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10 jan 2021



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Nile Wilson
Nile Wilson Månad sedan
Hey Team .. All these videos were filmed before the national lockdown and all Nile Wilson content is currently being produced in a Covid-19 secure way, following industry best practice & guidance, in our approved gymnastics training centre. Hope You Enjoyed!
DRONE MEDIA U.K 13 dagar sedan
Nice and Martyn this was inspiring and most of all hilarious 😆🤣😄
BestBitsOnline 28 dagar sedan
@maddison daley I agree with u every one who call u Karen and that are irresponsible
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Månad sedan
Steel City Gamers
Steel City Gamers Månad sedan
I'm so sad to he that rip his girl freind
Kamil Ciezak
Kamil Ciezak Månad sedan
robilem z takimi na budowie -po 2-3 tygodniach od rana do wieczora i drodze tam i spowrotem po ok 100 km plus swoiskim jedzeniu przy pracy fizycznej i treningu w nocy - i innych dodatkowych sprawach - słabo wyglądali i troche im zeszlo to napompowanie- wyrobienie sie liczy- wiadomo ze chwilowa sila jest-i strzał- jak nie uniknie sie - no bo jak - ale na dluzsza mete w ekstremalnych warunkach zycze powodzenia- -i po ciezkich kontuzjach- ale wyglad robi wrazenie - pozdro- i dobre role - z Bogiem
Morgan Feedman
Morgan Feedman Dag sedan
bet Martyn eats he's cereal with a knife....
511Emjay Dag sedan
Isnt that the guy who steams after his workout? from insta?
Levi Dashwood
Levi Dashwood 2 dagar sedan
He’s three times heavier then me.
RJK 3 dagar sedan
Martyn looks like the Life model for the T-600.
0wninguplz 3 dagar sedan
I'll do back flips,you'll do jumps. I died XD
Saltygamer 425
Saltygamer 425 4 dagar sedan
This guy would make a sick Russian villain
kay meachem
kay meachem 4 dagar sedan
Would be a good live action kratos 🤔🤔
CurtF94 4 dagar sedan
9:30 if they were cellies
Sumit Mukhia
Sumit Mukhia 4 dagar sedan
Heavy and Scout :D
The Amazig World of Gumball
imagine if e was agile, nah man, also flexible xd
Frenchy Gary
Frenchy Gary 4 dagar sedan
Nile is bigger than martyn
Héctor Velo
Héctor Velo 5 dagar sedan
This man will never have a heart attack because his heart is too afraid to attack him
Raphael 5 dagar sedan
I wanna see him in armor and with a mace
Luis Saturn
Luis Saturn 5 dagar sedan
how come you look so much thinner?
Spectalys 6 dagar sedan
09:13 The part when the young is street fighted is funny :)
Dr Mannyhattan
Dr Mannyhattan 6 dagar sedan
9:50 hhahaaahhaahaaa
Gorilla54 7 dagar sedan
Martyn looks fucking awesome
Jerome Jackson
Jerome Jackson 8 dagar sedan
To see his size and athleticism is amazing.......to see him humble and tell his story is priceless. Genuinely seems like a great guy!!! (One you would never want to cross).
H H 8 dagar sedan
ICY-EXOTIC-_- cracked my guy
did u guys know that martyn is a movie actor, his upcoming movie is fast and the furious 9
Az The Drummer
Az The Drummer 9 dagar sedan
The music 😂😂 were Breaking free 😂
lily. 9 dagar sedan
Yeh bodybuilders arent as flexible, but this mans quite agile
Aliff Aiman
Aliff Aiman 9 dagar sedan
Is that the big guy from Boyka movie?
Tom Watson
Tom Watson 9 dagar sedan
Nile is bigger than Martyn
Phoenix / فينيكس
i think nile at this point was thinking of retirement , he just needed reassurance from someone who went through a lot, you can see he got that from martyn.
