1 serious question about the GoPro Hero9 

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16 sep 2020



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Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson 3 timmar sedan
I got the 100,000th like
merci 5 timmar sedan
can't stand casey having the 3M adhesive of that mount all exposed lol
AprilR T
AprilR T 6 timmar sedan
Love it. 🙌🙌🙌
Kindle Busch
Kindle Busch 11 timmar sedan
But where can you buy the remote control car tho?!?
Tom Schuelke
Tom Schuelke 11 timmar sedan
Yeah men... one can realy see that you put much much effort in your review... great one and funny too.. loved it.. Well I would like to have a mod on the lens, that gives me the options of a "Real" cam with zoom , so i can also shot some great footage on the beach with depth of field, with zoom and so on.. but didnt see anything so far..
rockyrocky 16 timmar sedan
Skip to 1:20 for actual beginning of the videos
Nerfamus 23 timmar sedan
I still use a Hero 5 Session. It's not very good.
Alejandro keener
I wonder how many times he had to pull over to get that first sequence
straight needforspeed
This guy reviews everything so perfectly its amazing
Giz Gad
Giz Gad Dag sedan
Nice video! I just made a video about the best camera of all time. Thanks for what you do man.
Андрей Белов
cool wristwatches! what model?
Raihan Yeop
Raihan Yeop 2 dagar sedan
GoPro has a major problem replacing warranty units with waits for more than 5 months.
CESAR1309LAMPARD 2 dagar sedan
Great quote at the end
Claude Blair
Claude Blair 2 dagar sedan
What pole is Casey using Instaone ? At 6:22
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor 2 dagar sedan
Awesome transition!
Clayton Montgomery
Clayton Montgomery 2 dagar sedan
so extra.....
Lucid Atrium
Lucid Atrium 2 dagar sedan
I grew up in the same town as Mickman, small world syndrome triggered!
Jonathan Hanna
Jonathan Hanna 2 dagar sedan
What do we Really need? A go pro 5 6 7 8 9. A DLSR Canon Nikon Sony. A mirrorless Camera. An Iphone 6 7 8 9 10 x .. Content is more Important than them all. Just Remember.... The karate kid (1984) was shot on a Camera less Powerful than even our basic I phone with less Resolution.
Metal Mentality
Metal Mentality 2 dagar sedan
Great vid thx Casey!
Fin Line & Fly
Fin Line & Fly 2 dagar sedan
pity this review is more about the vlogger then the camera tbh........
Alex k
Alex k 3 dagar sedan
Almost bought just on the first compared.
Elias Kaser
Elias Kaser 3 dagar sedan
GoPro: *Releases new unnecessary models EVERY YEAR...* D.J.I.: *Makes one break-through action camera; continuously updates firmware.* also D.J.I.: *Makes ALL OF THE DRONES.*
Elias Kaser
Elias Kaser 3 dagar sedan
GoPro: “cHeCk OuT oUr NeW fRoNt ScReEn 🥴!” D.J.I. *in Chinese*: “...just like on our camera...that we released last year 🙄.”
Gallardo6669 3 dagar sedan
Some other SEloskrs said this thing still freezes up like other models before... I got so tired of this. They don't get it.... High tech gopro and can't fix this bug. I will not buy again soon...
Gallardo6669 3 dagar sedan
If the gopro gets smaller and the battery stronger, would you compete with the dentist patient and swallow the gopro after treatment? I want to see the digestive system, but please only the first few feet....
Agility Bits
Agility Bits 4 dagar sedan
I have the Hero 7 and I don't think I'll bother with the upgrade. The Hero 7 is good enough for what I want.
jack Medford
jack Medford 4 dagar sedan
Is this a paid promotion thooooooooooo????¿¿¿¿🤔🤔🤔🤔
Abbas 4 dagar sedan
Who is this guy with 5m views ??? 5:42
A D White
A D White 4 dagar sedan
playing with sounds
Zhang许仙 4 dagar sedan
wow very bad presentation explain nothing , hey ! you see my camera 6k$ it's fine no ? better that's gopro 9 :D , hey you see my iphone 11 pro well in 2020 years now everyone has an iphone 11 pro ... no ? really ? wow so sad , yes because everyone uses their phone to go windsurfing, cycling, or other extreme sport yes everyone ! more seriously make sense that he does not want to make us like the product at all , Next ...
