gogoli
Fredi Gogoli 3 dagar sedan
barry de Vent
barry de Vent 3 dagar sedan
You didnt show the best part where ekkelenkamp drags down ronaldo in the last few minutes of the game
Gabbbo Forza S.S. Lazio 1900 :]
Vittoria della Champions League buttata
Andrex 3 dagar sedan
Quando ajax è stato eliminato ho goduto non ti immagini quanto
Help people around the world!
this is what you call yungblud
Mentws Juwfh
Mentws Juwfh 3 dagar sedan
How was that not a red card against Goretzka :D
Илья Безенсон
super-mega-power, but of course it was a shame for Ajax ...
carla escamilla
carla escamilla 3 dagar sedan
The decorous back rapidly comb because input biochemically overflow out a furry furtive celeste. ratty, wonderful eel
Schoggistängelii 361
Schoggistängelii 361 3 dagar sedan
Now Haller is here i hope we will do it next year😁
Samir Ramani
Samir Ramani 4 dagar sedan
This was 2018???🥺💔
Prasanta Pandit
Prasanta Pandit 4 dagar sedan
This team changed the entire footballing philosophy, no more galacticos, no more one man armies, no more heros, only investment in youth.
worldfarmer hallway
worldfarmer hallway 4 dagar sedan
Group of young players going to semi final is crazy
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter 4 dagar sedan
Tottenham lah y7r9 jd boukoum
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter 4 dagar sedan
Reminds me a lot of good memories , thanks for that Ajax
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter 4 dagar sedan
Not an Ajax fan, but their ucl 2019 was my best ucl journey
bruh 2
bruh 2 4 dagar sedan
It was such a great moment when Mura scored the third, and sent the coky kids from Ajax home. Overrated team. Monaco 2017 would eat them alive
Green Lime
Green Lime 4 dagar sedan
One of the most exciting tragedies in UCL football.
Dubai FF
Dubai FF 4 dagar sedan
Acredito que esse Ajax daria mais trabalho na final pro Liverpool, pra mim ia ser mais disputado
Candy babyTv
Candy babyTv 5 timmar sedan
Ghost X69 F1nish4r
Ghost X69 F1nish4r 4 dagar sedan
😏 are you an Ajax fan but ya got sad u got knocked out by Liverpool and Atalanta
Angel Soto
Angel Soto 5 dagar sedan
The season where a bunch of youngsters grabbed the heart of every football fan out there
Jose Antonio Sobrino
Jose Antonio Sobrino 5 dagar sedan
Akeem Vincent
Akeem Vincent 5 dagar sedan
im suprised delight is tall and neres is a goal scorer
Lucas Renaud
Lucas Renaud 5 dagar sedan
Imagine if Neres scored that one in the first leg. Or Tadic in the second leg. Or Ziyech. Or Onana could hold on to the ball before the second spurs goal. Just imagine 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Blender Boy
Blender Boy 5 dagar sedan
'Road to the semi final', is this a spurs DVD or something? XD
Heksbd Djdkskd
Heksbd Djdkskd 5 dagar sedan
carla escamilla
carla escamilla 5 dagar sedan
The black-and-white smoke psychophysically tip because acoustic conventionally compete versus a amuck raven. violet, relieved appendix
yusuf nasr
yusuf nasr 5 dagar sedan
18-19 will always be the craziest champions league season
Muh Yusran
Muh Yusran 5 dagar sedan
7:19 . the girl is cute
Alwin C j
Alwin C j 6 dagar sedan
Good example of unlucky
Alexander Rojas Calero
Best football class in the last decade. Madrid just a bunch of "little help".
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 6 dagar sedan
Spurs got SO fucking lucky. Honestly Ajax should’ve scored like 10 past them over the 2 legs
Ghost_ZERO101 6 dagar sedan
Tottenham vs Ajax was one of the best games as a Tottenham fan sadly we lost the final but it’s ok we had a great fun GGs
Monica Sanna
Monica Sanna 6 dagar sedan
Ji Hyo kim
Ji Hyo kim 6 dagar sedan
The tearful cappelletti hemperly disapprove because verdict pathogenetically grab vice a elderly walrus. cooperative, remarkable process
charlie garcia
charlie garcia 6 dagar sedan
Harryyy Kane!!!
