10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..) 

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10 Ways to Hide Your Minecraft Base with NO REDSTONE (ok maybe a little..) you heard me, lots of ways, some old, some new, to hide your minecraft base in minecraft. Some have some downsides, so choose which one suits you the most! There is some OPTIONAL redstone in these to make them better, thanks iskall for the help.


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20 dec 2019



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ZL PLAYZ 44 minuter sedan
Is this possible in mobile tho
ZL PLAYZ 48 minuter sedan
Thank you so much for doing this now i can do a secret base without redstone
thecentstudent 7 timmar sedan
I have a hiddin base in a Wellington with no redstone
Owen Rebello
Owen Rebello 9 timmar sedan
Omg these are genius
Daniel Moran Tejada
Daniel Moran Tejada 15 timmar sedan
anhchu81 16 timmar sedan
Abdullah Abdulhadi
Abdullah Abdulhadi 17 timmar sedan
Keep up the good work 🤪
Mattyew TV
Mattyew TV 21 timme sedan
Grian:No one can ever find us Me: Turns on the In Game Player Names
Ya Mum
Ya Mum 21 timme sedan
Because putting blocks infront of your bases entrance is impossible
Lucas Jacobs
Lucas Jacobs Dag sedan
When a composter plays among us “composter was not a imposter” get it? ComPOSTOR InPOSTER
Vica Mutelica
Vica Mutelica Dag sedan
Pyr0 FyrO
Pyr0 FyrO Dag sedan
Alsooooooo he says a "little" remember the flipping boat thing🤣🤣🤣
Pyr0 FyrO
Pyr0 FyrO Dag sedan
Grian:if your kinda scared of redstone like me- Me: (watches mumbo jumbo and understands everything)
Yixin Zhao
Yixin Zhao Dag sedan
He created the word sus
꧁Wonder Gaming꧂
The first one Is like: Imagine someone randomly gets in your house and be like: "Where am i?'
HaRSh ShARmA Dag sedan
Last one was best
Bombtastic 714
Bombtastic 714 Dag sedan
Revaline Larasati
Wha-? Number 1 to 9 was so cool but 10?
LRP Gaming
LRP Gaming Dag sedan
What’s the tittle again 5:17
nikayla banal
nikayla banal Dag sedan
Also I need to update it
nikayla banal
nikayla banal Dag sedan
Lol I can't Play PS4 Mine craft Cause I don't know where is the CD
Fuzzy Angels
Fuzzy Angels Dag sedan
Deborah Tarrant
Deborah Tarrant Dag sedan
Hey Grian I got something to tell you your a lieyr because you told me that their was going to be no redstone but their is YOUR A MEAN LIER
Thirdy balacuay
Thirdy balacuay 2 dagar sedan
Good ideas but how are people gonna get out of those bases?
Tara Roth
Tara Roth 2 dagar sedan
In 4 put it in a farm so it blends in.
Gavin Eickenhorst
Gavin Eickenhorst 2 dagar sedan
ITS SO complicated
Its RNG Zues
Its RNG Zues 2 dagar sedan
Its RNG Zues
Its RNG Zues 2 dagar sedan
Its RNG Zues
Its RNG Zues 2 dagar sedan
The reds ton:⬇️⬆️⬅️➡️🔽↗️↘️↙️↖️↕️⤵️🔃🔄⤴️🔂↩️🔁↪️🔀↔️🔽⏫⏬◀️🔼⏪⏹⏺⏭⏮⏩⏯⏸▶️⏏️*️⃣
nozzy Maphanga
nozzy Maphanga 2 dagar sedan
Nathan Desrosiers
Nathan Desrosiers 3 dagar sedan
Ya I do not like red stone inless it’s super simple :)
Oatspin 3 dagar sedan
Just gonna leave this for myself 6:53
Flaming_5kull 3 dagar sedan
Abit of redstone! I'm in 10 seconds later... Oh noes!