Tamia Bowers
Tamia Bowers 10 dagar sedan
Getting Rag dolled 9:27
Matteo Bannatyne
Matteo Bannatyne 10 dagar sedan
Why did i always think this guy was Polish until hearing his voice haha!
Xtive 10 dagar sedan
i thought it was the rock from the thumbnail for some reason XD
Явор Иванов
Явор Иванов 10 dagar sedan
Miss EmJay
Miss EmJay 11 dagar sedan
Nile is bigger than Martyn aye? Lol
TheyCalledMeT 11 dagar sedan
the springboard was clearly too weak for him, he constantly hit the floor when jumping on it edit: that dirty laugh forces a wide grin in my face every time xD
Matt Stead
Matt Stead 11 dagar sedan
Reminds me of being a younger brother and getting thrown around by your older brother with zero hope of ever winning.
ImLate 11 dagar sedan
is he bigger then Arnold?
Pam’s 11 dagar sedan
He eats 1500 cal a day???
Sabiduría Chaira Patentada
SNIPERNYTE 11 dagar sedan
Their like brothers playing around
Maks Erofeev
Maks Erofeev 12 dagar sedan
Nile is bigger than martyn
Handi Kurniawan
Handi Kurniawan 12 dagar sedan
koshmar, where is boyka?😆
Vídarr Odinson
Vídarr Odinson 12 dagar sedan
Holy ox, thasa thick boi
king komodo
king komodo 12 dagar sedan
imagine runnin avay from him and than you find out he can do parkour better than you...
C Mocke
C Mocke 12 dagar sedan
7:53 onwards is some true shit...
trevor wilson
trevor wilson 12 dagar sedan
his laugh gets me bro
Ethen Southerland
Ethen Southerland 12 dagar sedan
Nile is Bigger than Martyn lmao
Bakir Okan
Bakir Okan 13 dagar sedan
Nile got so skinny ffs
Gabe Herbaugh
Gabe Herbaugh 13 dagar sedan
He's built like white beard from one piece
Number Jack
Number Jack 13 dagar sedan
genius idea! congrats!
Tatchik77 13 dagar sedan
Hey from Kansas, U.S.A. I don't know who Martyn Ford is but he is hubba hubba!
Phil Buss
Phil Buss 13 dagar sedan
Dude.. this is funny as hell 🤣 And hes very agile for his weightclass
Kieleigh Griffin
Kieleigh Griffin 13 dagar sedan
Its like dad and son😂
Muggel 13 dagar sedan
this man is just respectable
matteo imperatori
matteo imperatori 13 dagar sedan
he seems made of steel haha
Axel Garotte
Axel Garotte 13 dagar sedan
C'est moi ou il a perdu des bras , du torse et tout 😳
derp 13 dagar sedan
9:14 👁️👄👁️
ATM - Amine Tech Energy
b0ss3n shawty
b0ss3n shawty 14 dagar sedan
i don’t care if you’re hench man bow up your cousin, sibling and friend.
Arvs Villalobos
Arvs Villalobos 15 dagar sedan
Martyn Ford can play Bane
Evi Eni
Evi Eni 15 dagar sedan
Since when do gymnasts look like beggars?
Josh Govier
Josh Govier 15 dagar sedan
Who took his mask off?!
BigDipper907 15 dagar sedan
Damn. I’ve never heard someone describe depression in such a way I’ve felt before. Made me realize I’ve been denying mine for a long time. Sucks. Great vid. It was my first view of the channel. You guys are inspirational
Rafał Drop
Rafał Drop 15 dagar sedan
0:17 music intro pls ? :D
briansodie 15 dagar sedan
last time i was here nile didnt have any leg tattoos
Bill 15 dagar sedan
''You learn more from your failures than you do your successes'' beautiful
Simon Rosendal Pedersen
Did he say fast and furious 9!!!!!?😍
Nxvait 15 dagar sedan
I love how you both are from the uk
Jared Blind
Jared Blind 16 dagar sedan
Wtf he had anorexia?