Sam Best
Sam Best 4 dagar sedan
did he say you can attach a gopro to a helicopter blade???
Jacked 2 Jeep
Jacked 2 Jeep 4 dagar sedan
Your right you put a lot of work into your videos.... I will one day....soon enough...Thanks for the motivation.
Ken Chan
Ken Chan 4 dagar sedan
Obviously many of the weaknesses are to save for version 10. Why buy when you know that Hero 10 will be better next year?
Jason Reviews TECH
Jason Reviews TECH 5 dagar sedan
dude the cellphone cameras now are up to par, unless you do action then yeah.
From the eyes of Shaun
I am so thankful for you I've been sayin i was gobna come back to vlogging with i got a camera. I think this is the one!!!
ToddleyProductions 5 dagar sedan
The hero 7 is still good
Niiko 5 dagar sedan
Casey still a pro vlogger in my oppinion and that's why i get inspired from him to make good pre or post shot production
Popp Up the World
Popp Up the World 5 dagar sedan
I like you movie styles 🙏 thanx for sharing
Sarath SunilDutt
Sarath SunilDutt 5 dagar sedan
You savage! Now I see why you have a lot of subscribers. I just need to know why PDPie also has so many subscribes and then I can rest in peace.
Smokin' Moak's BBQ
Smokin' Moak's BBQ 5 dagar sedan
I just realized that Casey has the same haircut as Roger Klotz... the antagonist from the Doug cartoon.
Albert Rivera
Albert Rivera 5 dagar sedan
5:48 it's Cody Kook
Skimnek TV
Skimnek TV 5 dagar sedan
Wow, I really want to attract myself one of these things soon.
Isshh & Toni
Isshh & Toni 5 dagar sedan
Im a poor guy . Can i have a old go pro for my vlog ? Please?
Isshh & Toni
Isshh & Toni 5 dagar sedan
Im a poor guy . Can i have a old go pro for my vlog ? Please?
Above the Fray
Above the Fray 5 dagar sedan
Too bad GoPro customer support is so bad... been waiting for a call for THREE days... the website told me 8 mins. Finally get a call back from GoPro Italy... tells me he is going to hand off my case to a native English speaker and I will get a call back in about 5 min... that was 5 HOURS ago...
Bike Eat Repeat
Bike Eat Repeat 5 dagar sedan
I think this video made me think twice of buying a go pro 9 instead of buying it. Hahaha. Thanks Casey for saving me 450 bucks!
BHARATH KUMAR 6 dagar sedan
catch me outside
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 6 dagar sedan
The father of all Chodesters
Fluidity FPV
Fluidity FPV 6 dagar sedan
wish they would bring back the session its formfactor is perfect for fpv drones
Anonymous 7 dagar sedan
Sometimes I sit here thinking about how he set up every shot. There's more camera set-up than actual filming sometimes. Incredible.
Chris A
Chris A 7 dagar sedan
I have that exact buzzer lol
paid slave
paid slave 7 dagar sedan
Oil those clippers!
Lenny Gordon
Lenny Gordon 8 dagar sedan
Session 5 was the best gopro ever made in existence. Its an action camera. I wish they would make a session 9.
Cayton Hopson
Cayton Hopson 8 dagar sedan
Ngl this man is the only “vlogger” content I like
Evil DroneZ. Do Not Subscribe
I better looking than Casey. Probably smarter but yet Casey’s life is Awesome. I’ll trade him right now
Para te
Para te 9 dagar sedan
annd pov still looks terrible. Iphone video looks way better overall.
CRE8ALOT DESIGN John Aydelotte
Loved the shot when you jumped the dune buggy then cut to surfing. I was not expecting that. Be well Casey!!
Roxy 9 dagar sedan
I don't have the iphone 11 pro so I guess I need! To be fair I've been wanting a GoPro for years, and I was going to get the 8 series with the mods so that I could have the front-facing screen but then BAM they come out with one that already has one built-in.