Aaron Neiberg
Aaron Neiberg 3 dagar sedan
the only problem with hidden bases is nametags.
DJ Cael3m
DJ Cael3m 3 dagar sedan
Now this will make you take a little bit of suffocation damage but that’s okay! *whispers* You know hidden houses we have to have sacrifices... btw everyone go sub to Grian
Isi Wag
Isi Wag 4 dagar sedan
Can you please make a part 100,000 so I can make them all lol
Ellie 4 dagar sedan
Um- how about you do the redstone in a straight line?
The ArrowShoeCo.
The ArrowShoeCo. 4 dagar sedan
lol to that last one
wolf pup
wolf pup 4 dagar sedan
I am so bad at redston
Tamara Marshall
Tamara Marshall 5 dagar sedan
I don't like redstone
Giuliano Alves Dominici
You help me a lot with troling and hiding from my friends Grian thank you
HAWKEYE GAMING! 5 dagar sedan
MinecraftGamer YT14
MinecraftGamer YT14 5 dagar sedan
Title: Ten ways to hide ur frickin base, no fucking redstone. (Maybe a LITTLE) A LITTLE. 12:04. Look at it.
Nathaniel Willis
Nathaniel Willis 5 dagar sedan
You are awesome
wolf man
wolf man 5 dagar sedan
I did the lava thing and I put venom stoffe
Racoono 5 dagar sedan
Grian hermitcraft 6: red stone is scary. Grian hc 7: wHo iS tHiS G R A I N ? !
Sha0805 6 dagar sedan
Grian:red stone is scary Mumbojumbo:what? Like what? It’s a toy plush
Hartawan Jusuf
Hartawan Jusuf 6 dagar sedan
I didn't like dirt
Mark Jem Ombac
Mark Jem Ombac 6 dagar sedan
I think some redstone but cool
ItzJustN3M3SIS 6 dagar sedan
I r heard grian swear 2 times in this vod Edit:Vid
Justin Hill
Justin Hill 7 dagar sedan
Mumbo: making a flying machine world is a 2 grain: I rate it a 9009999999
GAZELEO 7 dagar sedan
vegeto gaming
vegeto gaming 8 dagar sedan
Xbox players: (-_-;)
LOGAN CATE 8 dagar sedan
Who else noticed the floating grass at 0:05
tik tok queens and kings
Grain :if you'r like me and you find Redstone its just a little bit scary Me : when i saw the redstone 😲😵🤪😳
Luka Cirillo
Luka Cirillo 8 dagar sedan
He said the red stone is easy it is so hard 9:01
Walker Edition
Walker Edition 9 dagar sedan
The 1st one keeps happening to me in villages and i only use it to escape the ppl i raid
adam torres
adam torres 9 dagar sedan
adam torres
adam torres 9 dagar sedan
Pin meh commenet
ERIC LIANG 9 dagar sedan
I watched half of the video thats when i realized that I don't have minecraft
Leonie Lacey-banks
Leonie Lacey-banks 9 dagar sedan
i dont even have blocks to cover number 10 cos ill forget i just have it open
Natalya Sutoyo
Natalya Sutoyo 9 dagar sedan
How to hide your base, super easy (mountain's base should be empty) Dig all the way down a mountain. Cover the hole with a block and dig out a little room for your base. Then place a ladder along the tunnel you went through so you're not stuck in your base forever. Then cover the top. Done leell
Aaron the Maker
Aaron the Maker 9 dagar sedan
Redstone is not scary
fortnite clay
fortnite clay 10 dagar sedan
9 8956747475
fortnite clay
fortnite clay 10 dagar sedan
fortnite clay
fortnite clay 10 dagar sedan
fortnite clay
fortnite clay 10 dagar sedan
Grian: uses Redstone Title: NO REDSTONE!!!!!! Me: broh
epicstar223 OK
epicstar223 OK 10 dagar sedan
Grian : idk how to do this Redstone😠 Mumbo : pathetic😒
Blanky 10 dagar sedan
11:12, Don't click the time.
