7 New Features I'd Love to see Added to Minecraft 

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7 New Features I'd Love to see Added to Minecraft - In minecraft we've been spoiled with new updates, 1.13 and the new 1.14 I thought i'd like to share some new feature Ideas i had. All of these minecraft feature demonstrations are prototypes and not how they might actually look. Let me know which are your favourites!
My Video with Makistein: selosk.info/class/video/h6RhmWulyXtysGg.html


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24 nov 2018



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Wither_Crow 459
Wither_Crow 459 Timme sedan
is this datapack up for download?
BrownCake 2 timmar sedan
Grian: *Makes a new features added to Minecraft video Mojang: I'll take your entire Stock.
#!ShmOliveAnimates!# 8 timmar sedan
the air conduit looks really fun!
The memer
The memer 11 timmar sedan
Great now we need earth and fire
The memer
The memer 12 timmar sedan
1.15 : ya like jazz? 1.16 : this has to be the best upd- 1.17 *internal screaming* 1.18 : ??? 1.19 : ??? 1.20 : ???
Josiah Deitrick Balbon
Josiah Deitrick Balbon 13 timmar sedan
YourFriend 23 timmar sedan
Maybe you should have used quartz blocks for the air conduit
Keating Family
Keating Family Dag sedan
I think all of these were great I liked the bow and tether most I thought it was a awesome idea.
Melissa Stchekine
Charged slime dropped by slime bosses!!
Aiden Bagshaw
Aiden Bagshaw Dag sedan
When you wear a dragon's head, you should gain health from end crystals.
Mojang should add a burnt trees biome in nether that will make loaderite that will make load stone and loaderite can. be crafted by burning burnt log in furnace that will make burnt charcoal and mix burnt charcoal with nether gold
Toybonnie Glitch quantum
I want a pie of coral fruit
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 2 dagar sedan
I like the snow man
Walking Wikipedia
Walking Wikipedia 2 dagar sedan
*“We want dynamic torches”* Potion of night vision: Am I a joke to you?
Zachary Margala
Zachary Margala 2 dagar sedan
i think the illumination is a good idea, but it should not be compatible with protection of any kind, to balance it
quack quack
quack quack 2 dagar sedan
Mech4Kit7Y Mech
Mech4Kit7Y Mech 2 dagar sedan
Awesome! I love your ideas I hope they get considered!
DADDY BEAST 2 dagar sedan
The bow would be so useful to dream
The Stickopia
The Stickopia 2 dagar sedan
I love all these ideas
qps 3 dagar sedan
I could see the Bow and Tether be used in a Minecraft action movie
Foreign Person
Foreign Person 3 dagar sedan
Fishing Rod: Who are you? Bow and Tether: I am you but better. Fishing Rod: OHHHHH. Fishing Rod: 👉💥 Bow and Tether: OOF Fishing Rod: There can only be ONE!
Russian Toad
Russian Toad 3 dagar sedan
I was thinking that the arrows for the slime boss should go right into through him.
Legendary Bro 2012
Legendary Bro 2012 3 dagar sedan
When I saw the air conduit I was like, FUTURE ELEVATOR!
The Hustle Mallard
The Hustle Mallard 4 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who realized that the charged slime has a lightning texture in the middle of it
siljapancake 1
siljapancake 1 4 dagar sedan
Nope I did 😀
Emine Atalay
Emine Atalay 4 dagar sedan
Give me the datapack of bow and tether
Groovingamer Cam
Groovingamer Cam 4 dagar sedan
I currently ignored this video until I realised it was from grian (I thought it was from systemZee)
Jennifer Gipit
Jennifer Gipit 4 dagar sedan
Is not true 😭😭😭😭😭
Two Land Eleven
Two Land Eleven 5 dagar sedan
Bruh give this man a job Mojang.
KittenPlayz :D
KittenPlayz :D 5 dagar sedan
I think the rotten wood is good for building cus if you stood on it for a long enough time then you could make your build look like it’s worn down
Christopher Wadsworth
Christopher Wadsworth 6 dagar sedan
anyone else notice the emerald ore??? 3:48 top right
siljapancake 1
siljapancake 1 4 dagar sedan
I didn't until now🙃
yassine lefkih
yassine lefkih 6 dagar sedan
Its mods ??
Sjaak271 6 dagar sedan
The snowman’s ar added to Minecraft
ferdousur rahman
ferdousur rahman 7 dagar sedan
why don't they add a sort of rotten effect potion that when combined with any block, it will give you a rotten block of the block you used?