Ade Anugrah
Ade Anugrah 6 dagar sedan
plis do Roma 2017/2018/ they beat chelsea and ATM in group stage. risen from their Ruins vs barcelona. and last, lost 7-6 to liverpool in semifinal. 13goals at semifinals. thats a record.
Ghost X69 F1nish4r
Ghost X69 F1nish4r 6 dagar sedan
Cry I’m a Liverpool fan your probably just sad
涵紫 6 dagar sedan
history of ajax
Əmrah Bayramov
Əmrah Bayramov 6 dagar sedan
Ajax totenhem
Əmrah Bayramov
Əmrah Bayramov 6 dagar sedan
최문석 7 dagar sedan
Lucas Moura was a hero when a battle with Ajax
Harvey Barrett
Harvey Barrett 7 dagar sedan
Tottenham didn’t deserve it 😢😭
Hubert Janas
Hubert Janas 7 dagar sedan
Ajax no four play
Luca Battistini
Luca Battistini 7 dagar sedan
Dove hanno pianto gli uomini
Bean-Berry Hodzen
Bean-Berry Hodzen 8 dagar sedan
The next peru ontogenically surround because viscose equally sparkle unto a outgoing kick. slippery, keen hippopotamus
Nerazuro Nerazuro
Nerazuro Nerazuro 9 dagar sedan
All fans remember the Ajax road to semi-final and nobody the Tottenham road until the final!
Aditya Chopra
Aditya Chopra 17 timmar sedan
He has uploaded that video
Nixboi Hürb
Nixboi Hürb 9 dagar sedan
11:37 yeah I wonder 😐
INFIN ITY 9 dagar sedan
Ajax best team ever and I’m from netherland
Роман Никифоров
И мы получили самый скучный финал лч...
Allen Lakra 1014
Allen Lakra 1014 10 dagar sedan
The greatest underdog story ❤
Billy Robert
Billy Robert 10 dagar sedan
This van de beek that i wanted at man utd. I hope he will play regularly next season. I believed that he will be on his real form slowly at man utd
Kenji van Eekeres
Kenji van Eekeres 10 dagar sedan
Im still crying🥺
Vishakan s.k
Vishakan s.k 10 dagar sedan
As a United fan seeing donny wasted is like a bad dream hope pogba goes and donny shines🤧🤧
тот который ты некогда на видел
Andrés Salinas
Andrés Salinas 11 dagar sedan
I still don't know how it was possible!!!! I mean, the way these guys lose the semifinal, it doesn't taint everything they did, but YOU CAN'T MISS THE CHANCE TO GET THE FINAL, GOING 2 GOALS AHEAD, HAVING WON IN ENGLAND!!!!!
Andrés Salinas
Andrés Salinas 11 dagar sedan
3:53 What a stupid, God!!!
오민택 11 dagar sedan
닭집만 이겼으면 됬는데
Teh_intense Will
Teh_intense Will 11 dagar sedan
They day Serge Aurier gets his hands on the champions league trophy is the day I give up on life
Efkan 06
Efkan 06 11 dagar sedan
So unlucky
leqgone lurokquh
leqgone lurokquh 11 dagar sedan
The ultra geese finally park because hovercraft surprisingly fool until a depressed love. actually, rainy wire
umme Anas
umme Anas 11 dagar sedan
If ayax were in the final everything would gave changed in the final
Balistreri Elroy
Balistreri Elroy 11 dagar sedan
The billowy trigonometry observationally cheer because soprano bacteriologically remind midst a wicked cockroach. royal, selfish surprise
Kheelesh Nayhal
Kheelesh Nayhal 11 dagar sedan
That why i hate spurs they did not deserve to be in the final it should have been ajax
Anthony 12 dagar sedan
Balistreri Elroy
Balistreri Elroy 12 dagar sedan
The massive kayak fundamentally decide because stinger strangely remember than a chemical dictionary. profuse, giddy cowbell
BARRIO 12 dagar sedan
Made in Cotia né pai
Hamza Sohail
Hamza Sohail 12 dagar sedan
cant believe ajax knocked madrid and juventus out!!
Hamza Sohail
Hamza Sohail 12 dagar sedan
what a team that was...
Amkeed 12 dagar sedan
кому нужен взлом вк пишите в телеграм Vladimirvzlom
The BEST CL Matches EVER
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