Nil Bangla Documentary
So nice Videos
Luis Estefes
Luis Estefes 9 dagar sedan
What lens do you use on your canon?
Matt S
Matt S 10 dagar sedan
The truth is (and nobody likes hearing it)... You don't need expensive camera gear. All you need is your iPhone... Because at the end of the day it's all about the story you tell through your videos.. and Casey even made a video about it
Matt S
Matt S 10 dagar sedan
You don't need a new camera, you just need to get better filmmaking skills :)
Salim Daher
Salim Daher 10 dagar sedan
I have a go pro with waterproof
Badr eddine Aissaoui
Badr eddine Aissaoui 10 dagar sedan
Omg i really used Toy Car for my Gopro Hero 8 , 3 months Ago ,
A Fit Happy Life
A Fit Happy Life 11 dagar sedan
Totally agree. I do all filming with the phone. When I got a Go Pro I didn’t find it very exiting.
Zia Uddin
Zia Uddin 11 dagar sedan
Should've gone to Jeff's Barbershop.
ER TONY 11 dagar sedan
You sure got clumsy feet for a surfer
Boba's Life
Boba's Life 11 dagar sedan
Just got into shooting and editing and my god Casey is an insperation with his style.
Regan Outdoors
Regan Outdoors 12 dagar sedan
Thanks so much for the review! I’ve been using a few Hero 7 Blacks and audio enhancing in post production on Premiere. I definitely think I’ll step up to the 9. Cheers!
andybaldman 12 dagar sedan
"Is there a marketplace for excellent, when the world is saturated with good enough." That's capitalism in a nutshell (and why we don't have any truly new and innovative products anymore.)
Rainer der Rasierer
@andybaldman That sucks. I hope the consumers will understand sometime and stop buying/using their overpriced products
andybaldman Dag sedan
@Rainer der Rasierer The last time we had a company become a monopoly here in the US was the Bell Telephone System, and the government broke them up. The reason that hasn't happened with Facebook or Amazon is because our current government doesn't understand these companies well enough to know how to break them up. (And the companies hold far more influence now than the phone company did.)
Rainer der Rasierer
@andybaldman That makes sense yes. But havent there always been monopolies making use of that mechanic? It isn't something new I think. It would be interesting to see if there is a bigger monopolisation of tech companies now than some centuries ago. But it would make sense if it was the case, considering globalisation. But also it's the age of startups, so there are many small companies who only need an innovation for a breakthrough. But maybe you are right. btw i deleted/edited my comment to make it easier for the reader to get my point. English is not my native tongue
andybaldman Dag sedan
@Rainer der Rasierer And to reply to your comment that you edited/deleted, corporations under capitalism only innovate in order to gain market share. Once they become a monopoly, they go into money-making mode, where they don't innovate anymore, as they have no competition. Innovation stagnates, quality decreases, and prices increase. And there's nowhere else for customers to go, because all other alternatives have been either bought or put out of business. See Amazon, Ebay, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. None of them have done anything truly innovative in a decade, and they're all either more expensive, and/or more evil than they were 10 years ago (in terms of mining your behavioral info, selling your data, etc).
Rainer der Rasierer
Rainer der Rasierer 3 dagar sedan
@andybaldman And you are obviously ignorant and naive. I know why you think the way you do. Macroscopically speaking it seems this way. But it also seems like you don't know much about high tech, which is still having many innovations year in year out. For people who dont use newer technology much and only look on the grand scheme of things these innovations are mostly invisible.
Colter Cole
Colter Cole 13 dagar sedan
Ok this is great, now why will GoPros website not accept my payment info for hero 9 here in Canada 😔
iveGOTtheRUNS 13 dagar sedan
The 9 is here already?!?! I feel like I just got the 5.
CRP Films Stop and Consider God's Wonders
Well, go pro also wants to reach the top, well I like the upgrade of go pro 9 coz it has a screen in front but i will not buy the 9 i will surely wait for the 10...
Alby Schianni
Alby Schianni 13 dagar sedan
can anybody tell me the Sony model used in this vlog by Casey???
crizam Alphanso
crizam Alphanso 13 dagar sedan
Which watch does Casey wear?