The Corrupter
The Corrupter 7 dagar sedan
this should be in 1.18
Allison Stump
Allison Stump 8 dagar sedan
16:34 poor man needs a medic jeeeeeeeeeeez he going insane
Allison Stump
Allison Stump 8 dagar sedan
i like the air conduit its cool if you like it leav a thumbs up l l l l v
The Teleportation
The Teleportation 8 dagar sedan
I like all your ideas and i prefer your ideas more than minecraft updates
Jimmy Pandya
Jimmy Pandya 8 dagar sedan
lier!! there is no bow and tether
Nicholas Williamson
Nicholas Williamson 8 dagar sedan
Did you know that you're character is a girl
SouR Brave
SouR Brave 9 dagar sedan
I think the air Conduit would let you fly like creative
Zcetch Scetch
Zcetch Scetch 9 dagar sedan
You could literally become spider-man with the bow and tether
S5 Mystic
S5 Mystic 9 dagar sedan
They need to add rotten wood and also the chorus pearl
Xavier Petkovits
Xavier Petkovits 9 dagar sedan
hi plz sub to TNT and vils 123 it would help
Nevi Villalobos
Nevi Villalobos 9 dagar sedan
I was thinking more of a nether conduit that makes you immune to lava and fire
StupidefiedSean 9 dagar sedan
6 mil !! Yay😂😁
Kenneth Rollins
Kenneth Rollins 9 dagar sedan
14:52 Grian: late-game building Me, who inadvertently ends up with stacks upon stacks of glowstone dust the first trip to the Nether: Am I a joke to you?
Brandon Giesing
Brandon Giesing 9 dagar sedan
I love how Rotten Wood kinda came true, just not in vanilla Minecraft. That's exactly what happens to blocks Steve places in Smash, break faster under you when stood on.
killer123 2.0
killer123 2.0 10 dagar sedan
I like the slime 💡
Justin Why
Justin Why 10 dagar sedan
The bow and teather is too OP.
Grace Burns
Grace Burns 10 dagar sedan
as soon as he pulled out the glow-stone i though he was building a portal
Vlope 11 dagar sedan
Who the person?
harrison cauthen
harrison cauthen 11 dagar sedan
The air conduit could use a nether star or a dragon egg
Wombatyoo 11 dagar sedan
1:07 the bow can get power enchantments, crossbow can't 1:19 enderpearls 2:56 fishing rod 4:39 good Idea 6:06 very useful, but it seems very unbalanced and overpowered 6:44 VERY overpowered 7:10 seems like a good Idea, but I suggest this being a treasure enchantment because it is still op. 8:06 seems to be fun, but definitely should not be stackable, I believe that even 16 of these in your hand would be OP. 8:20 punch II exists for a reason 9:21 should be only in generated structures, could be piked up with silk totch, but I think that if this was random when you placed down your own wood it would make building HELL. 9:46 pistons 11:45 seems like a great way to get my projects destroyed, and have to start all over. I live in a swamp, and I'm sure other people do to 13:00 again, this is way too overpowered, imagine being able to get to the build to the clouds SO easally, and fly on your elytra anywhere. Like most of the things here, it needs to be WAY more balanced. maybe even as rare as lets say pigstep for an example. 14:00 you might as well just play in creative at this point, survival building isn't meant to be this easy Finally, I will say, that I have nothing against you Grian, I really enjoy your buildings, and everybody knows that you are most likley beater at minecraft than me. so just remember that this is not to be mean :)
austin sims
austin sims 11 dagar sedan
TEC Volg
TEC Volg 11 dagar sedan
You can only shear a snow golem on the bedrock version
Shaan Deshpande
Shaan Deshpande 11 dagar sedan
No you can do it in Java as well
FMblock 12 dagar sedan
yeah i will love it to see it in minecraft
Octavient Catman
Octavient Catman 12 dagar sedan
Netherite: diamond sus Diamond: what? I was just doing a visual task! Iron: I'm confused so I'm gonna skip. Gold: guys it's clearly diamond!!! Wood: howdoidoaspace Leather: am I even supposed to be here? Edit: leather was not the impostor
Jameson Creach
Jameson Creach 12 dagar sedan
You can play qwiditch
Wendi Cupp
Wendi Cupp 12 dagar sedan
My fav is the bow and tether
Solti Szabolcs
Solti Szabolcs 12 dagar sedan
The first idea sucks
hagger 12 dagar sedan
grian: we need a enchantment so we can see in night me: night vision potion?