Jared Blind
Jared Blind 16 dagar sedan
And yes depression is stuck in past and anxiety is worried about future
Kuba Mierzejewski
Kuba Mierzejewski 16 dagar sedan
Omandu HUisLife
Omandu HUisLife 16 dagar sedan
That was so much fun 😄 ☺ 🤣🔥
salva hazana
salva hazana 16 dagar sedan
mp biggame
mp biggame 16 dagar sedan
he is massive, jeez..
rightthatwrong 16 dagar sedan
5:12 fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff
Family Hosie
Family Hosie 17 dagar sedan
nile is bigger then martyn lol
Jocelyn Vrinceanu
Jocelyn Vrinceanu 17 dagar sedan
This guy has a lot of great stuff to say. Love the open talk about mental health struggles and how he found a way. x
Izzaldeen Jaber
Izzaldeen Jaber 17 dagar sedan
You ROCK Martyn 💪️💪️💪️ you are awesome
Luís Fernandes
Luís Fernandes 17 dagar sedan
MARTYN FORD laughs like a super villain
Huitzinga 18 dagar sedan
After that big dude jumps, they had to check the structural integrity of the building.
Jason pears
Jason pears 18 dagar sedan
Get the Dutch Giant on here!
b 18 dagar sedan
thanks guys, i do not do gymnastics or weights came across totally by accident, but I cannot believe how therapeutic and inspiring you both are, the way you just talked about the downers instead of how good am I. totally on. once again Thanks.
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Magnus Glad Ommundsen
Magnus Glad Ommundsen 19 dagar sedan
you are mutch smaler then what you was a year ago why?
MeJustAimy 19 dagar sedan
Two lovely men, comfortable in their own skin, genuine and down to earth wat lol
kozaczinio___ 20 dagar sedan
Noor Irwan
Noor Irwan 20 dagar sedan
Martyn looks like wsm competitor n wwe nathan jones
Master Roshi
Master Roshi 20 dagar sedan
This guy is sweating my weight.
Luke Hartnell
Luke Hartnell 21 dag sedan
Nike used to look so buff but now he more lean . Isn’t it supposed to be better if your more lean in gymnastics anyway?
Judah Mallam
Judah Mallam 21 dag sedan
Johnny Sins really does everything huh
Gabriel TM
Gabriel TM 21 dag sedan
Sagat is real
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 22 dagar sedan
Martyn looks amazing. So great to nile and him so at ease and having fun. Isn't that what every day life is about
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 22 dagar sedan
Wow what inspiration. Beautiful xxx
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith 22 dagar sedan
I love you Nile. Love all you vlogs. Amazing. I follow you on all your channels. Including your girlfriend Emily. I'd love to see you do Austin Alexander's assault course. It looks so much fun!! And I think you and Emily should go!! Xx
Дмитрий Live
Дмитрий Live 22 dagar sedan
Сome here on my channel!!!!
AS-TR Tutoriales
AS-TR Tutoriales 22 dagar sedan
se ve mas delgado 8-0
Trae McCombs
Trae McCombs 22 dagar sedan
Upvote for 1:45 if nothing else!
edward arwe
edward arwe 23 dagar sedan
Ewelina Stypa
Ewelina Stypa 23 dagar sedan
Martyn ford can punch john cena on the ground and he can crush down godzilla.
Rafał Siedlecki
Rafał Siedlecki 24 dagar sedan
김잼민 24 dagar sedan
Looks like balur and kratos
Artur Pal
Artur Pal 24 dagar sedan
Niel , man i got to say, you have some balls telling Martyn to get out , i would shit my pants hahaha
Bartosz Majchrzak
Bartosz Majchrzak 24 dagar sedan
Pudzian go zje.
9z Hyko
9z Hyko 24 dagar sedan
In this case with martyn I'd hate to sleep on the bottom bunk
DiAZ DLL 25 dagar sedan
this is a real space marine
Dom Pérignon
visningar 57tn
Dom Pérignon
visningar 57tn