LYOTO 13 dagar sedan
does someone know how does he get the sound on his video ?
rushhourmc .com
rushhourmc .com 13 dagar sedan
Remote ? Will any old remotes work with the 9? Can any remote be used to start stop HindSight filming? Please help :)
Bushangels 14 dagar sedan
Sorry, no. My phone is good enough.
Dolev Isaac
Dolev Isaac 14 dagar sedan
Simon Apeloig
Simon Apeloig 14 dagar sedan
Whats the serious question?😂
Hum Dono PM
Hum Dono PM 14 dagar sedan
You make awesome vlog
Maurits Melchels
Maurits Melchels 14 dagar sedan
Jooo thats amazing, need onee
DJ UNCLE GEN 14 dagar sedan
DJ UNCLE GEN 14 dagar sedan
claudio gracia
claudio gracia 15 dagar sedan
Casie running sonny rip cannon
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 15 dagar sedan
I'm down with the A7S iii as well. Nice choice. Best choice. Only choice.
C.J Hminga
C.J Hminga 15 dagar sedan
Im here without even owning a single gopro ...atleast give me a highfive🤚
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith 15 dagar sedan
Just imagine walking thru the forest and u see casey neistat walking thru the forest with a huge go pro box thingy
Cool Cmsc
Cool Cmsc 15 dagar sedan
Very good vlog. You’re great at this 😎
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes 15 dagar sedan
awesome editing MAN ... Am in love with ur creativity ...u just earned a new SUB ;)
Jeff Minto
Jeff Minto 15 dagar sedan
They haven't learned to put a Mic Jack in the camera, instead, they came up with the BLOCK, the most awkward accessory possible for an additional $50, and the media mod for another $80. I don't know how you can defend GoPro really they are bad.
DiamondDog28 15 dagar sedan
Soooo I got the 7 black and oml I would do sooo much to get this camera aspecially for the fact that it costs the same price of about two AirPods and my current gp (gopro not general prectitioner lol) but if you asked me if I would rather wait 2-3 years to get this camera and not have the 7 back then... I wouldn’t whant the 9... and it’s just the fact that even though my current camera doesn’t meet 2020 standards and how much I whant that for the screen... I’ve done sooo much with this GoPro and it’s taken me on so many adventures that I would of never been on if I were not to own it... but best of all... it’s saved my favourite memories in 4K There’s also a lot of other awesome specks this bad-boy has but it just sounds funnier to say that 4K is the best thing about it...
DiamondDog28 15 dagar sedan
Did u stop and look at the stoop sign ooop
Christopher Stanley
Christopher Stanley 15 dagar sedan
Seriously? Is it really worth the $450?!
Mark Rutledge
Mark Rutledge 16 dagar sedan
I, unfortunately, only have a "good enough" budget...
Tio Russo
Tio Russo 16 dagar sedan
Did you was born this way, or something went wrong during your growth...?!
Jeremiah Jose Fetizanan
I love it when casey do the job
Comentator 17 dagar sedan
As usual, It is B review, with nothing but B roll. over 1.8M suckers love this brainless b-roll.
we3fh1b41wr6e5b4r65t 17 dagar sedan
Current know issues: :Randomly turns itself on : Battery % state inconsistent. :Touch screen under sensitive : Runs hot on 4 or 5K :Remaining record time counter freezes : Freezes whilst recording :Doesn't like some usb charges, inconsistent charge. Good news: All these issues should be easily fixed with firmware updates.
luvajinxoxo 15 dagar sedan
Bad News : They always say that. Older go pros still have those problems even with promised firmware fixes.
Anthony Plumber
Anthony Plumber 17 dagar sedan
Look at Authen Tech, he tells the truth and doesn’t get paid to say the camera is nice. It has major freezing problems
NarpsHD 17 dagar sedan
Cons: The UI is buggy af. Low light shots are better on older models. New horizon lock feature creates some artifacts in slow motion. No slow motion upgrade for 720p 1080p or 1440p Media mod sounds worse than stock mic. Not exactly a con but at 4k 60 fps on a standstill(without air cooling it down) the go pro overheats in 34 minutes and shuts off. Pros Bigger battery Front facing screen 5k 30 fps
the truth about why i quit.
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