Ngo Van Lueang
Ngo Van Lueang 12 dagar sedan
the air conduit is my favorite thing cuz dont know :p
Moon 12 dagar sedan
I want volcanos
Sarmila Basnet
Sarmila Basnet 13 dagar sedan
this is a fake
Adrien Fan
Adrien Fan 13 dagar sedan
No we can’t do the grappling hook then I’ll be way to OP get to places that are easier seating like doing very bad stuff that’s cheating so I don’t think we can add that into the game
Wheat Eater
Wheat Eater 13 dagar sedan
Bruh now the crossbow needs a new feature because nobody uses it anymore
Alliyah Jane Caelestis
Alliyah Jane Caelestis 13 dagar sedan
The awesome square
The awesome square 14 dagar sedan
I am playing with mods while watching this video and 2 of the features are actually in those mods
vo resas
vo resas 14 dagar sedan
air conduit is my favorite
Ragin Vortex
Ragin Vortex 14 dagar sedan
Grian: 7 feature I'd love to be added 11m people: 7 features *we* would love to be added
derpy dragons
derpy dragons 14 dagar sedan
Imagine super charge slime with piston
Hiro Gamer
Hiro Gamer 14 dagar sedan
3:08 cruelest person in the world who would kill a squid man its the cutest
Green Nature
Green Nature 15 dagar sedan
chorus pearl because in 2b2t it was a bit of a problem for players to get out of their hole to not get crystaled so either way its my fav
chefbenito gameing
chefbenito gameing 15 dagar sedan
Cant wait for 1.17 in like 10 months
MemeTea 15 dagar sedan
Some viewers: pretty useless for me tbh all of them are Dream: *uses them*
George Craig
George Craig 15 dagar sedan
1.13 :Makes the ocean epicer 1.14: Much Better Villages 1.15: Ya like jazz
Armani Herrera
Armani Herrera 15 dagar sedan
Grian: we should use a crossbow as a grappling hook My mind: then mind as well Just make a grappling hook in Minecraft.
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
APotatoGuy LikesDogs 15 dagar sedan
Slime a sticky piston a button in the car slime I’m not yourself extremely high in the air works
KRISTINE MANABAT 15 dagar sedan
first suggestion (Grian): We need bow and tender to fish mobs first suggestion (me): We have fishing rods -_-
deadeye 16 dagar sedan
How has no one [from what i have seen] mentioned attack on titan with the bow tether
Horrid Henry Pl
Horrid Henry Pl 16 dagar sedan
The first one I now how to make with a command block!
Jacob Levin
Jacob Levin 16 dagar sedan
4.9k people in this world should quit minecraft and play tetris, or checkers
The cyclops Art
The cyclops Art 16 dagar sedan
If the tether bow was real it shouldn’t consume the lead
Emtahan Hossain
Emtahan Hossain 16 dagar sedan
i want to play minecraft with you
Sheila Natha
Sheila Natha 17 dagar sedan
I’m sad the air conduit doesn’t exist
Hisoka Morrow
Hisoka Morrow 17 dagar sedan
❤️ As Hisoka himself, I shall ommortalize your video in my brain ♠️
LilSizz 17 dagar sedan
bow and teather
BKMagyk 17 dagar sedan
Grian. Can we please get the data packs for this i really want to try some of these out
Tomato Man
Tomato Man 17 dagar sedan
What about a redstone armour that activates refstone when ur near it
Xavier Toll Hernando
Xavier Toll Hernando 17 dagar sedan
10:41 The day has come! We will have the dripleaf plant.
Xavier Toll Hernando
Xavier Toll Hernando 17 dagar sedan
Ejem ejem... Enderpearls are minecrafts grappling hooks
Buggy Fun
Buggy Fun 17 dagar sedan
Bow and teather also it should be it can have infinite enchantment so it lasts for ever
Itz Rebecca
Itz Rebecca 17 dagar sedan
OMG! It's Sherlock Snow!
Ender Eye
Ender Eye 18 dagar sedan
Ur aqesome
Rapal200 18 dagar sedan
From 2020: Glow squid created...USELESS
That Artist
That Artist 18 dagar sedan
I need the snowman one to be real and im not a coder or game developer but i dont think it would take a lot to make that happen it'd be amazing! Then again it might be a lot to do but I'd be willing to wait for a update or two just to have it
Deborah Walsh
Deborah Walsh 18 dagar sedan
Can I have a shout out pls
Maratha Warrior
Maratha Warrior 19 dagar sedan
Add women villager and the real procedure of reproduction in Minecraft
Tyler D S
Tyler D S 19 dagar sedan
“Don’t do that, don’t give me hope.”