Rxse Petalz
Rxse Petalz 10 dagar sedan
Me: makes a secret base My friends: know where it is because of nametags
EpicGamerBoy 10 dagar sedan
I’m no hater Him:makes doors that have almost no red stone Me:making a hidden base with a 4 by 4 cave door to a futuristic base
green cheep cheep king
green cheep cheep king 10 dagar sedan
I actually hear a scary sound in grians hole the 1.5 thing
Celia Celia
Celia Celia 10 dagar sedan
you said no red stone
savedge_cloud 10 dagar sedan
13:10 grass on stone?
Flavius Bercea
Flavius Bercea 10 dagar sedan
I made a house that has a item detector too. Except its simpler
Nathan Carreira
Nathan Carreira 11 dagar sedan
I like this challenal
Charlie hi
Charlie hi 11 dagar sedan
Why am I watching this when I'm god at redstone
christyngo1 11 dagar sedan
The og way: dig 2 blocks of dirt Me being a 2020 10 year old: I thought it was walking through a painting...
Josiah Swanson
Josiah Swanson 11 dagar sedan
Sonja Schoener
Sonja Schoener 11 dagar sedan
chefbenito gameing
chefbenito gameing 11 dagar sedan
mumbo is crying right now
Blaze McKelvey
Blaze McKelvey 11 dagar sedan
F dog Orange
F dog Orange 11 dagar sedan
I am very scared of redstone every time I use it either I get blown up or my mansion that I keep rebuilding because it blows either when I use redstone or my brother or my friend my brother didn’t really blow it up but he still destroyed it .
F dog Orange
F dog Orange 11 dagar sedan
Anyone who reads this have a great day 😊
Bella Hoffman
Bella Hoffman 12 dagar sedan
(1:07) If you hide your bed in a dummy base *has Ender Dragon head in base*
Cross_ Byte
Cross_ Byte 12 dagar sedan
I found out about the bed thing when I kept waking up outside my igloo
Alb Sh
Alb Sh 12 dagar sedan
Grian: there’s a little redstone, it’s not that complicated. My brain: someone please give me understanding pills, I think this man is a liar
Gabby Zhang
Gabby Zhang 12 dagar sedan
boat redstone tutorial: *waster ur boats* the lazy survival people: **skip**
Atsole Ritse
Atsole Ritse 12 dagar sedan
It is ok when you use red stone
Flamingo Fan
Flamingo Fan 12 dagar sedan
I feel like the water ways is where he got thw first mycelium resistance HQ
myk zamora
myk zamora 12 dagar sedan
Fluffy Flake
Fluffy Flake 12 dagar sedan
Little bit of redstone..... Me: Oh Hell naaaah
Luke Scherner
Luke Scherner 13 dagar sedan
Your so stupid how do get out of the bases
villager number 1000
villager number 1000 13 dagar sedan
3:20 extreme hills
Marty Hill
Marty Hill 13 dagar sedan
It you can't get out now
Skully Gamez
Skully Gamez 13 dagar sedan
He didn’t mention the pain and suffering u have to go to while making something under lava
Annika Claire Chua
Annika Claire Chua 13 dagar sedan
But how do u get out of u base?
RadGamerAwesome 13 dagar sedan
Did he really say "hoe did you do that?"
Miguel Ongpin
Miguel Ongpin 14 dagar sedan
Múne_ Playz
Múne_ Playz 15 dagar sedan
Grian: Okayy here me out it has a littttle bit of redstone Me: Define "little"
Stephanie Symes
Stephanie Symes 15 dagar sedan
I clicked on this video Because I don't know how to use redstone and every time I try to use it I mess it up and I have to get my brother to help!!!😡😡😡😡😡
Landen W7528
Landen W7528 15 dagar sedan
How do you make the infinity room?
Charlie Di Persio
Charlie Di Persio 15 dagar sedan
I wonder how I can hide my name tag :/
Charlie Di Persio
Charlie Di Persio 15 dagar sedan
Sneaking is boring
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